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Thursday, November 29, 2018

El Chapo Trial: Chupeta, the man with two faces

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat-With material from, BB's Mica, Pacer, transcript, BB archives 

Who is Chupeta?

Colombian drug trafficker Juan Carlos Ramírez Abadía, aka Chupeta,  takes the witness stand as the third cooperative witness.

Arguably he is best known for the plastic surgery.
 Oh yes, the surgeries.  He has undergone four aesthetic operations that, after changing his nose, cheekbones, eye contour and chin, he is rendered unrecognizable, from his former self... except for the fingerprints.  He was left unrecognizable in a horrific way.  What remains is a grotesque mass of flesh, occupying where his handsome face once was.

I always wondered if the surgeon lived much longer after the surgery.

The 55 year old Chupeta was arrested in Brasil in 2007.

At the time of his arrest he was the most wanted drug trafficker in the world.  Overall most wanted,  second only to Osama bin Laden.

His rise to prominence in the drug world came  after an early release of his Colombian 24 year prison sentence. He began as part of the Cali Cartel but he became part of, and leader of  the Norte del Valle cartel.

Aside from trafficking, he was a brutal, violent, bloodthirsty,  vindictive murderer.

He is accused of 15 murders in the U.S. and 300 worldwide.  And children were not off limits.  He once murdered a family of 35.  He dismembered all 35.  It was the family of   Colombian drug trafficker Víctor Patiño Fómeque, Chupeta thought he was ratting to authorities.

He surrendered in Colombia in 1996 and sentenced to 24 years.  He only served 7 years when released in 2002.  He was free for 5 years when arrested in Brasil in 2007.

Chupeta’s parents, Omar Ramírez Ponce and Carmen Alicia Abadía Bastidas, were named by the U.S. treasury as part of the cartel, and placement on the organization chart has them placed directly under Chupeta.

When he was arrested at his Brasil home, he had 160 cell phones and authorities discovered 80 million dollars, painstakingly hidden in Cali, under wood and concrete.

The wealth of  Chupeta  once reached 1.8 (b) billion US the US State Department said.

DEA estimated his wealth at 1.8 Billion Dollars, he was extradited to the U.S. in 2008.

The Norte del Valle cartel emerged as Colombia's most powerful drug gang after the mid-1990s and DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) officials have said Colombian traffickers were forced to flee to countries including Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina as a result.

This is the person whose testimony the jury is asked to believe.

Testimony of today
Face alteration

Chupeta testified about his plastic surgery: "I had changes to my face I altered the physical appearance of my face by changing my jawbone, my cheekbones, my eyes, my mouth, my ears, my nose." Said he had 3-4 surgeries. Seems strange he would not remember if it was 3 or 4.  Notice the new Michael Jackson cleft chin alteration.

Chupeta's appearance is a head turner and not in a good way. His prominent  cheek implants are massive, and his face looks unnaturally stretched. His now gray hair is slicked back, with no attempt to cover any of his face.  He's also wearing blue fabric gloves…why? No clue.


Although he is suspected of at least 300 killings, he admits between 1989 and 2007,  he killed or ordered the killing of 150 people. In 2004 he killed someone personally, shooting his victim's face.

"My Cocaine"

He says he worked with the Sinaloa cartel for 17-18 years, supplying “my cocaine” to El Chapo, El Mayo, the Beltran-Leyva brothers, Ignacio Coronel, the Zambada brothers, the Carrillo Fuentes and Héctor "El Güero" Palma.

He says he met Chapo in 1990, in Mexico City, inside a hotel lobby, they were there for an introduction meeting, and negotiations.

The deal was entered into. Chupeta would fly cocaine to airstrips in Mexico.  Once the cocaine arrived, Chapo would then traffic it across the north border to Los Angeles.  Chupeta would receive  60%. Chapo would keep 40% as border crossing fee.

Chupeta said that normally, he would pay 37% to Mexican trafficking partners. In this case of Chapo however, he presented a good sales pitch; “He said, 'I'm a lot faster,'" , [tunnels] Chupeta recalled. "'Try me and you'll see", "And your planes, cocaine and pilots will be secure.”

Chupeta says Chapo offered  trafficking routes through Sinaloa, Sonora, Durango and Nayarit.

Prosecution argument is that Chapo agreed to give Colombian cocaine partners the upper hand in a 55%-to-45%  split.

Chupeta said he happily agreed to Chapo's  request for the purest drug product possible because he wanted "a reputation for me, for my cocaine being so good."

