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Saturday, November 17, 2018

More Murders and Human Remains in BC / BCS

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta and BCS Noticias

                10 homicides recorded in the last hours in Tijuana including a dismembered body

By: Uriel Saucedo Photo / Ángeles García
Extra Material from: El Sol

Tijuana.- In different violent events that occurred in the last 24 hours, a total of 10 people were killed, among which were a dismembered body and a double homicide, with no one detained so far.

The majority of these killings were as a result of direct armed attacks, which occurred in the Rural Presa, La Mesa, Natura, and Sanchez Taboada delegations.

It is worth mentioning that of the total number of people executed, one woman was among the victims and the others were men. This is only initial reporting from Today, Saturday Nov 17, 2018.
On Friday a Transport Vehicle was involved in an armed attack, two men receiving direct gunshots:

                                    "Transportes Baja California Azul y Blanco J Magallanes"

Tijuana : An armed attack was recorded against a truck belonging to the company "Transportes Baja California Azul y Blanco J. Magallanes" on Juan Ojeda Robles avenue, near the Buena Vista neighborhood, where five people were injured; two of them received the direct attack being transferred in a moderate state of health, while the other three presented minor injuries, and were taken to different hospitals in the city to receive medical attention. 

In addition, at least three intentional homicides were recorded in the last 24 hours:

Inside the Regional Hospital # 1 of the IMSS,  a 30-year-old man was declared lifeless,  who was admitted to be treated for one of his injuries caused by a firearm.  Without indicating the location of the armed attack, it was reported that the affected man had been shot in the head and a forearm.

In addition, a finding of calcinated, ie burnt,  corpse was reported on Violetas Street in the Jardín Dorado neighborhood. Neighbors were the ones who gave notice to the authorities when they observed that, on the public highway, there was what appeared to be a burned body. The authority confirmed that it was indeed the body of a man with a high degree of calcination.

On the Bulevar Manantiales of the Colonia  Altiplano , a direct attack against a man took his life, when he was inside his vehicle. On the site caliber .223 and .40 calipers shell casings were found; In addition, two people were detained, who, presumably, are not responsible for these attacks.
( I SWEAR THAT is what it says. Perhaps they were the two men that found the vehicle ? )

TWO 16 Yr Olds Arrested for Murder w Assault Rifles:
Tijuana:  Two minors under 16 years of age were arrested as alleged perpetrators of a homicide, and two long and two short firearms were confiscated.

In response to a report, municipal police officers moved to the Manantial boulevard of the Altiplano neighborhood, where they located a vehicle with bullet wounds and an injured man inside, where medical services arrived and declared the victim lifeless.

Witnesses to the incident reported that the alleged perpetrators were traveling aboard an approximate 1998 Ford Explorer, who fled towards the Los Encinos boulevard in Colonia Lomas del Encinal.

Immediately an operation was implemented based on the data provided by those who witnessed the event, locating moments later on said road a vehicle with the described characteristics, marking the stop to the driver.

Once the march of the For Explorer stopped, the copilot descended to try to flee on foot, being assured a few meters ahead of the name of Santiago Guadalupe "N" of 16 years of age, who was confiscated an assault rifle AR-15 .

While the driver identified as José Carlos "N" of 16 years, he was seized a pistol caliber 9 mm, also inside the vehicle were located a firearm .40 and an assault rifle 7.62 x .39.

 Two Men were Murdered in Camalú, south of Ensenada, Baja California
By Marco A. Flores

Two men were shot dead this afternoon in Camalú. The bodies were aboard a car that also had several bullet impacts.

The Municipal Police announced that at 1:56 p.m., derived from an anonymous call to the  Camalú Delegation, elements of the Municipal Public Security Directorate responded to a report that at kilometer 149 of the Carretera Transpeninsular #1 there were two dead men in a vehicle.  The two people  did not respond to their  call, apparently with injuries by gunfire.

Officers began a search operation, around 2:10 in the afternoon they observed a vehicle about 15 meters from the road on a section known as Las Margaritas. When approaching they noticed that the car had several holes apparently by bullet impact. 

In addition, on the floor there were several caps and in the interior two unconscious men with injuries obvious to the naked eye, so by protocol they requested the presence of an ambulance.

Paramedics determined that the two individuals lacked vital signs, which is why the officers cordoned off the area for later delivery to the Ministerial Police to investigate the crime scene.

Meanwhile a few hundred miles to the south, not far south of the states of BC and BCS borderline:
The human skeleton was located 50 meters from the road, at kilometer 18 of the Vizcaíno-Bahía Tortugas stretch of roadway.

Mulegé, Baja California Sur : On the morning of this Saturday, November 17 of the current year, the notification of the location of a human skeleton in the municipality of Mulegé was given .

The facts, according to the preliminary reports, would have occurred around 9:30 am on Saturday morning, at kilometer 18 of the Vizcaíno to Bahía Tortugas road;  elements belonging to the different security corporations, located the remains 50 meters from the road, the human remains.

After having issued the alert, the staff of the Deputy Attorney's Office for High Impact Crimes  and experts assigned to the Directorate of Expert Services moved to the area to take over the place of intervention, as well as for the processing of the place of the facts.

They ordered the uprising and transfer to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) of the Attorney General of the State , where the expert studies will be carried out to establish the causes, time of death and achieve the full identification of the victim or victims.

Due to the aforementioned, the agent of the Public Ministry of the Unit Specialized in Investigation of Homicide and its Judicialization, initiated the corresponding Folder, and continues with the investigations to achieve the clarification of the facts.


  1. El Pantera del CAF was murdered at a restaurant in rosarito. RIP

  2. "Meanwhile a few hundred miles to the south, not far south of the states of BC and BCS borderline:
    The human skeleton was located 50 meters from the road,"

    Another day in paradise.

  3. Sicarios are well trained mercenaries, hardly the way I would describe the tecatos killing themselves, fighting for these plazas. The most ignorant, disposable human beings have always been used to do the dirty work of those who actually benefit. Sad. Tecatos are the order of the day in Tijuana.

  4. Seen a post where a couple of CAF got hit by CDS

  5. Asesinado porsu propia jente el pantera del caf nopor el cds fue el mismo parri I El flaco quien mandaron matar cartel delos sapos mejor sedeven poner parri el flaco el quieto el cartas travajan Pala Dea poniendo jente desu mismo grupo


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