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Friday, November 23, 2018

TJ Slaughter Continues:17 Executed in 25 Hours

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta

In Tijuana, the number of intentional homicides reached 141 victims so far this November. In the last 25 hours, 17 crimes were recorded. Only three of the deceased have been identified.

Here the recent incidents:
Around 07:39 hours on November 20,  an unknown man aged around 45 years old died from gunshot wounds in Privada Capulines, in the Ribera del Bosque subdivision, La Presa Delegation.

Then at 07:55 hours it was located inside a black plastic bag, a human head severed from a male. The discovery took place at Vicente Guerrero Street, Mariano Matamoros Sur neighborhood, La Presa Delegation.

About the same time, a subject, who was aboard a Ford Eco Sport vehicle ALL2832, was shot dead in front of a school campus located on Calle Meseta, Colonia Playas de Tijuana, Jardines Section. The victim, without identifying, was around 35 years old. Experts located at the scene of the crime, 10 caliber casings, 40mm.

The body of a stranger, aged 35, wrapped in a blanket was left on Avenida Internacional, in the Lomas de la Misión neighborhood, Delegación Playas de Tijuana. The victim had a gunshot wound.

Inside a Ford Focus car, plates V08-NRD-7, was located deprived of life with bullets, a subject of around 25 years. The events occurred in Miguel Hidalgo Street, Ejido Lázaro Cárdenas, San Antonio de los Buenos Delegation. At the scene of the crime were counted 10 caliber 9mm casings.

A 30-year-old man, still unidentified, was executed of at least 10 shots of 9mm caliber weapon Imperio Azteca street without number, in the colony Imperial Valley, Delegación La Presa.

In the General Hospital, he died after the gunshot wounds sustained on his thorax and vascular injury, Jorge Enrique Vásquez Beltrán, 45 years old.

Martha Leyva Nieves, 27, was shot in the Presidents colony; hours later she died at the General Hospital. Also in the same hospital Jose Botello Arias, 48, died due to the shots he received in the thorax.

On Lázaro Cárdenas street in the Niño Artillero neighborhood, Delegación Sánchez Taboada, the corpse of a male was found. Three calipers 223 were found next to the body.

Around 01:05 hours on November 21, in front of an address on Mission Street in Loreto, the body of a stranger aged around 30 was left. The victim was wrapped in a blue sheet, tied with strings and duct tape.

Two bodies without life were located in the trunk of a vehicle of the Honda Accord 1991, which was set on fire from the interior and the front. The corpses, apparently of the male sex, were covered with blankets, brown. Revealed information indicates that the unit had a pre-report for theft.

From a shot in the head a male was killed in Raspberry North street, La Morita colony, Rural Dam Delegation.

Finally, the bodies of two men and a woman were found in the trunk of a Honda vehicle, green, border plates BHH 63 17, abandoned in Rosita alley and Boulevard Diaz Ordaz, in the La Mesa neighborhood at the height of the Yonque Rábago . A narco manta was left next to the bodies.

In addition yesterday afternoon 2 additional men were shot dead and a girl was shot in the legs but survived. 

In none of the cases are detainees reported.


  1. Another day in Tijuana, the bodies keep stacking up at the morge.

  2. The crazy part is.... the Mexican government has NO SHAME. They literally don’t care. It doesn’t matter how bad all these homicides make the government look. They can care less. Mexico has such beautiful culture the food the women the music yet the country is a failure because the people running the country of Mexico literally don’t give a shit. It’s just weird to me that the government isn’t ashamed of themselves and embarrassed. The city of Tijuana and Baja state gov. States they don’t have the money or resources to help the city, they also claim they receive no help or support from the federal gov. The federal gov’s method of support is sending in the army who drive around in bad ass Chevy trucks with automatic weapons mounted on top of the trucks with some Mexican army soldier with his hands on the machine gun ready to shoot. And that is how it is in TJ. The army patrolling the streets, the cops are scared of the criminals, and the government literally does NOTHING and enjoys spending bribe money given to them by criminal organizations. Some of these Mexican politicians make more money in bribes than a doctor or surgeon makes in California, USA. Pretty crazy huh ???

    1. Well what do expected if the same beautiful people are the ones that as soon as the federal government comes they come out to protest to leave. They sell their own souls the the cartels for 1000 pesos. Don’t just blame the gov blame the narco culture as well.

    2. Today, the TJ mayor declared he will not spend ANY of his precious Tijuana resources on the migrants, he has to take care of all of TJ FIRST !
      Humanitarian Crisis declared, if any aid ever comes I hope some Tijuanenses qualify.

    3. A serial killer is on the loose. Wait nobody cares. The law is not on your side TJ. Nobody is.

    4. The sad thing that many people don’t realize is México actually has a lot of money. But none of it gets spent on the citizens of Mexico. There are very very wealthy powerful Mexicans who would watch a child starve to death instead of buying them a taco. Many of these wealthy powerful Mexicans are politicians and governors and judges and law makers. I think the wealthy criminal organiations really do donate more money and help to many poor communities in Mexico than the actual government. Yes there are people selling their soul for 1000 pesos but that’s what your going to see when there is such extreme poverty and people are starving meanwhile the rich class buy $150,000 dollar cars and buy beautiful mansions and vacation homes. People who think all of Mexico is poor are very mistaken.

    5. LIfe means nothing in mexico,,,unsolved murders on a daily basis is just the way it works,,

    6. @ 9:57 U R korrekt that the mexiKANT government has NO FUCKN SHAME N everybody knows it....look what happened 2 DR.MIRELEZ he was doing great N kleaning out the GARBAGE of the templarios then gets put N prison on BULLSHIT chargez

  3. LOL only 80 million more to go and planet earth will be a so much better!

  4. CJNG taking out the trash

  5. Surprising no mencho lovers yet claiming they cleaning up the plaza...

  6. I read the other day that TJ is averaging 6 murders per day now. Getting close to the numbers in Juarez at the height of the Sinaloa/Juarez war.

  7. Is it true that these murders are all (cast majority) happening in the poor neighborhoods where the cartels are trying to take the plazas? Or is this rampant, and the killings are everywhere?

  8. Thanks Yaqui. No wonder morgue's are full this is crazy numbers!

  9. It’s not just the “cartels taking over plazas”. So many people don’t even know what a cartel is and they just like saying the word. There are lots of drug users and criminals who are causing crime and homicides in Tijuana and they are low life scum with no power or respect and they are not directly related to any large drug trafficking organizing or “cartel”

  10. Where are the loud protestors now? They only protests against poor immigrants but not against the Tijuana killers.

  11. My heart is broken because one of those was someone I really fucking liked.


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