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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Sunday in Tijuana: 8 dead, including one calcinated and another decapitated, add 143 murdered in October

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Zeta Tijuana-thank you Neal

Sunday......So far in October, 143 people have been deprived of life in Tijuana. Eight people dead in the last hours swell the statistic.

Around 10:20 am on Sunday, October 21, a man identified as Edgar del Angel Loera, 41 years old, was shot to death when he was on Arroyo Verde Avenue and Arroyo Seco in the Hacienda Las Delicias section. . At the scene of the crime, a bullet and two 9mm casings were located.

Two hours later in the same Hacienda Las Delicias subdivision, but now in Arroyo Mirador Privada Ulmarias street, two unidentified men between 25 and 30 years old were shot dead. Three caliber .230 shells and one bullet, were seized by experts.

In the General Hospital of Tijuana, he died as a result of gunshot wounds to the thorax and abdomen, Alfredo Cruz Estrada, 44 years old. The victim had entered the hospital on October 4.

In Urbi Villa del Prado, second section, the decapitated body of a male was found. The victim was found in a brown armchair, wrapped in a blue canvas, multiple fragments of adhesive tape and two plastic bags.

Óscar Hernández Aguilar, 40, was deprived of his life by gunfire when he was on Paraíso Azteca Avenue in Colonia Valle Bonito. In the armed attack another person was injured in the femur. In the scene a panel-type vehicle and a bullet were located.

At dawn on Monday, October 22, the burned body of a person was found in Rancho Tijuana street in the Villas de Baja California subdivision.

Finally in the colony Valle Redondo 100 meters from a galvanizing company was located the lifeless body of a male.


  1. Hell not safe to go eat tacos in Tijuana.

  2. CAF cleaning house

    1. Sounds like Arellano still in control

    2. 12:13 5:56 lmao thanks for the joke

  3. They are making a remake of the movie Halloween,,,this is the reality version....


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