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Monday, November 26, 2018

Gabriel Zamora, Mich: 7 Executed, 5 Women + 2 Men and More

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Vanguardia

In a first attack, four women and one man lost their lives when they were located outside their house, on the outskirts of Lombardy.

Morelia, Mich. Seven people, five of them were women, were murdered in the town of Lombardía, in the municipality of Gabriel Zamora, reported the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) of Michoacán.

In a first attack, four women and one man lost their lives when they were located outside their house, on the outskirts of Lombardy, when an armed group on board a vehicle shot them with high-powered weapons. They lost their lives almost instantaneously.

Minutes later, on the way to the exit to Nueva Italia, the attackers fired on a young woman and a man who was on board a SUV. The Uruapan Regional Prosecutor's Office initiated the investigations to try to arrest those responsible for the homicides.

However from AristeguiNoticias: By: Dalia Martínez

An armed group broke into a wake last night and killed seven people in the municipality of Uruapan, Michoacán; 10 more people were injured. The events occurred around 9:00 pm, when a family was watching over/ paying homage to  a young man at the San José Funeral Home , located on Benito Juárez Avenue.

Sources from the Attorney General's Office in the State (PGJE) confirmed the fact and pointed out that the case is already being investigated . The wake was for  a young man who hours earlier had been executed and his body abandoned in the colony La Pinera, in the same town.

During the funeral, according to preliminary reports, armed men stormed and began to shoot right and left against those present. The assailants fled aboard several trucks. No one has been detained.

This week the state government announced the start of a security operation called "Operation Cleanup" , which would focus on the location and apprehension of leaders and members of criminal cells.

This Wednesday confirmed the arrest of a priority criminal target, identified as Miguel Ángel S., alias "El Kilo" , linked to cartels such as La Familia Michoacana and the Cartel of Jalisco Nueva Generación and served as deputy of the municipality of Zacapu.

Local media have counted more than 50 deaths in the last 10 days, including the gun murder of two Morena party politicians .

From: 90Degrados

Meanwhile in the rest of Michoacán Municipalities:

The killing spree continues in Michoacán, particularly the municipality of Uruapan where from Monday 12 to Sunday 18, 9 people were executed, while in the same period, in Zamora they added 6 the homicides while in total, in a week the number of violent deaths amounted to 30.

In addition to Uruapan, which occupied the first place in homicides and Zamora the second, also highlighted the municipalities of Apatzingán with 3 cases and Jacona 3; the other murders were recorded in Morelia, Zitácuaro, Tacámbaro, Lázaro Cárdenas, Ario de Rosales, Venustiano Carranza, Múgica and Tzitzio.

URUAPAN, "red zone":
In Uruapan on the  Nov 13th in different violent acts, 4 people were shot and executed; In one of the attacks, a dog was also killed by bullet wounds.

On the 15th, in broad daylight, in a very crowded place, outside the Regional Hospital of Uruapan, at least two assassins shoot and kill a man, apparently a taxi driver.

On Friday 16 a motorcyclist was shot to death apparently by "moto-sicarios", after being pursued by the streets of the Santa Rosa neighborhood to the east of the city; That same day, several people shot three people inside a "Barbería", ie a Barbershop and/or Hair Style Salon, located in the Viveros neighborhood; all the three victims lost their lives.

ZAMORA, more of the same:
Although in this month of November the municipality of Zamora observes a decrease in murders compared to the previous two, the homicide run continues, almost all related to organized crime, such as the one that occurred on Monday the 12th when two young men were attacked bullets by armed individuals traveling on a motorcycle, in the La Libertad neighborhood; one of them died.

This was followed by the wave of homicides: on Thursday, the 15th, a young peasant was shot to death when he was traveling by bicycle to his home in the community of Aquiles Serdán; This new victim responded to the name of José Luis C., 25 years old.

On Sunday Nov 18 there were other violent deaths in this municipality of Zamora: two subjects were found tied up in the back, with traces of torture and bullets in a vacant lot in the Jacarandas neighborhood; On the same day, he was found, concealed and shot, of the lifeless body of a person until now unknown, between 35 and 40 years of age; later it was reported the bullet attack in broad daylight and in the main market of Zamora, the Hidalgo, of a well-known clothing merchant named Hortensia GA was executed who was only 28 years old.

JACONA violence:
In recent months, the once peaceful town of Jacona has begun to live a wave of killings and clashes that has upset the tranquility of this place, as happened on 12 November when a lone hitman was confronted by elements of the Police Michoacán and was shot; the victim was identified as Brayan G., 24 years old.

On Tuesday 13, two bullet attacks were recorded in Jacona in less than 15 minutes, with one person dead and two more injured; The person who lost his life was Heriberto B., "El Erick", 18 years old.

On Saturday the 17th, the shooting murder of a man between 30 and 35 years old was reported.

Tierra Caliente: APATZINGÁN;

The municipality of Apatzingán, known for its violence, has lowered its rates of intentional homicides in comparison with other months and years; although in this month of November it has registered 3 murders as the one of Jesus Alberto R., of 24 years of age, Tuesday 13.

On Thursday the 15th, the lifeless body of Gabino B, 35 years old, who earned his living working in the field, was found; On Friday 16th, another man was shot and killed in the place known as "El Vado del Ahuate" in the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood in this municipality of Apatzingán.

The Others:

On Thursday Nov 15th, in Lázaro Cárdenas, a man and a woman who were driving through the streets of the Michoacán port aboard a van, were attacked with bullets; in this attack, the woman would lose her life and it would be known later that she was pregnant.

In Múgica, on Saturday the 17th, a man was shot to death when he was escorting the body of a person who was also executed to the cemetery; the deceased was identified as José Luis A., 37 years old, neighbor of Morelia.

The other intentional homicides have been registered in the municipalities of Morelia, Zitácuaro, Tacámbaro, Ario, Venustiano Carranza and Tzitzio.


  1. Well from what I heard is that that family they killed from lombardia is because someone didn't pay the viagras there extortaion money and he was told to pay up or the whole family was gonna get whacked, there was a young lady which she was a beauty pageant queen, so sad

  2. Can't attend a wake, or they kill you, only in Mexico.

    1. happens in Chicago all the time, especially wakes that they know it’ll be a high presence of gang members

    2. 527 at least in Chicago they investigate and catch the criminals, faster than in Mexico.

  3. Michoacán is such a crazy melting pot of criminal groups; CJNG (western Michoacán) Viagras (everywhere in Mich), Groupo de el Cenizo/Chanda (Nueva Italia, Cuatro Caminos), Grupo de el Gallito (Apatzingan), Grupo de Metro, Grupo de el Brazo de Oro (Gabriel Zamora). It’s almost as complex and confusing as Tamps or NL.

  4. Holy shit! I drove by Nueva Italia and Uruapan yesterday on the toll road up from the beach. There is a lot more security on the toll highway down to the coast after all the carjackings/robberies and killings that have taken place on the toll road the last few years. They're also widening the highly dangerous two lane highway.

    Jacona is basically part of Zamora and has been violent for a long time.

  5. Don Gil alias el anciano jefe de plaza de lombardia gente de los viagras se dice ser culpable de esta masacre

  6. Cjng loves doing this kind of killings...women,children n innocent unarmed people are their prefer target

  7. Michoacan been quiet lately.. cjng and viagra are still at it but now cjng has more territory there. Wouldn't be surprised if they were looking for mencho there.

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