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Friday, November 2, 2018

Banner condemns El Güero of Cártel Nueva Generación de Tepito

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat-from Reforma-

Federal authorities are looking for Hugo Pérez Díaz, 'El Güero Karmenta', 'El Güero Loco' or 'La Comadreja', considered leader of the New Generacion Tepito Cartel (CNGT) and against whom a banner  appeared Thursday.

The banner with warnings to capital and federal authorities was left this morning in the Mayor's Office of Coyoacán.

According to the first police reports, the multi-meter-long banner was placed on a vehicular bridge over Calzada Taxqueña towards Oriente, with Cerro de las Torres, in Colonia Campestre Churubusco.

The message, allegedly prepared by merchants from the Barrio Bravo, indicates extortions to tenants, executions of police elements and personal data of alleged narcomenudistas.

 Banner text translated by Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat
TO ALL AUTHORITIES:Federal authorities are looking for Hugo Perez Diaz, El Guero Loco ( The crazy light skinned one), or La Comadreja. So called leader of Cartel Nueva Generación Tepito (CNGT) and against who appeared a manta. All locals from the neighborhood Morelos and Tepito are fed up with the extortionists of Cartel Nueva Generación Tepito. Led by Hugo Perez Diaz who has the following aliases, El Guero Karmenta, El Guero Loco and La Comadreja. Who even has the luxury of having (unintelligible). 
Like Betito (unintelligible) who hasn’t been caught because they don’t know his real identity. In his most recent crimes in the last 6 months he has ordered killed 3 cops investigating him. The last one Miguel Ángel Huerta Trejo. He had him killed by backstabbing him in delegation Azcapotzalco while simulating an assault on an account holder this past 20th of September 2018. On Avenue Las Granjas (The Farms). As well as the commander of SSP.CDMX (Secretaria de Seguridad Publica Ciudad Mexico) Gerardo Villanueva Meneses. As well as Gerardo Osiris Oropeza. Who he bragged of having tortured and burned alive. He filmed their torture and deaths as proof as to what he’s capable of doing if his cuatas are not met, buy his drugs or if any cop bothers him.
So that you can all see that all cops bend over for him. We can only imagine how things will go for us. 
We have warned you of everything, we have sent videos, we have given information of cops involved. And the government keeps on not giving a fuck. 
SSP.CDMX, PGJ.CDMX (Procuraduria General de Justicia de la Cuidad de Mexico) and PGR (Procudaria General de Justicia) are said to be partners of Erick Valencia Salazar El 85. This delinquent also claims to be the “King of Crystal”. 
And that he supplied drugs to Pistache for his own profit (or did not PDI or federal agents not know this?). It is well known in Bosques de la Loma that they are protected by those who patrol the zone, the Bancaria police 
We have every right to work honorably. We don’t snitch. (unintelligible) it affects our merchants. So the clients stopped coming around. We only ask for what’s right. Otherwise we will have to defend ourselves. So far we have avoided problems. Even putting up with illegal activities. But enough is enough! Act accordingly or everything will go to shit. 
In this regard, the Attorney General of the capital informed that a folder of investigation was initiated and its origin is investigated, as well as to the persons indicated in the message. 
"An investigation was started, Public Security made it available, we are doing content analysis, there are no graphic elements because it is a printed text, we are already checking the data that appears it is by Metro merchants. This is how it is stated in the blanket.

"The content says that merchants from the center and from Tepito are the ones who put that text. We are checking the people, the names that appear, we do not have two of them in the database,  but it has nothing to do with the facts related to the topic regarding  a criminal group ".


  1. Well guess the Merchants snitched on the criminals that were helping take their livelihoods away from them.Are the criminals now going to murder the lot of them?My point is this is getting so out of hand and out of control!Can it get any worse?

  2. el cartel de los sapos cjng ?? poner el dedo para quedarse con el negocio porque a ingasos no podían jejeje

  3. People actually thought el 85 would actually betray El Mencho i guess El Mencho sent el 85 to clean cdmx like he did in Veracruz

  4. Pero ponieron su mantita.

  5. What else can they do ? If they have the balls they need to start disappearing people,im sorry but when your life,family,livelihood is in real danger from rats like these.
    They shouldn't have said nothing and start to pick them up and disappear them.It is wrong and your behaving like them but there simply is no other alternative ? So much for Eric Valencia going off the radar,who believed that ?


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