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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

El Chapo trial: Witness says "Yes I hate him"

Chivis Martinez - Material from Pacer Gov Docs-Molly Crane NYT-Mica-BB archives

Today testimony continues from Chapo’s former pilot, Miguel Martinez.

I was a good friend,  says cooperative witness Martinez

Miguel testified that he took care of Griselda and her children who she had with Chapo, after Chapo was captured in 1993, letting them live in one of his houses, giving them money, and “making sure they were always taken care of."

“I never failed Mr. Guzman, never stole from him, never betrayed him, I watched over his family, and the only thing I received from him were four attempted [murder] attacks.”

Well, he did get something.  For starters a million dollars pay per year.  He received countless expensive gifts, trips and about those houses of his.  Chapo had properties placed in Martinez’ name.  By Martinez’ own admission he sold one as he needed the money for his attorneys.  Problem is….that was Chapo’s property.  It would appear the statement of never failing, betraying, or stole from Chapo fails on that one act alone. He says he only sold the house after an attempt was made on his life.  Not a smart move for a guy in fear of being murdered.

Attempts on his life

1998 stabbing, shortly after he was arrested. He claims it was subsequently he sold a house that El Chapo's mistress and her children were living in, with the proceeds he paid his attorneys. The house was actually the property of Chapo placed in Martinez’ name.

The stabbing occurred on visiting day, “when three men who came in my cell and began stabbing me. I arrived at the hospital dying."  He suffered 7 stab wounds, his lung and intestines were perforated.   After the murder attempt he was placed back in the same cell block as his aggressors.

He was then stabbed 5-6 times in the back while making a phone call. He suffered punctured lung and pancreas. He was taken from his cell to make a phone call. He said two inmates approached and "tried to stab me all over my face." The guard saved his life by fighting off the attackers. Images of his wounds were entered into evidence.

Martinez was transferred to a different prison. One night, he heard a strange sound outside his cell window. It was a band, playing a corrido. He recognized it as one of Chapo's favorites. The song was about going into death with nothing. The band played the song all night long, he said.

The song title "Un Puño de Tierra" or "A Fist of Dirt" [lyrics and video at bottom of post] "In the song it says to live your life intensely because the only thing you take with you when you leave is a bunch of dirt."

In the morning, the assassin showed up at his cell. He put a gun to the guard's head and ordered him to open the door. The guard refused saying he didn't have a key, So the assassin tossed two hand grenades at Martinez's cell. He says he survived by shielding himself behind a toilet.

The cooperative witness

Martinez was extradited in 2001 and pleaded guilty to money laundering and conspiracy to import cocaine to the US. He was sentenced to 18 years. He's now in witness protection.

Martinez says he understands he must be a witness for the remainder of his life.  But he also made it clear he did not want to testify in this trial.

He was visibly shaken having to discuss the terms of his plea bargain.  In exchange for his becoming a lifetime witness, he was released from prison serving only 6 years of an 18 year sentence. 

Along with his freedom, he was placed with his family into the witness protection program. He received his work visa and assistance in finding employment.

He received $30K in support from the US government, and for his travel to NYC to testify against Chapo he received a whopping $43K for housing and travel.

Martinez was explaining his cooperation agreement with the government, when he states, “I have testified that I never wanted to testify against El Chapo.” Asked why, he began answering, whenhe was quickly shut down by judge Cogan who did not allow his statement to go forth as it would have been an opinion. An opinion that it was Chapo behind the murder attempts on him. 

Lies and misdemeanors

Martinez confessed to being under psychological treatment. He also confessed that he has repeatedly lied or violated regulations since his extradition to the United States.
While at a government-sponsored home, he smoked inside the home. Confronted by that, he lied "for fear of being run out of the program" of witness protection.  Then the time he was caught stealing while in prison.  Nothing big, the defense is going to need much more than this.

Cross examination

Late afternoon defense attorney William Purpura began his cross. He attempted to discredit about Martinez’ murder attempts testimony.  Purpura asked why there was no official prison report or news coverage about the grenades. He also pointed out inconsistencies from Martinez's past statements. Purpura noted that Martinez said he did 4 grams of cocaine a day for 15 years. He then pulled a 1-gram packet of Splenda and dumped it out on a projector, asking, "Do you agree with me that in itself, is a lot of cocaine?"
The defense attorney then did the math and said if Martinez was doing 4 grams a day, he would have been doing nearly 1.5 kilos of cocaine per year …just by himself.

