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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tijuana: More and More Human Remains Found / Video

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: AFN

The skeletal remains of several people were located in the last 24 hours, at different points of the Villas del Campo and Parajes Del Valle neighborhoods, in the Eastern Zone of Tijuana.

The last discovery occurred yesterday afternoon, when a woman, accompanied by relatives, located half-buried the body of a person, thanks to the remains of a pair of pants.

The Attorney General's Office of the State (PGJE) confirmed that it was due to relatives of the disappeared finding the remains and  that it was video recorded and photographed by them. A few hours after the discovery of the skeletal remains, the video went viral on social networks.

             It was later reported that in other sites in the same area more human remains were found.

The PGJE sent a group of Expert Services to collect the bones and clothes in order to start with the corresponding investigations for these alleged homicides.

By: Uriel Saucedo/El Sol
Tijuana.- Four sacks were left on Calle del Valle in the Colonia Los Laureles, inside which human remains were found, as well as a cardboard with a narco message. No details of what the message said were released.

                      Sacks on the curb contain human remains between the two police vehicles

Experts from the Attorney General's Office of the State (PGJE) were present in the place collecting evidence for the corresponding investigation folder; because of the state in which the human remains were found, it was not possible to specify if it was more than one person. Regarding the message, no more information about its content was provided.

Likewise, it was reported that a man was found dead on Socrates Street in the Camino Verde neighborhood after he was shot by a couple of individuals traveling aboard a white pick-up truck, who fled to an unknown destination.

It was also reported that sometime during Sunday night a male person named Erick Cruz García, 27 years old, was killed by a shot in the head with a .9 mm caliber firearm; his body was found on public roads in Las Hojas street in the Praderas de la Mesa neighborhood.

It was also indicated that Celedón Gutiérrez Raudel, 28, had been declared lifeless in the General Hospital, who had admitted presenting injuries caused by a firearm; however, even though he received medical attention, he did not survive.

In addition, the finding of a charred body that was left on the public road on the side of the building which houses the  newspaper Periódico Diario of the Colonia Francisco Zarcos was reported. Due to the conditions in which the body was found, it was not possible to confirm his age or sex.

In another incidentt, a woman between 45 and 50 years was deprived of life; and her body, left inside a doorway, which adjoins the Manhattan Hotel located on Coahuila Street in the Colonia Zona Norte neighborhood.

A second woman was found dead in a neighborhood road of the Realito neighborhood. She could not be identified, but she is believed to be between 25 and 30 years old; her body had several impacts made with a firearm.

In addition to the aforementioned victims, a man between 35 and 40 years of age was found without life lying on the street in José Clemente Orozco street in Colonia Nueva Tijuana.

By: José Luis Camarillo /Unimexicali
Four people were murdered and several skeletal remains were located within the last 24 hours that passed in the city of Tijuana. Two women among the victims.

A subject of approximately 40 years of age was found dead in José Clemente Orozco street, corner of Baltazar street, Colonia Nueva Tijuana.  The cause of death of the man is unknown.

A woman was killed after being shot in the head in Camino Vecinal, Colonia Realito. The woman was estimated to be 25-30 years old, however, no further information about the event was released.

In a vacant lot of the private Loro, Villa del Campo subdivision several bone remains were located in the surroundings. When investigating the case, a skull with jaw was found in the indicated point.


  1. I Remember as a kid finding died Dogs in empty lots. In Mexico Kids find Died people in empty lots. Thank good i was born on the right side of the imaginary line so that my kids don't have to find Jose in the dirt...

    1. @3:51 lol.. I get your point , but man..

    2. "Died"dogs now thats a New one lol

  2. A bullet to the dome.

  3. Anything and everything goes in Mexico. If I had my way, would have a spotter,tell me of criminals, from a distance, shoot me sniper rifle, and hit on first shot, would I feel guilt, for taking a, after all they take out lives on daily basis, including innocent people.

    El Marillo

  4. Mencho lovers always assuming these are cjng victims cleaning the plaza..


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