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Sunday, October 28, 2018

PGR Sonora and Tamps: More Drugs Go Up in Smoke

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: La Verdad

                                                  Drugs destroyed in Sonora

Staff of the Attorney General's Office (PGR), attached to the State Delegation in Sonora, in coordination with elements of the National Defense Secretariat  (SEDENA)  and the State Public Security Police, destroyed more than a ton and a half of narcotics; the incineration event took place at a station near the city of  Hermosillo, Sonora.

More than a ton and a half of drugs of a variety of drugs were destroyed:

928 kilos 280 grams were destroyed 200 milligrams of marijuana;
679 kilos 413 grams 200 milligrams of methamphetamine 
15 kilos 606 grams 900 milligrams of heroin 
eight kilos 819 grams 200 milligrams of cocaine 
six kilos 979 grams of fentanyl. 
1, 860 units of 3,4 methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDEA) were also destroyed
38 grams 800 milligrams of marijuana seed.

For those unfamiliar with 3,4 MDEA:
3,4-Methylenedioxy-N-ethylamphetamine ,"MDEA"; also called "MDE", is an empathogenic psychoactive drug. MDEA is a substituted amphetamine and a substituted methylenedioxyphenethylamine.
 MDEA acts as a serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine releasing agent and reuptake inhibitor. It is illegal in most countries and is used on its own, similar to Ecstasy but more usually added to it to make it the Ecstasy more potent or longer lasting. Used alone it produces similar effects to Ecstasy but milder and shorter lasting. Chemically similar to MDMA.

The incinerated narcotics were related to 33 investigation files and two preliminary investigations for the probable commission of crimes against health, in its different modalities.

The drug was secured in several operations carried out in the state of Sonora by the PGR, SEDENA, State Public Security Police, Federal Police, Secretariat of the Navy Navy of Mexico (SEMAR), State Investigative Police and Municipal Police.

The Deputy Attorney General for Regional Control, Criminal Procedures and Amparo (SCRPPA), through its State Delegation in Sonora, ordered the destruction of the drugs, under the supervision of the personnel of the Internal Control Body, which verified the quantity, the weight of the drug and accredited the legality of the incineration. 

                                     They burn more than 2 tons of narcotics in Tamaulipas

The ministerial proceedings complied with the Narcotics Destruction Program and the provisions of the National Code of Criminal Procedures.

The agent of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Attorney General's Office (PGR), attached to the State Delegation in Tamaulipas, carried out the destruction of more than two tons of narcotics in Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa and Ciudad Victoria, related to various preliminary investigations and research folders.

In the first event, which took place in the city of Nuevo Laredo, at a station located on the Rivereña Nuevo Laredo-Reynosa Highway, 194 kilos 707 grams 100 milligrams of marijuana were destroyed; 12 units of clobenzorex; and one gram 500 milligrams of cocaine hydrochloride.

Later, in a hunting and shooting club located on the Reynosa-San Fernando highway, in the city of Reynosa, a ton was incinerated: 866 kilos 589 grams 900 milligrams of marijuana; 112 kilos 628 grams 500 milligrams of cocaine hydrochloride; and 11 kilos, 513 grams, 400 milligrams of methamphetamine.

In the third event, carried out in the facilities of the Secretariat of National Defense in Ciudad Victoria, 22 kilos 60 grams of marijuana were incinerated; 27 kilos 480 grams of cocaine; and one kilogram 996 grams of heroin.


  1. Sure.. and I still believe in the tooth fairy lol "the war on drugs is a joke"

    1. They are making a dent, did you not see the tons of drugs burnt. Dumb comment 316.

    2. @7:48 are you fucken high? Legalizing it frees the market. Look at spain all drugs are legal there. The dumbest people will take drugs and die sooner than later. Its called Darwins Theory. Enough is enough. Mexico can then arrest all criminals doing wrong. Education and opportunity has too come as well. Mexico needs a new direction

    3. @7:48... yeah murder and drug use/distribution are equally punishable .. get out of here with your outdated 1960's mentality that drugs are equivalent to Satan.. you are the idiot that keeps thinking that this 60yr old war can be won.. if anything legalizing drugs would help curb the murders caused by organized crime.. because guess what... you legalize drugs and there is NO organized crime... so why would I kill you for selling drugs when drugs can be purchased legally.. you should quit commenting on this site since you're probably too busy drooling over Trump.. imbecile

    4. I had three of four members of a family killed by a stoned driver. They WERE my friends. Drugs are a laugh a minute until they kill you, your family or your friends. The accident occurred on Mex 19 in BCS. Proof? Try a baggie of speed and a couple of discarded needles. Insurance? One small girl was in danger of becoming an orphan until a tia in Tecate came to La Paz and claimed her. Too many addicts have absolutely no control. Claims of alcohol is just-as-bad vanish when hallucinations and paranoia enter the picture.

    5. @8:19 While I agree that Legalization would certainly HELP the situation and the WOD is a complete failure I have to disagree with you on your theory of Legal Drugs = NO organized Crime. Organized Crime, DTO’s are and have transnational businesses; their hands in every piece of the pie.

  2. No drugs ever seized in Chihuahua

    1. not too long ago they incinerated over 30 tons in Chihuas!

  3. Only a little under 9 keys of coke.Thats odd. All that Reggie looks old too except for those 2 nice blocks in the top right corner. Lol

  4. Most drugs seized are sold back to a rivals or whomever they we're seized from. A small amount is kept for dog n pny shows like this.

    1. I did not see ponye, but sure saw drugs up in smoke.

    2. Elgranderio is right— unless things have changed dramatically from that 70s 80s and 90s all of these alleged drug burnings are merely propaganda from the Mexican government. I know there might be a few segments of law enforcement in Mexico that aren’t corrupt but they are few and outnumbered. Drugs are currency in Mexico and the corrupt would never burn them when they have the chance to make some money.

      As long as there is money and profit in drug trafficking it will continue. We must find a way to end the massive failure called the war on drugs, good to tempt other solutions one thing is clear from this massive failure treating a social problem preferably imputatively does not work the psychology of such an approach is flawed.

  5. There was a big stunt in the 90s where they supposedly burned 10 tons of blow. The truth is it was mostly wood and combustibles, while the real blow that got picked up went back to Amado.


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