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Monday, October 22, 2018

NarcoMenudeo Tláhuac: 28 People Arrested w Drugs and Arms

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior

Extra Material from : El Razon

A group of 26 men and 2 women were arrested in possession of firearms and marijuana in the streets of San Francisco Tlaltenco in the city of Tláhuac.

According to the reports, the emergency staff was dispatched after receiving an anonymous report and  they were alerted about the presence of a group of heavily armed people, who after being monitored through the security cameras that were located.

The monitors observed that one of the members of the group was carrying a weapon at the waist.

The agents were accompanied by a swat team who entered the area of ​​the neighborhood to arrest those involved; they were found  with a shotgun, four pistols and bags with dried vegetable matter,  apparently marijuana.

The affected party indicated that the detainees came to invade their property. It should be noted that during the police mobilization they were supported by a helicopter of the Condor Group which flew over the site. The team of 28 narco -menudistas were apparently in the back yard of the property.

The Attorney General's Office of Mexico City reported that it is investigating 26 men and two women, detained at around 1:00 p.m. in the town of San Francisco Tlaltenco.

After the arrests of the implicated and confiscation of the weapons and drugs  the agents of the Public Ministry initiated an investigation for the crimes of against the health, in its modality of narcomenudeo, carrying of firearms and will carry out the investigations to determine the legality of the  situation .

Narcomenudeo hits Tláhuac and climbs 689%,  Citizen National Observatory: CJNG's Warehouses:

On May 29, La Razón announced that the Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel used the Tláhuac delegation as a warehouse for narcotics after 270 kilos of cocaine were discovered in a house in that district. ( Use BB Search Engine for our Posts on that)

Details that CDMX is located in the 10th place of 32 in sale of drugs; the Iztapalapa delegation has the largest number of open folders with 249.

Drug dealing in the City of Mexico increased 120 percent in the second quarter of 2018 compared to the same period of 2017, with the Tláhuac delegation led by rising 1,689 percent. (Yes, Read that figure again).

Data from the National Citizens Observatory indicate that the capital is located in the 10th place of the 32 entities in the national ranking of narco-menudeo; however, the second quarter of 2018 was the period with the highest rate of drug dealing since it was registered in 2015.

Francisco Rivas, director of the Observatory, informed in press conference that Iztapalapa is the demarcation that concentrates the greater number of folders of investigation, with 249.

"Drug dealing is a crime that worries us deeply; where the drug trade begins to take root, the other crimes grow.

"Mexico City has pointed out many times that there are no drug cartels here, they have referred to gangs, but to me it seems a semantic, useless and sterile discussion; What we can not allow is that there are these bands that continue to affect society, "he said.

Rivas commented that there are new proposals from the incoming government, but pointed out that these should be accompanied by other policies so that they can achieve a reduction in crime.

Regarding intentional homicide, the list is headed by the Iztacalco delegation with an increase of 303.7 percent; followed by Tlalpan with a 6.8 percent increase and Iztapalapa with 32.4 percent; However, the latter is the one with the largest number of research files, with 82.

The delegations that registered lower rates for this crime are Miguel Hidalgo with a decrease of 62.4 percent; Cuajimalpa de Morelos with 50 percent and Benito Juárez with 49.8 percent.

During the second quarter of 2018, 2,464 investigative folders were reported for vehicle theft at the Attorney General's Office of Mexico City and although it is below the national average (39.33 percent) with one figure of 28.04 percent and with a decrease of 10.2 percent with respect to the same period, but in 2017, the delegation Milpa Alta, led by Morena, registered an increase of 44.7 percent.

Likewise, the demarcation with the highest average incidence rate is Azcapotzalco with 45.93 percent.

In addition, Iztapalapa is again the town with the highest number of complaints, with 581.

In other areas, kidnapping fell by 36 percent with only 12 victims.

"We think it is extremely positive, because the Attorney General's Office has gained a space of confidence in the fight against kidnapping.

"Apart from the increase in the number of cases attended and the decrease in crime, it means that it is doing well. But we must replicate it, especially in robberies with violence and particularly homicide and drug dealing, "said Francisco Rivas.

The robbery of  house/room increased in Milpa Alta in 99.6 percent and the 205 investigation folders were registered again in Iztapalapa.

" It seems that in the country and in Mexico City we continue to break negative records and this time the homicide this quarter exceeds all the quarters "

Francisco Rivas ; Director of the Observatory:

The robbery of the  passerby remained at the same levels, but Azcapotzalco continues to be the one that has more of this type of illicit activity.

In summary, on an average day in the capital during the second quarter of 2018 there were four intentional homicides, two wrongful ones, two extortions, 96 robberies with violence, 27 vehicle robberies, 20 home-room robberies, 44 business robberies, 40 passer-by robberies, one reported rape  and 12 situations for drug dealing.

"It is necessary to reduce the amount of illegal firearms that are found in the streets; the increases in crime should be clarified; In crimes such as extortion and drug dealing, more information is needed on their modality, "said Francisco Rivas.

On May 29, La Razón announced that the Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel used the Tláhuac delegation as a warehouse for narcotics after 270 kilos of cocaine were discovered in a house in that district.

The Data:  The National Citizen Observatory is a civil society organization that fosters an understanding of security conditions.


  1. Illegal drugs are there to stay now in Mexico.

  2. Excellent catch of 28 suspects, this is what I call coordination, The Marina's have caught a lot of dope, but rarely any suspects.

  3. Thats onother cjng plaza

  4. Drug dealing and drug sales have taken up where America is today. Unless jobs opportunities are created with better wages, don't expect this to go away anytime soon.
    Every PESO adds up for these individuals / gangs.

    Mexico has become what America has been infested with.


  5. Mexico has become a he new Brazil, where everyday, people are murdered.

    1. More like New Mexico has become the new Mexico.


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