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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Ford is the latest big business closing its Guerrero dealership because of "extortion and insecurity"

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat REFORMA

The automobile distributor Ford closed its operations in Chilpancingo due to the insecurity and payment of floor suffered by organized crime, informed the local leader of the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco), Pioquinto Damián Huato.

"We know that they were charging them 20 thousand pesos a month, but then the delinquency increased their quota resulting in them closing and leaving  Chilpancingo," said the president of this organization.

He affirmed that the situation of insecurity and violence in this capital continues to be extremely concerning and has resulted in generating and economic spill from businesses closing and moving.  

"Of the big businessmen that still remain in this capital, we can say that at most there are ten",

In a tour that REFORMA carried out in the building where the Ford distributor was, it was observed that it is now empty.

The offices of this distributor, which was located on the north south side of Boulevard Vicente Guerrero, in front of the Autopista del Sol, have already been dismantled.

According to Damián Huato, Volvo also closed recently in Chilpancingo.

The leader of the Canaco raised the need for the local Congress to approve a reform to the Criminal Code of Guerrero that includes a penalty of up to 40 years in prison for the crime of extortion or payment of piso..

A few weeks ago, the local legislator of Morena Mariana García Guillén proposed in Congress a reform that considers extortion as a serious crime, with punishment of 16 years in prison.

"We must harden the penalties against the extortionists and charging piso [extortion tax]," said Damián Huato.

The businessman, who since 2013 enjoys precautionary measures from the Government because he received death threats from organized crime, said that he, as leader of the Canaco, has already lost track of the number of businesses or businesses that have closed in Chilpancingo due to insecurity this year.
"There are many businesses that are no longer there, many entrepreneurs left because they could not take the floor," he said.

He mentioned that it has reached the degree that some businessmen suffered extortion by two criminal organizations operating in Chilpancingo.

"That is, they paid double, and then they decided to leave, to close permanently," he added.


  1. Great! Adding more fuel to the fire for those seeking employment. Wouldn't be surprised if a small percentage will seek asylum or employment by other means to sustain oneself.
    Despite, the efforts to curtail such criminal behavior by government. Its government that promotes this behavior from its ongoing practices.
    This epidemic of Piso was embraced and enforced by government long ago.

    Curious to see what reinforcement was given by officials to its constituents for this abruptly closure.

    Citizens need to stand up.


  2. Somebody needs to go in as a third party and straighten shit out in Mexico. Corruption and extortion is out of hand.

    1. Mexico can care less about a 3rd party intervening in their affairs. If all others have failed. Rather resigned due to lack of information and efforts. Reffernce to Human rights watch officials when the missing 43 transpired. Many officials saw the obstruction attempt by Mexican authorities.
      Mexico will continue to be what they will be. Lawless and corrupt.
      Hope will only transpire from its citizens and those few true politicians (if not assassinated).

  3. And mexicans are too dumb to know this is bad for their economy?

    1. Not dumb! Rather, cunning to apply the same principles and tactics that the Mexican government has always embraced.
      Fear and intimidation can do many things.

      Mexican officials created this epidemic of violence with their shifting of criminal organizations. Along with foreign powers. Never establishing rules for what's permissible and not permissible. Resulting with chaos.

      One cannot rewind decades of corruption by a snap of a finger without any retribution from others.

      Mexico has a long way to go before destabilization can cease. Expect the continuation of violence and murders until then.

  4. Punk ass criminal groups are killing the working and middle class in Mexico.

    1. they dont care most of those sicarios are a bunch of lazy young men who dont want to work .

  5. Very sad situation. Think of the many employees that worked at this business. I agree, there has to be ways of dealing with "piso" extortions and criminals. I don't have the answers. Mexicans, you figure it out.

  6. You can’t have asylum up north anymore.
    We are full!

    1. Yes americans must soon do the slave labour by themselves

    2. Speak for yourself dumbass... If we are full its full of sh*t. Such a complete waste of American free speech... We want to spread Democracy all over and yet the idea of "give me your tired your hungry, your poor" gets shredded because of ignorant United states citizens. I guess your ancestors were native American.... "We are full"... Dumbest comment so far

    3. @ 2:18, give yourself a history lesson and look at how stringent the requirements were to get into the USA back in the late 18th and early 19th century. Before an immigrant got on a boat in Europe, one had to pass a medical and physical examination, and before they disembarked from the ship following the Atlantic passage, the same immigrant had to pass another round of tests here stateside. Shipping companies had to pay the passage back for all those who were rejected, making the scrutiny for those seeking to immigrate stringent. We wanted then, as we do now, people who wish to work and assimilate, not set up the own ethnic bastions. It's one thing to be proud of your heritage, and quite another to come here to try and change the system. BTW, we don't have democracy, its a constitutional republic. The framers of the Constitution purposefully did not create a democracy because of the tyranny of the majority -something liberals so desperately want- and why they try to flood our borders with illegals.

  7. Coca Cola left, now Ford , next Home Depot.

    1. Don't forget KFC and Starbucks


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