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Friday, November 16, 2018

The Wounded of the Narco-Warriors

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ZETA

         Thieves and narcomenudistas turned into thugs, fail in the fulfillment of homicidal orders:

In Tijuana, in 2017 there were 895 injured by firearms, and this year the city has already accumulated 1,033 people injured by bullets in eleven months. Failed murderous thugs face minimum sentences of nine to twenty years in prison, and the fines /payments they are supposed to pay range from 500 to 8,000 Pesos.

According to unofficial versions of those involved, this week, in the North Zone, Jorge Alberto Avila Alvarado "El Chacal", ordered the assassination of Víctor Manuel Berrelleza "El Tiburón", alleged criminal of one of the cells of the Sinaloa mafia headed by Edgar Moran Zavala "El Turbo". But the improvised homicidal operation, perpetrated on Monday, November 5, was not successful.

Also, on November 4, the attempt of the members of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) to execute Alejandro Miranda Flores, which they located as a member of a cell of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG), led by Israel Alejandro Vázquez, was unsuccessful. Vázquez "El  Goofy " and / or "El  50 ", who according to the Coordination Group, leads the criminal activities in the Centennial delegation.

As a result of these two attempted homicides, six people were arrested, including a child under 16 and a woman with no criminal record. This half dozen joined the 101 people that the Municipal Police has caught in flagrante delicto, (red handed) after attempting to commit murders with a firearm so far in 2018.

In addition to the 2 ,138 people who have been murdered in Tijuana, another 1,000 were injured by firearms. Such statistics indicate that the homicidal wave could surpass 3,000 corpses, which has not happened because the thugs have failed in their murder attempts.

According to statistics from the Attorney General's Office of the State (PGJE), between 2017 and 2018, homicide attempts have increased by 15.41 percent in the border city during the current year: in January 94, 64 in February, 71 in March, 83 in April, 89 in May, 116 in June, 127 in July, 154 in August, 92 in September, 11 in October and 29 during the first seven days of November.

The zones where more attempts of homicides are committed are San Antonio de los Buenos, Sanchez Taboada, Los Pinos and La Presa.

In the armed lawsuit in the streets of Tijuana, narcomenudistas, violent robbers and car robbers try to "ascend" quickly in the criminal organization chart, becoming disposable thugs for the cartels.

Esteban Rosales Moreno,  31 years old / Christian Brayan Ramírez Madueño,   25 years old / Victor Manuel Barelleza Martinez, 30 years old.

This year, overconfidence based on impunity in just over 80 percent of homicides, the absence of experience and organization among the improvised thugs and the reorganization of patrols in areas of higher homicidal incidence, has resulted in a hundreds of failed homicides, but the criminals were  arrested in "flagrante delicto", ie caught in the act of attempted murder. 

Attempted Homicides:

On Sunday, November 4, around ten o'clock at night, Gibran Raul Perez, 35, was at a point of the Centennial delegation, accompanied by a man he called his friend, the young Juan Jesus "N", aged 16 old. According to Gibran's version, he had hope, because he had been asked to do something for his friend Miguel, who "works for the people of Sinaloa."

Gibran was detained  at one point, before ten o'clock at night, Miguel came running and handed him a black bag that he asked to keep and he would return for it later.   He explained that after he walked home in the street Juan de Dios Peza, in front of the number 46 in Colonia Nueva Tijuana, he was approached by two elements of the Municipal Police who gave him the order to stop and throw the bag to the ground which is what he did.

In front of him, the uniformed men took a gun out of the bag and told him that he had just attacked a man with that gun.

The victim was Alejandro Miranda Flores, 35, who has been arrested twice: once in 2011 and again in 2014, for the crimes of intrafamily violence and aggravated injuries.

As for the detainees as aggressors, Gbran Raul Pérez Millán was previously captured in 2008 for damage to property of others; in 2010, for wrongful injuries, damage to property and driving while intoxicated; in 2011, for robbery with violence; and in 2016, for simple theft.

While Juan Jesus "N" has also been apprehended previously, at age 13, for carrying a prohibited gun. 

According to information from the Coordination Group, the Centennial delegation has not yet identified who heads the CDS, but from the CJNG, they place Israel Alejandro Vázquez, "El  Goofy ", and / or "El  50" .

Despite the version given by Pérez, the detainee was presented before the judge and the trial and investigation for attempted murder was initiated, but not for possession of a prohibited weapon.

The following day, on Monday, November 4, agents of the Center delegation captured three men and one woman who participated in another assassination attempt.

On board the Unit P-0438, the officers reported "... a male person, which made detonations against a male person and then boarded a black Honda Civic sedan, which accelerated in its march on Coahuila Street, and turned towards the Avenida Baja California on Calle Niños Héroes, where unit 0455 begins with the uninterrupted pursuit of the vehicle, the first respondent remaining with the person injured by firearm . "

The agents of Unit 0455 reported that they followed him uninterrupted and, "... in pursuit on Avenida International, managed to approach the same four people, one of them with a firearm in hand with which he pointed to the officer, so the officer seeing real and imminent danger his life made use of his weapon and immobilized the responsible who was treated by the ambulance. "

Injured in the arm and left hand was Víctor Manuel Berrelleza Morfín, of 30 years of age , whose antecedents indicate that he had been stopped on two occasions ; in 2013 by intrafamiliar violence and breach of attendance obligations, and in 2018 by vehicle theft .

According to the detainees, that morning they had circulated in the North Zone for several minutes, looking for "El Tiburón" to kill him.

