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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Tamaulipas: Association finds 50 Narco-Camps in 6 years while searching for missing persons

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  from Reforma

The association ‘Milynali de Tamaulipas’, dedicated to finding missing persons, revealed that in their travels through the state they have found at least 50 narco-camps  in the last six years.
Graciela Pérez Rodríguez, president of the group and of the Citizen Science Forensic Network (CFC), indicated that these sites are used by organized crime to bury or burn the bodies of victims with the intention of eliminating any trace of identification.

"We are faced with finding a lot of places with graves, for example, only from what I have done in these six years,  I have discovered more than 50 sites, where camps and remains have been found," said the activist.

A report from the Attorney General's Office of the State (PGJE) reported the existence of 280 graves in Tamaulipas between 2006 and 2016, a figure that at the national level,  places Tamaulipas second only to  Veracruz with 332.

Peez said that in the narco-camps, where there are pits or places to burn bodies, are found mainly in the municipalities of the center and south of the state.

She said, in these places is where the members of the group carry out the search for their missing relatives as of 2010, when the war broke out between the criminal groups for the control of the plazas in Tamaulipas.

The activist accused the authorities of complacency as  the narco-camps proliferate and the fear of the citizenship of facing reprisals if they come forward to denounce.

He said that, for example, in Xicoténcatl, the camps have been located 200 meters from the town, very near homes.

"I have always said that this is happening and it is not random, or hidden, because it is something that is seen, it is something that is smelled, it is something that everyone could see how these criminals operate, if they are large camps, " she said.

"They cannot be unnoticed, that's my impression, if is allowed, I do not know if the society or the government in turn that has allowed this proliferation," she added.

In Tamaulipas, where according to official figures leads at the national level with almost six thousand cases of missing persons in the last decade, authorities consolidated a database for the exchange of information at national level about missing persons and unidentified deceased persons, informed the Attorney General's Office of the State (PGJE).

The agency said that, through the Specialized Prosecutor's Office in the Investigation of the crimes of Forced Disappearance of Persons, they were able to strengthen the Ante Mortem / Post Mortem Database (AM / PM).

"For the exchange of information at national level of missing persons and deceased without identifying," said the PGJE.


  1. Good informed article BB.
    To give an accurate figure would be impossible. Can only imagine the horrors.

  2. What a country....of course nobody complains. If you report such crimes, you effectively sign your own death warrant. So sad. I think it will take more than AMLO to change anything much. I think eventually international intervention will have to take place. No one on either side of US-Mexico border seems to have an answer. Crooked politicians on both sides have decimated Mexico, to third world status. I just feel for the good people in Mexico, Central, and South America. The greed of their leaders is killing them. Sad. Sad.

    1. Yes, amigo, I totally agree with you on calling the cops in corrupt Mexico.
      Several years ago I met a Mexican drug addict from Tasco, Guerrero who told me that he was picked up by cops, taken to a remote area and brutally tortured.
      He said the cops knew he was innocent but just wanted to test him to see if he would snitch.
      He knew that if he snitched anything about his drug use or dealings that he would be killed. So he refused to give up anything and was released. He said, "The cops work for the narcos ...They were testing me to see if I was weak."

  3. A relative had his land taken over by zetas in 2011, last year he came across a grave site containing nearly 20 corpses.

  4. Mexico the next Brazil.

    1. I mean i guess if you compare Z/CDG as frustrated capitalists with the revolutionaries of Commando Verlhmeho that turned to criminals i see the irony


    3. In Brazil the people take justice into their own hands. The system is a failure in both Mexico and Brazil.

    4. Brazil is a special violent Hell, but I think Mexico is headed Brazil way if things keep going downhill.

      Too many don't have a clue as to how homicidally depraved Brazil is today. Their prisons are run by Satan's minions.

  5. This is the scum we have to deal with on a daily basis here. Libranos del mal, Señor!

    El Cabrón De Tamaulipas

  6. The only solution at this point since we let it get this bad is imposing the death penalty.


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