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Thursday, November 22, 2018

3 Dismembered Bodies Found in Tutiltlán, State of Mexico

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso

                                          The manta is signed by: Vigilant Neighbor

Thanks to Sol Prendido for the Translation of the manta left with the bodies !

Manta Reads : This happened to them for extorting the humble people who earned their money honestly. Mathew and Francisco of the 8 you’re both next. And everyone who walks with you. Sincerely, Vigilant Neighbor - 

Mexico City:  The dismembered bodies of three people were deposited in bags and left with a narco-manta, in Colonia San Pablo Farms , in the eastern area of ​​the municipality of Tultitlán, State of Mexico.

Around 23:20 hours last night, Wednesday, Nov 21, residents alerted the police about people who were traveling in two vans and then left the bags on Avenida Crisantemos, Colonia San Pablo Farms.

When arriving at the place, state police found seven bags tied with cinnamon tape and containing the human remains. Municipal policemen arrived and  guarded the bags until the agents arrived from the Public Ministry who ordered the removal of the remains.

According to the first reports, the remains found corresponded to three people, apparently of a man and two women, which will be specified once the expert examinations are carried out.

Municipal and state authorities locate the eastern area of ​​Tultitlán as a "red light" , ie high risk area, due to the presence of organized crime groups.


  1. CDS cleaning up? Or Indy families?

  2. Any info what the manta says?

    1. Sol ?
      I cannot read the damn thing.

    2. Esto les pasa por hestar estorsionando a la gente humilde que se gana su dinero honestamente sigues tu MANITAS y Francisco (de la 8) todos los que andan con hustedes.

      Ate vesino vijilante.


    3. This happens to them for being extorting the humble people Who earn they money honestly you are next LITTLE HANDS y Francisco (of the 8) and everyone who walks with you

      Atte vigilant neighbourgh.

  3. Homicides just keep arriving everyday, soon cameras will have to be installed. Brazil has cameras everywhere to catch the crime.

    1. Yup catching the crime on video ,but catching the thugs is something else. Plus in mexico they let them go after a week or so.


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