Chupeta admitted to being surprised by how fast Chapo was in transferring the drug shipments. And at the “protection” possible because of the level of corruption in Mexico. "seizures in Mexico were scarce".  "The transport  was super-fast,  less than a week.  The other Mexican Narcos took "a month or more."

Mexico’s federal police protected shipments, also receiving the cocaine loads and conducted the transfer.  "Their corruption arrangements were effective, they were good." “That was one of the first times the Mexican drug traffickers delivered my cocaine that quickly,” Ramirez said.

That is why we called him “El Rapido”.

The first drug shipment arrived in five planes carrying 4 tons, landing on a runway in Los Mochis, Sinaloa.  Chupeta says “My planes were received by Mexican Federal Police who took the cargo in Suburban’s to the border.

It was almost a 20 year business partnership,  in which 400,000 kilos of Chupeta's cocaine was smuggled into the U.S. by Chapo.

Giving the jurors a visual of the quantities being moved, the jurors were shown just 10 kilos of cocaine,  which filled a massive dog food-sized sack.

Chupeta testifies that he bribed authorities in Colombia to destroy any criminal records naming him, while he was overseeing the Norte del Valle cartel.

The witness explained how they processed cocaine, “We added sulfuric acid, ether, acetone, potassium, gasoline, and other chemicals.”

Voice recognition was used to identify Chupeta.  This because of his altered face, they had to identify him to attain a search warrant.

Below is the transcript of Chupeta's Plea hearing and his plea agreement-click on hyperlink to enlarge


  1. Chapo is getting snitched on just like he snitched on mochomo

    1. Yeah so Chapo sat in court and snitched on mochomo right?

    2. @10:26

      You don't have to be in court to snitch menso.

    3. 8:33 here we go again with the b.s

  2. He went from handsome to looking like a psycho with tweaker eyes.

    1. I would read that book and watch the movie.

    2. I am nominating Matt Damon to play chupeta -he has the before look down...then with hours of make up.....

    3. We could have la chucky play the after look.

  3. Oh man chapós blood pressure is skyrocketing I bet I wonder what El Loco Barrera will say when he takes the stand too. Then again Barrera wanted chapo dead


  4. 400,000 keys over a 20 year span! That’s insane money! Chapo easily moved 10 billion dollars worth of blow over his infamous career. Imagine what MZ numbers look like?!

    1. imagine what Pablos numbers look like

    2. Pablo was in business approximately 15 years...It wasn’t even the leader of the Medellin cartel… That was the Ochoa’s. Try reading John Roberts auto biography, he was one of the original cocaine Cowboys… Or just watch the movie cocaine Cowboys it’s a documentary and it clearly shows the Medellin cartel’s very humble beginning’s end it also shows the Oxhoa’s who were wealthy rancher’s when the cartel began.

      And why oh why are we celebrating some sort of sick competition between drug cartels in how fast and how much they can smuggle—cocaine – spreading misery, pain, and destruction across the world...SMH

      Funny his pilot Martines said they were smuggling 800 tons of night, but if you do the math they did approximally 800 tons over a 20 year period—that’s an incredible discrepancy and seems like Martínez embellished his testimony to the hilt.

      And let me add it seems crazy to me to make a deal with this devil just to get Chapo… I’m not saying I condone any of eithers activities but this guy seems way more evil and ruthless then Chapo.

  5. I always thought this guy was intriguing el chupeta

    1. Me too..his plan to elude capture was something out of a spy novel..the amount of cash he had seized in his famous caletas was incredible

  6. I wonder how chapos kids feel about al this. Once Vicente Zambada testifies how will chapos kids feel about mayo will there be a war between them ?

    1. Maybe chivs should write a story how chapos kids cut the support line and mayos kids gave up information many years ago including trying to turn in there own dad. It’s old news . A direct war with mayo equals a direct war versus the government. Dumasholes tried it and both are in witness protection now.

    2. no creo. que haya guerra. lo que se vive en culiacan las cosas andan calmadas.

    3. Mayo should get wacked from his sons behavior. Just like flores twins dad did. If they want to keep it consistent with their actions

    4. I always said that the only way the government we ended the powerful Sinaloa cartel was to turn it on its self

    5. @4:55 pm

      Kuddos to you buddy

    6. The Sinaloa Cartel is still going playboy, it’s a well greased machine by now, just new players to many people involved for it to stop now. It’s a household name.

    7. 10:25 am..I Dont think too many people can argue your point..

