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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Chihuahua Municipalities Mark Increase in Homicides

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Diario

Thanks to Def Luis
Ciudad Juárez - In the municipalities of the western and northern areas of the state where the state forces replaced the municipal forces by decree issued in February 2017, the number of homicides tended to rise; a report that directly contradicts Governor Javier Corral's statements.

According to the Observatory of Ficosec, in the intervened municipalities -where it makes measurements- as in Cuauhtémoc, the homicides went from 19.7 per each hundred thousand inhabitants that had the month of February of last year when the intervention of the State began. 54.3 on the same scale, to the cut of last August of the current year. 

Nuevo Casas Grandes had 9.3 murders per hundred thousand inhabitants, in the month that the state government took charge of local security, but in August 2018 it rose to 16.8 homicides on that scale, according to the Citizen Observatory. 

The same source found that from January to September 2016, compared to the same period of 2017, there was already an increase of 9 percent in the crime of homicide in the Northwest Zone.

The Observatory stopped recording its statistics as of 2018 in that area, except for the municipality of Nuevo Casas Grandes, for unknown reasons. 

The municipalities intervened in February of last year, where agents of the State Security Commission (CES) replaced the tasks of preventive surveillance by displacing the municipal police, are, Nuevo Casas Grandes, Casas Grandes, and Ignacio Zaragoza, which corresponds to  the Prosecutor's report on the North Zone. 

In this last municipality was where last Sunday there was a confrontation between criminal groups that dispute the drug trafficking routes. ( See Chivis Post from Oct 15 and mine from Oct 17)

Other municipalities that have been intervened are Gómez Farías, Temósachi, Madera and Cuauhtémoc, which are the territory of the West Zone Prosecutor's Office.

For 2016, in that area, from January to December, 178 homicides were committed, an average of 15 murders per month, says the official website of the Observatory.
From January to December 2017, during the intervention period, there were 353 victims in that area, a monthly average of 29 homicides, almost twice as much as a year before. 

From January to September of 2018, the Prosecutor's Office has documented 235 homicides in the West, a monthly average of 26 cases. 

In the Northern Zone, homicides per 100,000 inhabitants went from 19.9 in 2016 to 36.1 in 2017 and up to August 2018 they were 64.9 in that scale, according to Ficosec.

Check out Ficosec's website HERE or


  1. My ex husband & His family are from Casas Grandes (Nvo. Casas Grandes!) It's a beautiful place, Especially the plazita in the older part on the way to Paquime. The last time I went in January 2008, A journalist was murdered by His Grandparents home. His uncle was involved with the Narcos. One day him, His wife, Their newborn and one of his older Children from a previous marriage were driving and The Narcos stopped them and Made them all exit the vehicle. They told the wife and kids to go walking back home & That's the last time they ever saw the uncle alive. My Ex Husband owns a home down there that is being used as a rehab, Around that area back in '14 or '15 a couple of teens (5 boys) were driving around listening to music when the Narcos stopped them and Cut off there arms from the shoulder area. They stayed in the car like that for some time because the cops and medics were scared. 4 lived and 1 died. His Cousin (DEP Neftali) was murdered by the Narcos in 2009. To my knowledge he was good people, Got deported and sent back to Casas Grandes in September 2009 & In October 2009 the Narcos got him, Beat him with huge rocks and Took his truck. They taunted the family and said they were going to show up to the funeral and Kill everyone. I was told by Ex Husband's Abuela that there is a priest down there that specializes in torture devices. He makes them for the Narcos and Himself (Supposedly for the apocalypse!) In 2007 or 2008 a large group of soldiers went missing, My ex sister in law was so baffled by it as was I. No one has said a word about the missing soldiers. I hear it's getting bad in Janos too! It's such a damn shame =/ The people from Nvo Casas Grandes are so welcoming and hospitable. They welcome You into Your homes and Treat You like family. It's fucked up how the Narcos run wild over there, It's very dangerous that's why I stopped going and Won't allow my child to go visit His Grandparents. Luckily, They understand and instead come over here to visit.

    1. That was 2008, it's worse now.

    2. Oh I know it is! I keep up with the family who live down there and read the news from down there! It's really bad and It's only getting worse!

  2. State Police, replaced Municipal Police, crime and homicides went up. Perhaps the State Police is currupted too, they help fuel homicides.


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