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Monday, October 1, 2018

Veracruz: 3 Young Men Found Tortured, Murdered and Thrown on Highway

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso

Xalapa, Veracruz:  The corpses of three young people were thrown onto the highway near Plan del Río, in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata, outside the area of ​​the state capital.

The bodies of the young men, between 20 and 27 years old - still unidentified - wore only the underwear, one was gagged and the three had obvious marks of torture and beatings.

The finding caused the mobilization of federal forces and elements of the Ministerial Police and Forensic Medical Service, who set up a security perimeter in the region.

Just last weekend, three other bodies were thrown into the community of Piletas. Among them was identified the choreographer Jorge Rubén Morales Luna. The other two are still unidentified.
NOTE: Extremely Graphic photos next page.

With the national attention placed on Veracruz by the forced disappearance of five young people on Monday, January 11, heading to Playa Vicente, in the municipality of Tierra Blanca,   the State Attorney General  (FGE)  Luis Ángel Bravo assured that there is no similarity or relationship of that case with that of the corpses found in Plan del Río.

Only a few weeks ago in September,  3 dead bodies were found tortured and thrown on a street in the tourist zone and 3 other disarticulated bodies were found abandoned in Colonia Rafael Diaz Serdan in the Municipality of Veracruz. Their heads were found on a nearby car with a message. 3 more people were drug out of a house, all members of one family,  in the Municipality of Coxquihui while the armed commando shot their weapons into the air to terrorize the neighborhood. One of the kidknapped was found dead a few hours later while the other two remain as disappeared status.

The official said that in the next hours there would be "concrete news" about the disappeared young people in the municipality of Tierra Blanca, ie the incident from January.

Interviewed at the Bosques del Recuerdo funeral home -where he went to give his condolences to the families of two ministerial police officers ambushed by a commando last Monday in the municipality of Sayula de Alemán-, Luis Bravo Contreras said that on that case there are already "proceedings" in "several points" of Veracruz and Oaxaca.

He added that the Attorney General's Office (PGR) and the Prosecutor's Office will offer results "in the next few hours."


  1. Surely not CJNG again?Who knows,but remember what they did in Boca,they really need to get the figurehead Mencho,not saying it will end them but Lazca being killed dealt a huge blow to the mugroso..

  2. El mencho is a d-bag. The CJNG are a bunch of teenage call of duty wanna be losers. Sorry mencho your days are numbered my friend. No matter how much money you have constantly looking over your shoulder for CIA operatives (trying to kill you) is not my idea of a good life.

    1. Great you forgot to mention, the BSF and the Yakuza, are looking for Mencho too.

    2. If the CIA was looking for Mencho he would have been dead by now. EPN is protecting him for some reason..they know the CJNG leadership is in Zapopan yet they do nothing. The Mex is guilty just as much as Mencho. This has got to stop.

    3. Cjng just getting started

    4. As long as Mencho isn't messing any Americans, he will remain protected, Remember Chapo got caught because he was trying to expand into Asian, and the U.S. Government didn't like that.

    5. 2:48 shut up fan boy cjng has been there for years but hasnt been able to defeat the remmanents of the Zs haha...

  3. Tourists zone? Really? Who in their right mind visits mexico now days? Now we just visit relatives and drive right back.

    1. Who? Despite the violence Mexico is still a top tourist destination. You know who else still visits? YOU you just said so yourself.

  4. It's great they mobilized a perimeter, but rather late on it, the lowlife criminals got away. Should be like Brazil, shoot criminals on the spot.

  5. Lazca lasted eight year as cartrl leader since he was elected in 2004 by osiel after Z2 arrest... now its turn for mencho


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