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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Mexico City: 19 Kilos of Coke on a Bus

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Debate

Mexico City:  Elements of the Federal Police seized 19 kilos of alleged  cocaine in a bus that departed from the Central del Norte Bus Station, in Mexico City.

After receiving information about the transfer of the drug in a foreign unit, members of the Anti-Drug Division and a trained K-9 dog chased the unit.

An operation was arranged to locate and stop the advance of the passenger transport unit, which was already en route to Zacatecas.

"With the support of a canine unit dog a detailed inspection was made to the unit in its luggage area, seats, cabin and it was in the bathroom where the K-9 dog  made a positive alert to discover 19 rectangular packages, wrapped with adhesive tape, which when analyzing its content, contained  a white substance with the characteristics of cocaine. "

The driver of the bus, Antonio "N", was arrested and presented to the Public Ministry of the Federation along with the confiscated drug, which could reach an amount worth 6 million pesos in retail marketing of up to 57,000 doses.

Note: I do not know about this math ! Doesn't really match with the prices listed on my Post entitled : Drug Menu from Tepito


  1. Give or take a hundred g it's accurate...I've heard...😐

  2. When Alfredo y Arturo worked with Chapo, Ismael Azul, and Ignacio Coronel - this was the strongest time of CDS. For they had control of Benito Juárez, General Mariano Matamoros y Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla and ports of Lázaro Cárdenas, Manzanillo, Mazatlán and many more. When this was happening CDS and all of the biggest cartels were working every hour of every day to ship drogas to the USA.
    When los Beltranes stopped using their resources with CDS it was a historical moment for disruption of easy and cheap movement of the drogas to the USA. At this time Nacho paid hundreds miliones USD for piso to move cristal and cocaina and 100% of los Golfos and other cartels biggest supplies came through this infrastructure. Yes there are small supplies Golfos and other have with FARC or mens in Bolivia or Peru; but it was this machine that provided everyone with enough supply to be more peaceful and keep most plazas tranquilo.

    Today this 19 kilo of cocaina on the autobús is a little person trying to make money from the busy inspections on los autobuses for next week we celebrate el día de la Revolución and many people go to USA.
    Only my thoughts.

    1. Muy, muy intertesante! The arrest of Mochomo on his birthday of 2008 was definately the beginning of an escalation in plaza violence, kidnapping, extortion, government bid rigging, etc.
      Interesting point "only my thoughts"!

  3. Technically it was in the bathroom and not on his possession. Will charges stick?
    If Mexico releases suspects with far more evidence pertaining cases. What makes you think this should not be a slam dunk for release?

    1. If the bus driver is involved his masters might have him released. If the bus driver is not involved he is rhe perfect fall guy and since he cant afford a real lawyer will get and sit 20 years.

      Mex prisons are full of innocents, whilst the criminals roam the street.

  4. A Key in Pennsylvania is about 35k being florida i would assume it a tad bit Lower at 30-32k a key. Still a considerable amount.

    1. No doubt it is a considerable amount my man. With 30k I can buy a used car that I do really need right now and put the rest of the money to work. If you play your cards right you can do small impactful changes in your life with 30k-40k in cash.

    2. Sounds about right. Might be a little cheaper in South Florida. LA most likely has the cheapest price.

    3. That’s about 15,500 per Key after the exchange rate. That’s a verrrrry good price my friend. Impossible for the US of course.

    4. 8:36; real estate! Where I'm from, that would be a 30 percent down payment on a one acre lot with 100 feet of lake shore. Or half acre town lot paid in full.

  5. 19 @ 22.. 418,000

    6 million pesos..300,000?

    It's all in the ballpark

  6. Arriva con Los druggie s


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