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Monday, November 5, 2018

"El Güero Loco" : behind the betrayal of "El Betito"

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from La Silla Rota
                    El Güero Loco, detrás de las traiciones a "El Betito"

A weapons and drugs supplier from La Unión de la B is suspected to have handed its leaders over to authorities.

El Güero Loco will intensify his presence in El Centro and Tepito, to seize the narcotiendas that are not under anyone's control after the arrests of El Betito and El Pistache.

by Antonio Nieto

A weapons and drugs supplier from La Unión de la B is suspected to have handed its leaders, Roberto Maldonado López "El Betito" and David García Ramírez "El Pistache,"  over to authorities.

Information that "El Betito" provided to the Deputy Attorney General for Organized Crime   Investigation (SEIDO) led the authorities to an individual identified as Hugo P. "El Güero Loco" or "El Güero Carmenta."
This man being the main supplier of weapons and drugs, he knew about the safe houses of La Unión and the whereabouts of their leaders.
According to data from the Attorney General's Office (PGR), "El Güero Loco" is an ex-prisoner, was a member of the Valencia Brothers cartel and later allied with the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación (CJNG).
According to what "El Betito" said to federal agents, "El Güero Loco" is behind the formation of the alleged criminal group Unión Tepito Nueva Generación.
Maldonado Lopez added that said subject sought at all costs to make enemies with Jorge Flores Conchas, "El Tortas", because he said he never gave the order to kidnap and kill his brother, Guillermo Sabino Flores Conchas.
Guillermo Sabino was the owner of the restaurant "Los Machetes", located on Héroes street, in the Guerrero neighborhood, and he was murdered because he allegedly refused to pay derecho de piso  to the Unión.

However, "El Betito " affirmed that the family of "El Tortas" and therefore Guillermo Sabino, were exempt from this charge, but that some of its members, incited by "El Güero Loco", went to attack him behind their backs.
From that crime, "El Tortas" and " El Betito " were enemies.
There were dozens of murders linked to this dispute that was in response to personal issues rather than a struggle for control for the Historic Center or Garibaldi, where the clan of "El Tortas" operates.

As La Silla Rota announced the brothers and cousins of Flores Conchas were related to the kidnapping of Gustavo A. Madero delegation candidate and one of them was linked to the murder of Paco Stanley.
Now, after the massacre that took place in Plaza Garibaldi, one day before the Shout of Independence, "El Tortas" fled, according to reports from the Capital Police and the Attorney General's Office.

In response, the PGR maintains that "El Güero Loco" will intensify his presence in El Centro and Tepito, to seize the narcotiendas that are not under anyone's control after the arrests of El Betito and El Pistache.


  1. So El Güero Loco won?

  2. I am tired of these cartels all calling themselves NUEVA GENERACION. It was cute for CJNG. But that's it.


    1. Go express your feelings to them they might be caring people

    2. LOL I’m waiting for CdsNG

    3. 2:03 Its actually a very common practice in the US. It shows that their allegiance with CJNG. Cute are you some type of maricone? The New Generation is taking everything from everyone. If they don't all get caught they will certainly take all of Mexico in 5 years maybe even sooner. If Greed doesn't bring them down we may see the return of peace to all of Mexico or total chaos.

    4. How tired? U cant sleep,u cry and feel depressed all day? Do u have problems with ur girl cause of that? Lol

  3. Cjng is full of rats n chapulines...

  4. No loyality among thieves

  5. They are cjng but arent from jalisco so they use name of there territory


  6. Let's see El Guerro opened his mouth on two Cartel members he supplied weapons. Arms dealers have imunity???? He supplied weapons that kill people.

  7. La Comadreja STILL doing his thing. This guy been around FOR YEARS. All the main players from CJNG all stared in California. Los Originales de San Juan have a lot of old corridos of most of them including "La Comadreja" These Mexican dope peddlers don't stand a chance against a California Mind set.

    1. He's from naranjo de chila, michoacan. Is he related to mencho? By marriage or something? They both from tierra caliente michoacan.

  8. El bito
    Provide info on EL BITO

  9. Serious questions in tepito
    And el Centro
    Who are these guys
    Selling drugs too?
    Mexicans ..plaza -galleria
    Can someone answer please

  10. Visited Mexico City early this year and let me tell you, the collusion between the police and the cartel people is very evident. Being a retired LEO, I couldn’t help but notice how they work and I may add how they effectively work. It ran like a well oiled machine and in a weird way, it made me feel safe although I kinda wished I was carrying my piece especially at night


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