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Friday, November 2, 2018

The arrest one of the mariachi killers "El Rata" of La Union, attack target was two women

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat Reforma

Authorities say the attack was against two women of the " anti La Union cell"

The local Attorney General's Office (PGJ) arrested a man accused of being one of the three assassins who participated in the shooting in Plaza Garibaldi, on September 14, in which six people died and seven more were injured.

Fernando Aguilar "El Rata" belonging to the criminal group of “La Union”, who would have participated in the attack against women related to the rival Anti-Union cell.

"In the investigation it is established that on the day of the attack, the defendant and two other individuals dressed in mariachi went to an establishment located on the street República de Honduras and with firearms and opened fire.

"During their flight, the assailants wounded other people and, later on, boarded the motorcycles on which they continued their escape." As a result of the attack, three men died at the scene, while two women and one male died when they received hospital care, "said Edmundo Garrido, head of the PGJ, at a press conference.

The official added that, derived from interviews, he came across the testimony of a person who observed two of the murderers, moments before they perpetrated the attack.

Finally, a control judge issued an arrest warrant against him and elements of the PDI managed to capture "El Rat" near the address indicated in the Center.

"With these data, elements of the Investigative Police carried out intelligence, cabinet and field work, in the indicated place where they located the accused, as part of the proceedings to know their probable participation in the crime, several witnesses, one survivor of the attack, they identified him fully as one of the victimizers ", he added.

According to the PGJ database, Aguilar has two previous admissions to the prison in 2003 and 2013 for the crime of qualified robbery.

The same day as the apprehension, a control judge imposed a preventive detention on "El Rata".


  1. La Rata why cover de eyes, your a known criminal.

    1. Mexican gov likes to protect its criminals. Lord knows they dont protect their own citizens but criminals get all the protection in the world.

    2. Mexico started censoring their faces because of international outcry, forgot where I read it, something to do with human rights, which is beyond ridiculous. Were it up to me, I'd have public executions via firing squad.

    3. @2:11, although I hate scum as much as the next person, everyone is entitled to due process. Not to mention, how many innocent people get locked up. What if you execute an innocent person with your firing squad, and then what?

  2. Get an axe and chop off the bastards head.

  3. There is always a lot of police at plaza garibaldi. When I was there special police blocked a part of plaza garibaldi and had also an armored verhicle in place to do some arrest. But at least it was nice to sip some tequila and had mariachis played some songs.


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