This made the witness visibly nervous and fidgety and admitted he lied in the past.  

Purpura then said, "The bottom line is you hate him, no?"

Martinez answered; “No, I started hating Mr. Guzman when he betrayed me and ordered someone to kill me."

Purpura asked, “But you hate him?"

 "Yes." Martinez answered

Fistful of Dirt
Roaming, Is how I spend my life
Just traveling the world.
If truth be told, I am a free spirit.
I have no need for anything,
For me life is but a dream.
I drink when I so desire,.
 I don't lie, I am very sincere.
I am like a seagull, flying from port to port
I know that life is short, and in the end I owe that too.
On the day that I die, I won't take anything with me.
You must live life to the fullest for it ends too soon.
Of all that happens in this world,
All that's left are the memories.
When I die, all I'll take is a fistful of dirt. 


  1. I really appreciate you all putting up this info for us, thank you.
    For me, the witness protection program is an eye opener. I stayed away mostly from the criminal life so i don't have nothing to offer but to give these jokers and their families citizenship and money for snitching seems unfair to all the good and honest people who are already here and are struggling.
    Theres alot of poverty in the USA too. I would be interested if someone could calculate the total amount of dollars the govt spends on supporting criminals in the witness protection racket, i mean proram.

    1. So how else is the government supposed to create witnesses against these people?

    2. Thats because the u.s goberment are the biggest thugs, criminals and bullies world wide so helping these trash is natural to them. Mono no mata a mono. O perro no come perro.
      El uyuyui

    3. Beautifully put.
      How many under the witness protection program are truly a menace to society.
      Moreover, with the same bullshit who are testifying against?
      Life isn't always perfect but people (citizens) should not have to bend over for these criminals.
      Forfeitures are often questioned due to cooperation between government and informants. Moreover, the sentencing guidelines for such individuals who bear the same responsibilities for the havoc. Yet are given a slap on the wrist and go about spending their illegal riches.

      Funny how government works. They can do whatever they want. Breaking / misusing the power and law created to protect.

      Look at some of these individuals who are testifying against Chapo? Few will walk away from serving anything and with money to spend.

    4. Dang, Chapo betrays everyone.

    5. @6:37a.m! Yea they did this with"sammy the bull"gravano! They had 19 murders they could prove he did but he only got 3 yrs in prison then the witness protection program all just to get john gotti!

    6. Yes and then get up Sammy the bull moved to Arizona and set up trafficking drugs mostly ecstasy I believe… Got his ass busted… And the US marshals had to come to his rescue… Most of the people they put in witness protection, however don’t continue a life of crime—some however can’t get away from it And continue their life of crime with our government’s assistance SMH

  2. Yeah, 4g a day is a really bad habit... But not as bad as the defense is making it seem. Especially. if you're a millionaire surrounded by the stuff.


    1. Its bad no matter how try to spin it

    2. You must be joking right “a really bad habit”

      That’s the understatement of the year— that’s an insane amount of cocaine to snort. It means he was pretty much high every moment he was awake for his long as he did those 4 g habit.

      Let’s also I’ll remember that he was snorting probably 95% pure cocaine straight from the lab.

      And remember previous testimony he actually had to quit for a while because of the damage to his nose and his septum. To expect someone who is doing 4 g a day to tell you the truth is as ludicrous as asking an addict to “just say no”

      This guy’s credibility is way more than shaky and untrustworthy. I believe I read a previous BB article that stated 2 grenades were thrown in his prison cell and he survived by hiding behind the toilet… I remember reading that and thinking that is unbelievable or this guys really lucky… Now I’m thinking that the guys just really a pathological liar.

      But I don’t think there’s any way anyone could survive 2 grenades thrown into an 8 x 10 prison cell… Just a situation thats not survivable.

      And based on his reactions yesterday is the dude still doing Coke… I don’t know but from what I’ve read in his responses to CX—were suspicious at best and seemed to indicate deception and dishonesty.

    3. How does a big ass man hide behind a toilet? why no record of the grenades? shaky testimony....not a good witness

    4. Would me saying an outrageous habit been better? Yeah that's a ridiculous amount of cocaine. My point was, it could be a lot worse for someone in that buisness, with that kind of money, and that kind of access, and the defense is trying to make it seem like that's an impossible habit and it's definitely not.


