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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Armed carjacking of a truck in Reynosa on video

Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat


  1. Driving a BMW,Audi,Land rover's or a Mercedes in certain US cities is an invitation to get jacked. Mexico is notorious for jacking pickups with crew-cabs.

  2. Any legal minds out there? What could a person legally do in a situation like this? If it was me I’d just walk away and file a claim. But I’m curious to know what can actually be done. - Sol Prendido

  3. Ahhh Mexico Criminals Paradise

  4. CDG needs some trucks

  5. They got out all nonchalantly like it ain't no biggie. Must be used to shit like that.

  6. Yes of course in Mexico, they steal trucks, that's the cartels favorite, to comite crime with it. I would have put 3 bullets on the first one, and would have to be quick, on the one in red car. Would I have sampathy, for killing them no.

    1. Agreed. Sometimes these lacras find the wrong guy, it happens more often than you think.

      El Cabrón De Tamaulipas

  7. I got my 2017 cheyenne tooken from me in michoacan. I just did as they said they took everything from my person. Which by me was ok as long as they didnt take me. I thought it was going to be a kidnap. I thanked god that night i was ok. Crazy thing is 4 months later i got it back since i put a report on it. Grasias alos militares!


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