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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Mexicali BC: 4 Executed, 1 Decapitated Alive, 131 Murders this Year

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta and UniMexicali

A man beheaded alive, a handcuffed corpse and the murder of two members of a family, were the impact crimes recorded during the week in Mexicali, where the number of intentional homicides amounts to 131 victims in 2018.

One of the crimes caught the attention of society, when the director of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo), César Raúl González Vaca, confirmed that one of the victims had been decapitated alive.

The body of the man, around 45 years of age, arrived at the Semefo from a vacant lot that is located in the surroundings of the Laguna Campestre; it  did not have the head.

Municipal and ministerial police attended the emergency and, after inquiries in the area, located the skull in a puddle of water not very close to where the body was found.

González Vaca commented that a very sharp instrument would have been used, in addition to the overuse of force to make the cut that, according to his estimates, could be a machete.

The cause of death was a hypovolemic shock derived from the injuries when he was decapitated. The Ministerial Police does not yet have any clues about this man whose only distinguishing marks are two tattoos with the names Melissa and Valeria.

Preliminary reports indicate that he is a thin man, who was wearing black denim trousers and underpants of the same color.

Elements of the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) located the head of the victim inside an agricultural drainage channel a few meters from where the body was located.

The head of the victim was recovered by elements of the fire department of Mexicali, if it is confirmed that it was a violent homicide, as everything seems to indicate the 130th murder in Mexicali this year.

On Wednesday, October 24, municipal police attended an emergency on a dirt road in the Castro neighborhood, east of the city, where the body of an individual was found with his hands tied, a bag on his head and in an advanced state of putrefaction.

Not far from this latest incident, in the Abasolo neighborhood, a 61-year-old man and his 18-year-old grandson were killed when they were on board their vehicle, coming from their ranch located near the site of their death.

They were identified by their relatives as José Carmen González de la Cerda (grandfather) and José Carmen González Espinoza (grandson), who were traveling aboard a red Ranger vehicle , with local plates, when they were intercepted by unknown persons who opened fire on him them . Eleven casings were located at the crime scene.

About the victims, it was reported that the grandfather worked in the field in the United States, and several years ago he served as municipal policeman.


  1. Most beheaded people are decapitaded alive nothing new...

  2. Cause of death was hypovolemic shock?!!? How about cause of death was getting his damn head cut off!

    1. That would be there second guess

  3. Lol cmon this sounds so stupid “they used a sharp utensil and with a lot of force to cut the head off” I don’t take a monkey to come to that conclusion.

  4. If he didn’t go into shock he would of survived, with no head but he would of lived lol that guy is a fucking joke

  5. Not safe to own a ranch in Mexico, the hoodlums killed them, and the victims had no weapons to fight back.

  6. Hypovolemic shock means you bled this case from the big opening between your head and the rest of your body. MEDICO 006

  7. Hoodlums are spineless. They only kill those who can't defend themselves

  8. Wow! What a say. You have written very well Words and the tone to speak to them are the mirror of a human being, what is the appearance of the face, it often 'changes' with age and circumstances. Thanks for this post


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