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Friday, November 23, 2018

Captured: “ El Marro”, Head of a "Los Rojos" Plaza

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso

Oscar David, N:   NOT the "other" El Marro 
Cuernavaca, Morelos:  The Attorney General of Justice of Morelos reported the arrest of an alleged head of the criminal group known as "Los Rojos", with influence in the municipalities of the south west of the entity, considered a "focus red" zone  because of the actions  of organized crime, particularly from the group led by Santiago Mazari Miranda or Mazari Hernández, alias "El Carrete" .

According to the unit,  from an operation involving elements of the Single Command, from the Office of the Prosecutor  and  the Mexican Army,  arrested Óscar David, N,  "El Marro" , who was in charge of the crinimal organization in the Municipalities of  : Amacuzac,  Mazatepec,  Miacatlán,  Puente de Ixtla and Tetecala, the plaza controlled by "El Carrete".

In that region, "El Marro" was in charge of the distribution of drugs, in addition to leading the group of hitmen that carried out the executions, as well as charging the "piso" , ie extortionist fees, to merchants and businessmen in the region. The investigative police officers were able to identify an address, which was searched and found to function as their center of operations.

From there, his arrest was achieved along with the confiscation of 94 doses of  crystal meth, 64 packages of marijuana, two 25 and 32 caliber firearms, respectively, as well as various useful cartridges.

The wife of "El Marro"  , Azalia, 37 years old, was also arrested at the scene . It should be noted that this woman worked as secretary of the agent of the Public Ministry in Tetecala, Morelos.

Óscar David , "El Marro", was once held in the Morelos Social Rehabilitation Center, located in the town of Atlacholoaya, in 2005 for crimes against health and violation of the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives.


  1. Yaqui, so there are 3 Marros? The Guy in Jalisco, the guy in Guanajuato, And this guy?

    1. Copy Cat handles ? I know.......confusing , huh ?
      How many Panteras are there ?
      Remember my POP QUIZ joke on the TJ cells Post ? I , myself, would FAIL.

    2. Even one of my friends calls herself Pantera...sheesh

      Canadian girl

    3. Sure you didn't mean "cougar"?

  2. Excellent but unfortunately, when he gets the bribe paid, he will be let out.

  3. Looks like a straight wino tweaker.

  4. It is Morelos. I don't think there is a CV in Morelia, Morelia being a city and all....

    1. Exactly, was just going to point that out, you beat me to it.


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