  7. Scary face! If I see that face peeking in my window I will shit bricks or hit the floor and roll out the door 4 sho!

    1. Lmao!! Damn this had me rollin dude is ugly af i doubt the jurors even looked at him

    2. According to statement he made about killing i guess looking at him is literally looking death in the face and it isnt pretty.

  8. Damn I'm going to have nightmares looking at this guy

  9. SMH....they make a deal with this POS to get Chapo???? This is a vulgar display of US Gov corruption. How does a guy like that have any credibility whatsoever??

    1. 10:17. That’s what I was wondering about but I do not feel I understand the USA rules and who can be witness.

    2. Werd brotha the defence should bring all the poor peasants chapo help as witnesses as well cuh

  10. ehm is it me or does he look more of "germanic/austrian" heritage after the surgeries? before he looked mediterrenean/ Spaniard heritage but maybe the Visigoth/vandal genes do still show up in iberian/latin or roman descendants in some way?

  11. One more surgery for breast implants and he will be the most wanted prison inmate! Nothing against homosexuals,just hoping this animal will be used and abused the rest of his days! Death penalty is to good for this guy

  12. He looks like a "melty fire face" perso n that appeared on Opra Winfrey's TV show. He was smoking crack in the basement when the house exploded around him due to a gas leak. Oprah would say "Drugs are bad and don't let this happen to you." Everyone would clap and the guy went home, smoked more crack and died. Look at him - can you blame him?.

  13. Some mistakes are just built to last. - Sol Prendido

  14. And he wasnt 55 in 2007. This information is inaccurate.

  15. The gloves are for an "unknown medical" reason. He surgically removed his finger prints and it can presumed the medical issue surrounds this.

    Another interesting thing with the bodybuilder boyfriend. One of the properties they seized on an island near Brasil (I will try and find the pictures again) had a huge fully equipped gym for his lover.


    1. the fingerprints were not removed. i have a foto of him after his arrest depicting his hands and they are perfect. so it must be something else. he has prostrate issues and has to relieve himself frequently thus all the breaks. but cogan did announce that would happen because of his medical issues.

      can't figure out thae gloves maybe i should look into it...i am curious. and he is always cold, he wore that track style jacket.

    2. When the Colombian were on the hunt for chupeta..that was how they knew they were on his safe houses with gym equipment in it

  16. Quite a character.
    To think the amounts of cocaine that this individual smuggled?

  17. He looks like "Fireman Bill", the character played by Jim Carrey. Look him up, you'll agree.

    1. U rite jim carey
      Best acting ever
      Living colour
      Wow good call

    2. It’s Fire MARSHAL Bill

  18. I think he was going for the Freddy Mercury look lol

  19. Who has watched ....El Cartel de los Pirulito in the series

  20. Chiva updates on el kalia funeral shooting n on what was done to his dead useless body

  21. Prosecution presents new witness.
    Prosecution -- "What is your name?"
    Witness -- "Grumpy 'Gramps' Polimano "
    Prosecution -- "How were you involved with el Chapo?"
    Witness -- "Me and Chapo would walk 5 miles through the snow carrying 20 kilos of pure Colombian cocaine."
    Prosecution -- "How many times did you do this with el Chapo?"
    Witness -- " We did this 50 times in the 80's and 90's"
    Witness -- "Each time we would stop and eat at Freddy's Fish Restaurant. They would serve us on plates and utensils made of 18 and 24 Karat gold." "This was the golden age for us."
    Prosecution -- "Did you ever kill anyone?"
    Witness -- "On orders of el Chapo, I personally killed 20 rats"
    Prosecution -- "Why did you kill on Chapo's behalf?"
    Witness --"He said he would go to Freddy's by himself if I didnt' do as he wanted."
    Judge -- "Your claims are outlandish. What proof do you have to support your statements"
    Witness -- "I am the prosecution's cooperative witness. What more proof do you need!"

  22. "Let me tell you something" Fireman Bill

    1. @8:00a.m! Its"fire marshall bill"that jim carrey played on a show called"in living color"! I used to watch it every week! Funny shit!

    2. that was the best show... "I wrote a little song about it, wanna hear it?....goes like this,,," then repeats the same damn melody for the 100th time. RIP Homey the clown..

      fireman bill ... that is when carrey was REALLY funny. and JLO...when she was a chubby dancer....those were such funny, funny moments. ..
      Two snaps and a circle..."