    5. OK I get you I understand… And I agree I’ve definitely seen people with worse habits… They’re not alive any longer and they were junkies or crackheads but yes I would say that one could easily have a worse habit initial thought was that’s s lot of pure coke to snort. My guess is, as evidenced by his damaged septum, that he was probably snorting much more than 4 grams a day but wants to paint himself in the best light possible...Chivis stated he was a poor witness and I agree he came off as a total liar with no credibility

    6. Yeah, it could be way worse..even a paper isn't good. LOL

      I be hooked on nearly pure crystl metahphetamine and..
      Ranging from a ball to 7g in a nite but it is a completely different drug. Consumes you quicker plus soul.

      Stick to the guys in suits for your needs.

      #No street. .no time! America..way it is#notfair ;)

  3. Really he last saw Chapo in the early 1990s what information can he still be giving?? This guy must be scared because he probably still has chapos money and is spending it that is why he did not want to show his face

    1. They’re starting off easy, the big witnesses for the end

    2. 6:54 you would make a good point if the testimony was being used to arrest chapo but it’s being used to convict him. The date of given offenses is not relevant because chapo could have never trafficked a gram after the 90’s and the USA would still have enough evidence to send him away for life

  4. Some one who those drugs is not to be trusted but if your statement is true then Mr.Guzman really had no heart for his Man and only respect woman and children and I know this because I have a very good american friend who has travel all over sinaloa people loved El chapo especially old ladys and young teens
    La polaca

    1. Because theyre idiots... Chapos a murdering loser just like all of them. They over look who he really is because he takes care of them. No integrity at all. I dont worship drug lords like some of yall do.

    2. Tf u talkin about errybody loves el chapo, but them central americans from michiokan't

    3. Polaca you know nothing neither does your friend. Maybe some people in Sinaloa or all over Mexico love him but many also know chapo was ruthless and a backstabbed like every other Mexican Capo. Please stick to what you know 🎶

  5. The fist person ever admitted to witness protection was killed.joe barboza from boston

  6. My money is on him on being the first witness killed

  7. The defense team does have a point. Cokeheads and drug addicts in general are some of the most conniving, mistrustful and greedy people I've ever met. Many of them are fine when they aren't lost in their addiction but when they are they can be very evil.

    Regardless, the government doesn't have a choice but to use witnesses like Martinez to testify against El Chapo. Martinez is no angel but chances are he knows about crimes El Chapo has committed and the government can corroborate many of his claims through other witnesses or evidence. It's not like El Chapo is the type of guy to surround himself with choir boys.

  8. Getting a little closer to ADX each new day.....

  9. Like I told you'll before it ain't Emma going I'm to the court house it was chivis going under cover for B.B now do you believe me or is it sicario 006 he been out since the trial began.

  10. If they had a gun to guard face wouldn't it had been easier to shoot martinez and less messy than in grenades.

  11. Lmao 2 grenades and the toilet saved him lol what a bunch of horse shit those 2 grenades would have been enough to blow him up into pieces especially in a small ass cell in mexico if thats the case why didnt the assassin just point the gun inside and shoot him lol man this shit seems just like the El Chapo netflix series lol

    1. No, not really. Obviously, you never handled grenades.

  12. A lot of people hate chapo but chapo lovers love him lol chapo snitched

  13. BB is great again. Coverage is bueno

    1. jajaja ok...and look to the right, we posted over 1000 posts this year so far. that has not happened in years. we prob end with more posts since 2011-

    2. Thanks to Chapo and his Sinaloa Cartel everybody talks about Sinaloa especially the haters

  14. The assassin had a gun but threw two grenades into the cell and yet he survived? Hahha That is the biggest Bs story Ive ever heard. Sounds to me this guy stole from Chapo and was no wondering why the cartel wanted to kill

  15. This is all a show. El chapo is getting life in prison if the CIA doesn't kill him first using chemical agents to give him cancer or a heart attack. RIP el chapo

  16. Thanks to the New York times and other news outlets for keeping many informed.
    The irony of this is; with the focus on many from all countries of this trial. Drug consumption and trafficking will never end.
    A product of greed by those elite who will continue to profit despite what's happening.
    Governments like many will be exposed but without apprehension.

