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Monday, October 22, 2018

Cd Obregon Awakes to Dismembered Bodies

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Tribuna

Ciudad Obregón, Sonora:  In the early hours of Saturday, October 20, in a new macabre discovery, the dismembered bodies of two people were discovered in the streets of the city center.  The dismembered bodies were located on Sinaloa and Nainari streets; So far the identity of the victims of violence is unknown.

The bodies were found around 03:10  in the morning when security officers received the report, which quickly moved to the place to cordon off the area .

Later the names of the two bodies were identified as Héctor and Julián SG, 50 and 46 years old, both brothers , who had their address on Durango street in the northern part of the city.

On the site of the report were agents of the Municipal and State Police , and elements of the Forensic Medical Service for the removal of both bodies and their transfer to the amphitheater .

It is unknown  if they had been reported missing.


  1. La Gente Nueva del R8 limpiando la plaza

    D.E.p R5

  2. With this Type of shit who would want to be a Narco.

  3. When the police, had tortured a cartel member, they should have also cut him up, and throw his body parts, in a known safe house of a cartel.


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