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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Destroyed: 12 Tons of Drugs, Arms and Slot Machines

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Sol

By:Uriel Saucedo

Tijuana.- The Attorney General's Office (PGR) carried out a ceremony to destroy firearms, drugs and slot machines at the facilities of the 2nd Military Zone.

The delegate of the PGR, Victorino Porcayo, reported that eight tons of marijuana, two tons of methamphetamine, as well as heroin and other narcotics such as clonazepam, of which he did not specify quantities, were destroyed as well as the destruction of 59 slot machines.

On the subject of slot machines, he indicated that they are waiting to transfer 110 more machines. He stressed that it is a phenomenon that has arisen in the tables of coordination and in the tables of citizen security committees, since it is a complex situation, which has led to debates between the municipal and federal authorities about who would have to address the issue.

However, he explained that it is mainly a matter of the permits that the municipality provides so that businesses can have this type of machinery in their facilities. Regarding his work, he explained that they act when they observe this type of irregularities in business based on the complaints that citizens make by coming to the place with the necessary search warrant.

He asserted that machines alone are not illegal; what is illegal is the operation of the same, and those who provide such permits is the Ministry of the Interior, through the Directorate of Draws and Games.

During the event, he highlighted that, between June and October of this year, at the national level, (ie the country as a whole) more than 10,000 firearms were destroyed, just over 114 tons of narcotics in its solid form and 25,500 liters in its liquid form. More than 1,100 slot machines destroyed.


  1. Chivis the guns could have been donated to people to protect, thier neighborhood of low life killer hoolums, but instead they destroy the weapons, no future for innocent people to defend themselves.

    1. The government of Mexico, does not want compensinos to have weapons to defend themselves, as cartels work together with the government.

  2. Any of thoses slot machines belong to hank!

    1. In TJ everything belongs to Hank!

  3. Lol is all grass. Where's the meth and heroin ?

  4. Every aspect of life in Mexico is a gamble, even everyday things like crossing the street. Some odds are better than others

  5. Bunch of party poopers! Lol what kind of sick bastards burn 8 tons of grass

  6. That’s Hank making sure that Caliente gets all the gambling proceeds. You want a slot machine better go to Caliente.


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