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Monday, October 22, 2018

Protesters Burn Patrol Units in Jerécuaro, GTO

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Riodoce

                                     Protesters  burn patrol units in Jerécuaro, Guanajuato
October 21, 2018
Alleged protesters arrived on Saturday afternoon at the square in the center of the city of Jerécuaro, in Guanajuato, with cardboard sign demanding the withdrawal of the single police command of the area, and burned a motorcycle and a patrol unit of the Public Security forces of the area ie: State and Municipal Transit Police.

Those involved said they were originally from Apaseo el Grande and that someone had paid them up to 2, 500 Pesos for going to "relax the armaments " in Jerécuaro. At least six of the alleged protesters were arrested when they left Jerécuaro on a bus, Apro reported.

They arrived with posters  that said "Out with the bad government" and "Out with the Single Command" and "Enough with a Corrupt Government".

Unofficially it was pointed out that they could have been sent by criminal groups operating in the region. There has been much tension in the region for months because of the Huachicoleo activities, ie: fuel theft. In late Sept. after confrontations between federal police and alleged huachicoleros, armed individuals set fire to vehicles and blocked the Querétaro-Celaya highway, at the height of Apaseo El Alto and Apaseo El Grande, in the municipality of Jerécuaro, in the state of Guanajuato.

The group arrived around 5:00 p.m. until the plaza, between Juarez and Aguilar and Maya streets; They started screaming, took out the cards and burned the units.

Bomberos de Coroneo  (Firefighters) went to this neighboring municipality to put out the fire. The personnel of the single control requested aid to the security elements of Acámbaro, Tarandacuao, the Apaseos and Tarimoro.


  1. Cry babies from cjng do this every time they feel the heat, hard to beleive what these puppets are willing to do for a few hundred pesos....

  2. Who is Who? Good guys bad guys. Surely the people burning police vehicles are the bad guys? Why wouldn't the bad guys take that vehicle repaint it their own colors and use it in their good cause. What a waste of a fine piece of equipment, duh, morons.

    1. Dum people being paid few pesos by bad hombres to do this most likely cjng they have done this before specially in jalisco michoacan when one of theirs is arrested or marina is hitting hard...n then these same waste of human will go crying to authorities about unsecurity...

    2. They were alleged protesters, not car thieves.

  3. I actually believe in that logic also lol

  4. GTA more than GTO

    El Cabrón De Tamaulipas


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