The car was driven by Roberto Arturo Mora Mendoza, in the co-pilots seat was the young Martha Cruz alias "Joana Vianey", 23 years old; behind her, Esteban Rosales Moreno "El Chapo", who carried the gun; and behind the pilot, Christian Brayan Ramírez Madueño.

In the previous informal talk, all confessed to "work for ''El Chacal'', which was in place of the "El Mono'', a man identified by the authorities with the name of Jorge Alberto Avila Alvarado.

According to the detainees' conversation with the authorities, "El Chacal", "... told "El Chapo" to kill a narcomenudist with the nickname ''El Tiburón'', who worked "the people of Sinaloa," and once they found him, slowed down his car, shot him and fled towards the International Avenue, but "they got stuck in a central median" and the patrol reached them.

They added that the young woman arrested with them  had no criminal record, was the girlfriend of a young man named Edgar, who was killed by "El Tiburón" in Colonia November 20 last April which  was the reason why she accompanied them.

Regarding the background of those involved in these events, the victim, Manuel Berrelleza, was required by the ministerial authority in 2013 for domestic violence and breach of assistance obligations, and in 2018 for auto theft.

On the side of the perpetrators, Mora Mendoza has been arrested and prosecuted three times in 2018 and twice in 2017 for car theft; in 2016 for injuries aggravated by reason of kinship, family violence and robbery by complaint. Esteban Rosales Moreno has been captured twice in 2018 for drug dealing, and in 2017 for damage to property.  Brayan Ramírez has a history of robbery in 2017.

A Minimum of 8 Years + 9 Months:

"In most of these cases, we do not prosecute them for injuries, we seek to prosecute them for attempted homicide, even when the victim refuses to cooperate and contribute data to the folder, because we have other elements, " explained the deputy attorney of Zona Tijuana, Jorge Alvarez.

With these accusations, the failed killers face high penalties. Currently, the minimum penalty for murder in court is 30 years, while, for attempted murder, is 20 years in court, and eight years and nine months in abbreviated trial. Time served in prison varies as we know.

According to the detainees, the amounts offered in exchange for committing homicides vary. Sometimes they are paid with merchandise, sometimes they get 500 pesos worth of drugs, and to cancel the debt, they must accompany other narco - sicarios  in homicidal operations, some pay 2,500 Pesos.

"Those who pay the most are from a line of the Sinaloa Cartel that offer between 5,000 and 8,000 Pesos", finished off those involved.

Tijuana starts November with 53 executed; 2,136 this year so far:

The number of intentional homicides in Tijuana continues to swell. In the first eight days of November, 53 people have been deprived of their lives, most of them by bullets and, until Thursday 8, the statistics amount to 2,136 victims.

According to figures from the Attorney General's Office of the State, until Thursday, November 8, 2,665 crimes were committed in BC, with Tijuana at the head (2,136 victims), followed by Ensenada (220), Mexicali (132 ), Rosarito (99) and Tecate (78).

Here the homicides perpetrated from Sunday 4 to Thursday 8 November:

Sunday Nov 4: In the Red Cross, 40-year-old Hilda Pelayo Herrera, victim of bullet wounds, died.
A calcined body was located in Deer's Leather.
A stranger was found dead in the Ejido Francisco Villa.
In a suitcase a calcined body was located in Torres del Matamoros.
Covered with a blanket, the body of a man was found in Praderas de la Mesa.
Carlos Efraín Bañuelos Gallegos was executed with a knife in Ampliación Guaycura.

Monday Nov 5:   In the General Hospital died Ismael Chavira Gómez, who had been injured by bullets.
A 35-year-old stranger was shot in the head in Villas del Campo.
Luis Romero Fupen, 27, was executed with bullets in the Alcalá district.
Ramón Chávez Canales, 18, was killed by the shots he took at Villa del Álamo.
In a vacant lot in Hacienda Agua Caliente, the body of a 20-year-old man was found.
In Terrazas del Valle, a 25-year-old man was found dead from a gunshot.
That same day another double homicide was registered, without disclosing more details.

Tuesday Nov 6:  From a moving vehicle a suitcase and a bag with the body of a stranger of about 40 years in the colony of November 20 was thrown.
Maria Mercedes Zamora Vega, 58, was shot in the chest in Los Laureles.
In the same Colonia the corpse of a male was found in the canal.
In the Mariano Matamoros Center, a person was killed by a firearm.

Wednesday Nov 7: Alejandro del Villar Verdín, 36, died as a result of the shots he was given at the Francisco Villa ejido.
On a dirt road with shots in the dorsal and knee area was located the dead body of a subject.
Calcinated human remains were located in Torres del Matamoros.
In Colonia Emperors was found a stranger of 30 years, with a wound by firing of a firearm.
In the Mariano Matamoros South, Humberto Montero Polanco, 47, was shot dead.
A male between 50 and 55 years old, was shot to death when he was inside a body shop in Nuevo Tijuana Module 1. The victim was left with a narcomensaje that said: "This is because of the Muki and 2 Rudy and Patron Miss 1 and  your PANTERA Att. The Mere Verga The New ".
A young man of 20 years was killed by firearm projectile in Las Torres lower part.
Israel Flores García, 42, was injured by firearm at El Pipila.
From a gunshot in the thorax a man was executed in Urbi Villa del Prado II.

Thursday Nov 8: A severed head and two arms of a woman were located inside a black suitcase in Las Delicias II.
In Natura two legs were located next to a suitcase.


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