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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Salamanca Guanajuato: After a soccer game team was fired upon, 3 dead 3 injured

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat-Thank you BB Follower- LaVerdad

An armed group fired point-blank at players of an amateur soccer team, after playing a friendly game; the motive of the attack is unknown.

Three dead and three injured after an armed attack against an amateur soccer team made up of taxi drivers in the municipality of Salamanca , Guanajuato.

The events were recorded in a football field located on Mercurio Street in the El Eden colony, Salamanca, where the players of the "Taxi Express" team were  together after playing a friendly match.

 Witnesses say that an armed group came to where the players were and forced them to lie face down and then shot them point-blank.

Police arrived and paramedics who confirmed the death of three men: Víctor of 47 years of age; Salvador 49 years and an unidentified person.


  1. When I saw the title the first thing that came to my mind was the Salamanca Cartel from Breaking Bad and Better call Saul.

  2. Taxi drivers sale drug for the cartels in Mexico, most likely a cjng hit

  3. Este link hay una celula de CJNG en Salamanca who take credit 4 attack on taxistas. Se la pasa mentando madres with Marros people.

    1. I saw the video but was pixelated so could not view very well. so they say this was the work of CJNG...which i figured. and the taxistas marros people. and who are these facebook people?

    2. These are all killers in those comments threads with personal animosity amongst each other. Craziest shit Ive ever seen... At least since the days of !!!!!!

    3. Anyone can claim the killings or make a video specially if theyre losing people,ground or the war....

  4. Guns are steadily available and being used for whatever


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