    3. @chivis! LMAO!rosie perez was a flygirl too! That show is what put jim carrey on the map!"i dont think so!homey dont play that"!😂😂

  23. BB followers: two of you have written in that he was with a wife when arrested. One sent a link to a UK article. I am not sure, but his homosexual lover of many years wrote a book about chupetas betrayal. both of these scenarios could be true. one can be married and live on the down low. rather than having this as a distraction from the real story i took the reference out not wanting this thread to become a gay thread. I was deleting some disgusting comments anyway. I am very disappointed by a few of you.

    1. Chivis, those people are ignorant. They get offended becuse a drugloard cannot be gay becuse that’s what they look up to. If they only knew that 90% of these heroes of them have had sexual contact with the same sex at least ones in there criminal career.

      Tell me if I’m wrong: these guys have so much money they can have any woman they want years and years of this it gets old. There’s this thing called “fantasy” and people with money can make this happen gay or not just for the experience after so many females. People with a lot of money do the craziest things ever. Believe me or not. True story


    2. Well stated M”

  24. Damn did he and"la chucky"share the same plastic surgeon? Dr frankenstein!😂

  25. He went from iberian/roman or Spanish looking to germanic /austrian. Wonder if it's because of the Visigothic/vandal genes that are hidden in most Spaniard descendants.

  26. Does anyone know how many years did he served in prison or whether he still incarcerated??

    1. i meant to include; He surrendered in Colombia in 1996 and sentenced to 24 years. He only served 7 years when released in 2002. He was free for 5 years when arrested in Brasil in 2007. it is now posted with the article

    2. Is he incarcerated or out on supervision..

  27. His face so scared from too much
    He takes pills to stabilize
    And from contacting disease

    You can have facelift
    You cant reshape bones mass
    You get older facial features
    Wanna correct itself
    So it stretch back in God formation
    Face to tight
    Blood circulation
    Jamaican say


  28. Telling you
    Here borderland
    We all come here
    Info amazing
    We have eh little joke
    Dont get too serious
    Yes sometime i.get piss off for mexican people
    This guy this guy, this guy
    History is fuck up
    Dr mengele of columbia. I READ
    Place like borderland
    For columbia.
    Brazil crimelords
    Favela justice

    Columbians brought hardcore style to mexico
    Brutality..he was nasty
    He started young
    Paranoid kill kill joystick
    Take a look at new york socialite millionaireSS who stretch her face beyond his
    Jocelyn wildenstein

  29. Gloves to compress
    He try to remove finger prints
    He surgery was not by reputable respectable
    Those cheeks
    Implants hurts
    He will have shellshock look for life
    He got scalped
    Big lie
    Take over 20 surgeries
    To accomplish that look
    Plus he went back to over correct ..was most likely told you cant anymore
    Threats n cash rules
    Implants not soft material
    It hurts
    Take over 20 pills per day
    Fuckin skeletor

  30. The u.s government should be embarrassed and ashamed making deals with people like this just to lock up 1 man!!! This guy was worse then chapo and he gets a deal!! Why?!?! All these evil people that will or have been released from prison just to get chapo!?! Who really wins here? By far the biggest case of overkill I've ever heard of!!

    1. Yes this guy killed an entire family because of he is here ratting

    2. The AG, and Judge should be charged with aiding and abetting mass murderer, and drug trafficking, for ever even offering this guy any deal at all. Guys like this need to be locked up and tortured daily....and make sure they do at least 30 yrs then execute them.

  31. And he probably got his face fckd up by inhaling cocaine when in recovery
    And a bacteria cause botulism in some way and a fungus mess his bone structure
    But again
    This is what happens when you get a mayor surgery and consume cocaine rigth away
    He looks like those transvestis from mexico all operados but fuvkd up

  32. @10:17 & 9:44 who do you expect to be doing business with druglords bakers and shoemakers? When u choose the outlaw life there are zero rules you get caught now you want rules?

  33. He did all that surgery to his face to make himself unrecognizable and he still got caught!!

  34. Even with Surgery, and $60 million in cash this guy wasn't smart enough to stay hidden, I would of taken that money to Cuba and live free, knowing that the Cuban government will wipe their ass with any request for extradition from America.

  35. The first drug shipment arrived in five planes carrying 4 tons, landing on a runway in Los Mochis, Sinaloa. Chupeta says “My planes were received by Mexican Federal Police who took the cargo in Suburban’s to the border.

    True Capos of the Mexican Narcos – the federales

  36. I am new to BB and find it most interesting. Can someone tell me what kind of deal this cretin got for ratting?


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