    1. made a left and landed at Borderland Beat. It's ok if you want to exit...back to NYT

    2. I’ll take the coverage, comments, and rich dialogue created here at BB over the NYT any day :)


  18. Here come the comments from the chapo or sinaloa haters In 3 2 1

    1. Chapo and Sinaloenses are punks snitches @8:09am

    2. 2:24 not even disguiese your hate huh chilango

    3. Chilangos are cool!

    4. 711 df peoples i guess yeah but them fake ones are pure loud mouth haters

  19. Top notch coverage Chivis—Thanks for all your efforts in bringing this information to us. You do a fantastic job and it’s a job with little thanks or rewards...and on this date I officially wanted to say thank you!

    I read someone criticizing your coverage and wanted to let you know that they are in the minority did all of your faithful BB Followers know and appreciate all that you do!

    May love, peace, and good health be with you and your family through this holiday season and beyond!

  20. It must hurt the little rat chapo that he is not getting the opportunity to be a witness and has to sit there and see and hear guys that worked for him pointing fingers and getting there sentences reduced.. but but mayo . The traitor can only dream of being able to testify against another man.

  21. Wow holy Mackro he survived 4 attempted killings and lives to tell the story of Chapo. Good testimony, years are adding up for being in prison.

  22. I just became an Antonio Aguilar fan. Thanks Chivis. I wish you could have worked with us because you totally get it.

  23. If I’m keeping score the defense for El Chapo is winning so far... these witnesses are not credible and have something to gain by seeing Guzmán put in jail...GC

  24. Loyalty in the land of sleaze? "Hey I need 3 kilograms. Take a personal check?"
    "What do you mean tell everything I know or it's thirty years? Does your tape recorder hold six hours of recording time?"
    The lure of beautiful women, gold plated firearms, macho cars, and "spare no expense" is worthless when a rival sicario has you in his sights, your boss accuses you of disloyalty, or you sit handcuffed while a federal prosecutor flashes pictures of Florence Supermax as an inducement to tell all you know including fictitious accusations. Taking on the life as a narco is almost as shaming as taking on the life of a figure in politics.

  25. So there were 2 attempts on this guys life, 94 and 98, in 2001 he was extradited. Chapo went to jail from 93 to 2001. What proof does this guy have that it was actually El Chapo who made the call? It could've been anyone. Maybe the loyalty was mutual but this guy automatically assumes it was Chapo since he sold Chapos property. Who's not to say this guy did other people dirty besides El Chapo...

  26. I agree with Chivis, he was not the best witness. I do think the prosecution did accomplish what I wanted though. The key from his testimony was to shine light on is lavish lifestyle and extravagant operation. Seeing pictures of multiple Lear jets and imaging 4 of them loaded with $40,000,000 dollars monthly.

    This is strike contrast into previous witnesses that visibly (reports of) looking fatigued and answering mouthing witnesses responses with their mouths.


  27. So the government needs all these witnesses? They dont have phone calls,drug busts,etc etc to prove him guilty?

    1. Its a show, like the war on drugs. We all know americans are good entertainers.

  28. Canadien jail or prison
    We believe in rehabilitation
    You will be coming
    So its best
    To be set up.with trade
    Etc etc we all human
    We not america
    What the hell
    It be me in Mexican jail
    Holy fuck
    To be stabbed back AMONGST
    Perpetrators of crime
    Thats unreal

    Committee right about
    Segregation is inhumane for prisoners
    Canadien way
    Mexican prison
    Prisoners run the place
    Manifest destiny
    MY friends

    I see vids
    Of central americans
    Scared straight indeed

  29. Eh chivis you heard the story
    Red commando in paraguay prison
    Stab lil angel
    With no so sharp knife
    32 times
    So he would stay there
    Not back to Brazil
    They chopper his ass home
    Next day .pinierho i think
    Girl was 18 teen

  30. Chapo not eh friend
    But lets be real
    We not in that world

    Cuthroat business
    Liesj deception
    Death and mayhem rules the land

    Why can't they guys call truce.stop killing mexicans
    Land big enough for all
    To do business
    Break into corridors
    Help u fellow
    Town folks
    Send you kids to Harvard
    Why make all this lmillion
    And cant live to enjoy it
    Don't make sense

    Like chapo sons
    Why not take money
    Leave start investment portfolio.
    To be hunted 24/7
    Is ridiculous
    Just saying.

    Two sons be gone
    Soon. Chapo should have sneak to kanada live on my isle
    45 min away
    Enjoy life
    Don't bring that new york
    Phone chatterbox

  31. Tf is the problum wiff bro, you write like u doin the grocery list

  32. 9:43 is prolly into shakira, maluma or drake


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