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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Huachicoleo Triangulo Rojo: CJNG Fights "Los Bukanas" for Control

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Vanguardia

Antonio Martínez, "El Toñin", and Roberto de los Santos de Jesús, "El Bukanas", fight for dominance of hydrocarbon theft in the municipalities of Acajete, Tepeaca, Quecholac, Acatzingo, Tecamachalco and Palmar de Bravo, in the State of Puebla.

The cartel of Jalisco Nueva Generación , through Antonio Martínez Fuentes, "El Toñín", assumed control of the theft of hydrocarbons in the Triangulo Rojo , ie "Red Triangle"  trying to displace Los Zetas and its cell known as "Los Bukanas" .

''El Toñín'' , is one of the main leaders of the huachicol, both he and Antonio Martínez ''El Bukanas'' have disputed the plaza in Puebla, causing executions, kidnappings and extortions in the state.

The control of the so-called "Red Triangle" in Puebla, the gold zone of the huachicol in Mexico, has generated a wave of violence due to the clashes between the criminal organizations, splits, betrayals and struggles within the groups that are wanted. seize the hydrocarbon sequestration of the Pemex pipelines.

According to the information of the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, in the "Red Triangle" , the complaints of homicide, robbery, rape and kidnapping have increased in 2018.

In Acatzingo, Palmar de Bravo, Quecholac, Tecamachalco and Tepeaca , municipalities belonging to the Red Triangle, the most recurrent crime was robbery to transporters and vehicles.

In January and February of this year, 242 robberies were reported to vehicles in these municipalities, an amount that is 49% higher than that recorded in the same period of 2017, in which 162 cases were detected.

Palmar de Bravo became the most unsafe municipality for motorists in the first two months of 2018, since 72 robberies of this type were registered; In the same period of 2017 only 10 cases were registered, so the increase in this crime is 620%.

Transporters, ie Delivery Truck drivers,  reported 75 cases of theft in this same period of time, which shows an increase of more than 120% compared to 2017, when there were 34 cases; the municipality with more crimes of this type, in the "Red Triangle", is Quecholac.

In the case of intentional homicides, 12 cases were registered in the municipalities of Acatzingo, Palmar de Bravo and Tecamachalco , which shows an increase of more than 33% in this crime in January and February 2018, compared to the same period of 2017, when 9 cases were reported.

The municipality in the area of ​​fuel theft with more investigations for intentional homicide in the first two months of this year was Palmar de Bravo.

Before disputing the plaza that represents the Minatitlán-Mexico pipeline in the municipalities of the "Red Triangle",  ''El Toñín'' and ''El Bukanas'' were friends.  The second was lieutenant of the native of Palmarito Tochapan, until they broke two years ago, from then on, he started a bloody fight to cover a greater number of clandestine takes.


  1. Cjng has the best plazas, cds is trailing behind funding small cells like marro to slow cjng down. Never thought cds was going to be weaken out by a michoacan. That's nuts

    1. Technically they aren't being weakened by Michoacan alone. CJNG has politicians and police doing some of their dirty work.

    2. They don't got no border towns but why go that far if they can sell to their own community js

    3. @6:06 CJNG controls the European and Asian markets right now. They decided early on to ignore US for the time being and was able to quietly build up a War chest and thats why you see CJNG in so many fronts. Atm CJNG doesn't need border towns since they still earn billions shipping to Europe and Asia they just wanted a piece lf the US pie.

    4. 6:06 Tijuana, tecate ando soon Mexicali

    5. 4:53 Technically? Bro reread what you just wrote. If they doing dirty work for them that means they on the payroll. 0

    6. se nota que nomas hablar por hablar. hay acuerdos y en los acuerdos siempre tienen fecha de vencimiento. por que crees que los de jalisco no entran a sinaloa ni sinaloa entra de lleno a otras plazas. no me vengan con que no es plaza que no les interesa y tiene con queos las tortillas. ademas sacarias atu competencia de su bastion.siempre hay acuerdos. tu no te pases de esta raya y uds tampoco. pero tienen su caducidad. entonces si sobre de ellos. ya falta poco para que veas el cambio.

  2. CJNG are a bunch of cockroaches. They will be snuffed out soon. No one likes them they are the new zetas, everyone is after them. Mencho will be tracked down and killed sooner or later. You can't hide from CIA forever unless you want to live in a hole in the ground like saddam hussein who was eventually located and executed.

  3. All cartels have some protection from law enforcement and positions, like mencho tried to take over as much territories as he could because epn is almost gone so Cds is fighting cjng in his backyard and he is staring to pull out people from michoacana to help him fight el Cholo backed by cds every cartel has to have there number up sooner or later

    1. All of a sudden chapo gets locked up and NOW everyone has his day. Before cds nutthuggers would say he's never getting captured lol

    2. Chapo has been locked up, where have you been.

  4. Why these gangs are flying all over mexico...what's wrong with the gov.
    This is nuts...


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