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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Querétaro: Ángel Humberto Chávez Gastélum and son captured in interpol op requested by the U.S.

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat-thank you BB follower- from el Queretano

The state governor, Francisco Domínguez Servién, confirmed that among the detainees in the operation carried out by federal forces in coordination with Interpol in a Bernardo Quintana restaurant, the drug trafficker "Gastélum" and his son were captured.

Because it was an international coordination operation, state forces were only asked to collaborate in maintaining a perimeter in the area, without knowing the details of the maneuvers and it was not until this morning that the identity was known of detainees in the deployment rarely seen in the city.

"We had news that federal forces, the Gendarmerie, the Navy, the Attorney General and Interpol came and apparently arrested Mr. Gastelum and his son who reside in the state of Sinaloa, but they were stopped in the restaurant and now my security team has instructions to be coordinated with the federal forces, because it was a 100 percent federal operation, "he said.

It is unknown if the drug trafficker was staying in the entity or just passing through, however, the state governor said that part of the information they have, is that his arrest was requested by a California Court in the United States to the Mexican government and the operative was coordinated by Interpol.

"This was effective and they have arrested a drug trafficker not only wanted in Mexico, but in the United States and they tell me that he was transferred to a high security prison for extradition to the United States.

DEA presser from September:

Indictment targeting massive international cocaine conspiracy unsealed with arrival in U.S. of extradited Colombian kingpin

LOS ANGELES - A high-level member of a global drug ring is in custody in Southern California after being extradited from Colombia last night on charges that he conspired to transport cocaine worth hundreds of millions of dollars from South America to Mexico for eventual sale in the United States. The extradition resulted from a coordinated, international law enforcement operation that has led to arrests of co-conspirators on three continents.

In conjunction with the extradition, federal authorities on Thursday arrested seven defendants named in a 22-count indictment that outlines how the organization obtained ton-quantities of cocaine manufactured in South American labs; used airplanes, submarines and “go-fast” boats to move the narcotics to Mexico; and then used various means to smuggle the loads across the U.S.-Mexico border, with significant quantities of cocaine being delivered to and subsequently sold in the Los Angeles area.

In addition to the extradition of Victor Hugo Cuellar-Silva last night and yesterday’s arrests of co defendants in California and Massachusetts, six other defendants are pending extradition after being previously taken into custody in Colombia and Thailand. Authorities continue to work to secure the arrests of a number of fugitives, including Angel Humberto Chavez-Gastelum, the alleged ringleader of the international trafficking ring, who is believed to be in Mexico.

The indictment, which was unsealed yesterday, is unique in charging high-level traffickers across the entire drug-distribution supply chain – from Colombia-based supply sources, to Mexico-based investors and transportation coordinators, to U.S.-based stash-house operators and distributors.

Cuellar-Silva is alleged to have been the organization’s top representative in Colombia, where he oversaw operations for Chavez-Gastelum, a Mexican national who has been designated by the U.S. government as one of the world’s most-wanted drug traffickers. Chavez-Gastelum’s drug distribution network controlled its own supply routes from Colombia to Central America, and from Mexico to the United States. Chavez-Gastelum’s criminal organization was also responsible for at least two killings, with one victim’s torture and dismemberment captured on a video that has been obtained by law enforcement authorities.

“This organization is responsible for the manufacture and cross-continent distribution of exorbitant amounts of cocaine, a complex money laundering conspiracy, and a myriad of violent crimes to include murder,” said DEA Associate Special Agent in Charge Daniel Comeaux. “The indictment, arrests and extradition demonstrate the international reach of the Southern California Drug Task Force, and we will continue to work with our U.S. and international law enforcement partners to bring transnational criminal organizations to justice.”

Over the course of a three-year investigation into the organization, law enforcement authorities around the world seized approximately 7,700 pounds of cocaine, with a potential U.S. street value of $500 million. Significant seizures during the investigation included:

approximately 1,329 kilograms of cocaine recovered when a plane that departed from Venezuela  crashed into the Caribbean Sea;

approximately 833 kilograms of cocaine contained in bales floating off the coast of Tumaco, Colombia;

more than 700 kilograms of cocaine and over 30 kilograms of methamphetamine seized from a Tijuana stash house;

approximately 80 kilograms of cocaine seized during two operations in Azusa;

nearly 50 kilograms of cocaine and one-half pound of methamphetamine seized in Montebello; and
approximately eight kilograms of cocaine, $125,000 in cash, and a firearm seized in North Hollywood.

“This drug ring has spread death and misery across the Americas and to other parts of the world, which makes this case among the most significant drug trafficking cases ever brought in this district,” said United States Attorney Nick Hanna. “We are deeply grateful to the government of Colombia for helping us bring one of the key defendants to justice. Prosecutors in my office are united with our domestic and foreign partners in the fight against drug trafficking. This case shows that law enforcement will apply all of its resources to dismantle international criminal organizations that terrorize communities both here and abroad.”

Cuellar-Silva is expected to be arraigned on the indictment this afternoon in United States District Court in downtown Los Angeles.

During Thursday’s law enforcement operation, authorities arrested seven defendants named in the indictment. They are:

Hugo Atienzo, 55, of Azusa;
Juan Antonio Brizuela, 29, of Lompoc;
Richard Dennis, 54, of Studio City;
Gerardo Mojarro, 42, of South Gate;
Jesus Manuel Monrreal, 33, of Van Nuys;
Jonathan Zamora, 28, of Cerritos; and
Amparo Yokasta Melo Peguero, 44, who was arrested in her hometown of Boston.
The six defendants arrested Thursday in Southern California were arraigned on the indictment Thursday afternoon, which each entering not guilty pleas. A trial date was scheduled for Nov. 13.

Chavez-Gastelum, Cuellar-Silva and three other defendants are charged with participating in a continuing criminal enterprise. If they were to be convicted of just this charge, Chavez-Gastelum would face a mandatory life sentence because he is accused of being the principal manager of the enterprise, and the other four would face mandatory minimum sentences of 20 years in federal prison.

In addition to the continuing criminal enterprise and the related allegations of two murders, the indictment alleges a series of drug trafficking, firearms and money laundering offenses. All of the defendants named in this case, if convicted, would face decades in federal prison due to the amount of narcotics involved in the case.

This investigation previously resulted in the extradition from Colombia to Los Angeles of two other drug kingpins who allegedly were responsible for orchestrating cocaine shipments by aircraft from Colombia to Mexico in conjunction with Chavez-Gastelum’s organization. Those two defendants previously extradited to the United States are both pending sentencing.

The investigation into this narcotics trafficking organization is being conducted by special agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations and IRS Criminal Investigation, which received substantial assistance from the Colombian, Dutch, Aruban and Thai governments. The investigation is being conducted under the auspices of the Southern California Drug Task Force and the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force.

A number of law enforcement agencies provided substantial assistance during the investigation, including the United States Marshals Service, the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the Whittier Police Department and the Colton Police Department.

This case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Carol Alexis Chen, Benjamin Barron, Ryan Weinstein, and Alexander Schwab of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force.


  1. Now be ready to arrest the people who will replace them.

    1. 7:10- I'm sure Gastelum will tell on whoever is next in line. Seems to be a trend w Mexican narcos. Rats...

  2. Which Mexican Cartel is this guy Angel and son from?

  3. How weird
    Chapitos are in Colombia recently now this kingpin gets grabbed
    Definetly this Kids snitched
    Plus is said that in Querétaro all the kinping familias lie around there
    Also chapitos have a depa in there..
    So maybe this guys are overwealming the marketing with this strategies

  4. Requested by US? looks like he missed a payment or his contract ran out.

  5. Yeah, so some law enforcement officer got a boast to his career now! Did it change anything? Does it contribute to a reduction in the supply of illegal drugs?
    Today we have more convictions and prisoners for drug crimes than ever, yet we also have more, cheaper and stronger drugs than ever.

    Either our authorities are stupid beyond belief or we are blind to the lies being fed us that the WoD is needed and it being the best solution to our 'drug problem'.

    1. You are good at criticizing but short on alternatives. You want to just do nothing it seems about the mess illegal drugs make for our society. Your give-up attitude is exactly what the drug dealers and addicts want to hear, probably because you are one or the other. Crawl back under the rock of defeatism you came from unless you have a solution.

    2. @9:18 probably the best response IVE EVER READ on BB

  6. 0710 one day at a time, Mr. Fast tracker, do crime in the U S , you pay the time in prison.

  7. This seems to be a very interesting case. Seems as if they caught everyone, basically dismantled the entire ring. Perhaps a small organization or could it be time is running out for all this criminal organizations? Hmmm

  8. that guy is the cousin of the tijuana mayor juan manuel gastelum (a) "el patas"

  9. El dicho Garibay has been set free.

  10. N im assuming this is a big blow for Sinaloa cartel....

  11. Excellent work...eventually the long arm of the law with get to, the filthy criminals. They have no clue how they got caught.

  12. kiko trevino has been sentenced!

    1. Yes he has life in prison. We are celebrating with Pollo, carnitas and cetveza, let the laughter begin.

  13. No mamen pitos colombianos estas fellisimos

    1. Sigues buscando chile que te agrade

  14. These guys are Jalisco.
    Two of the people captured in LA, Brizuela and Zamora, are from Tonaya Jalisco, a super controlled Mencho area, where the first helicopter was shot down.. and are known to work for the CJNG. One is out on bail but the other stayed in jail..Idk why it’s not mentioned but these guys are not independent they are Jalisco affiliates. Here’s the link for when they got caught in LA .

  15. Few people have the slightest idea of the anonymous tall edificio on ave reforma that contains hundreds of american DEA and justice department workers. The american NSA is there too intercepting the most critical celular transmissions of the most wanted carteleros. At the moment it perhaps is focused on CJNG. This is not some story of chupacabras and chanecos.

  16. to the BB follower sending the link in...i am posting it and the indictment later today...thanks.


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