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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Caleta Acapulco: Tourists Hang Out with Dead Bodies

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Sud

                              Tourists hanging out next to corpses of two men killed on Caleta
By: Carlos Moreno A.

The normalization of violence in the port of  Acapulco  has reached levels where bathers of  Caleta,  the iconic beach of the traditional tourist zone, keep enjoying the sun and the sea in front of the bodies of two young men who were killed in an armed attack , perpetrated by unknown men last Sunday.

The State Prosecutor's Office reported that the victims were being chased by a moving vehicle and when they tried to flee to the beach area of ​​Caleta, they  were attacked with bullets on the Malecon.

Also, the agency said that the two deceased were not tourists and that the Public Prosecutor "suspects that they were drug dealers or extortionists who were deprived of their life by a criminal group", because in the place of the murder they found five bags with presumed marijuana.

Two weeks into the new municipal administration,  there have been 33 murders; So far this year, there have been 678 homicides in Acapulco , and 42 since last September 25, the Navy took control of security in the port and the police were disarmed.

Derived from these actions, two commanders of the municipal Public Security Secretariat  (SSP) were detained, implicated in crimes; the operation of intervention occurred because there were suspicions of probable infiltration of criminal groups in it. (Use search engine to read BB Posts on this)

The murder of the two men was reported to emergency number 911, after four o'clock on Sunday afternoon, which generated an intense police mobilization, as well as fear among tourists and merchants who were in the area.

Caleta Beach murder:

The tourist police arrived , who cordoned off the zone of the crime and retired the tenants, providers of services and the tourists of the area.

Minutes later came troops from the  Army, Federal Police, State, as well as ministerial and protected the crime zone, next to La Cabaña restaurant.

In the access to the beach of Caleta, a few meters from the strip of sand where restaurants are located and next to a hotel, were lying the bodies of the two men, 20 to 25 years old, ( Now confirmed to be only 16 and 18-- keep reading ) covered with tablecloths; minutes later a relative of the victims arrived.

One of the bodies was lying on its back and another face down, both with shots to the head and wearing jeans, one with red shirt and the other black.

According to the first reports, a man was the perpetrator of the assassination of the two young men who were walking in the area.

Personnel of the Regional Prosecutor's Office carried out the corresponding procedures before the eyes of tourists and merchants who observed with fear, where they located at least four 9 mm caliber percussion shells.

The corpses were transferred to the facilities of  the Forensic Medical Service  (Semefo) for the corresponding legal procedures.

They were first cousins ​​and they were 16 and 18 years old, the two young people killed this Sunday in the access to Caleta beach in the traditional zone of Acapulco; also, they had arrived at the port to work as masons, in a construction company that collaborates for the Guerrero Institute for Educational Physical Infrastructure (IGIFE).

According to the information collected and provided in the Regional Prosecutor's Office, relatives of the two young people went yesterday to claim the bodies before the public prosecutor.

The youths were identified as Jairo "N" and Kevin "N", aged 16 and 18, from a community in the municipality of Apango.

Also, it was reported that the youngsters had arrived in Acapulco to work as masons for a construction company that works for the Guerrero Institute for Educational Physical Infrastructure (IGIFE), under the government of the state, confirmed the relatives to the authorities and their boss of work/jobs of the victims in the declaration.

In the declaration, the relatives, informed the authorities, the two young people went out to the beach, and were deprived of their freedom in a vehicle, one of them left a cell phone, where indicated, the aggressors communicated with the relatives, and later they were taken to Caleta where they were executed.

The relatives' version contrasts with what was said in a press release by the spokesperson of the Guerrero Coordination Group, Roberto Álvarez Heredia, that the men were being chased by a moving vehicle and trying to flee to the beach area of ​​Caleta:  They were attacked with bullets on the Malecon.

Also, it is contrasted, the Prosecutor's Office, who had specified that the Public Ministry "suspects that they were drug dealers or extortionists who were deprived of life by a criminal group", because at the scene they found five bags with presumed marijuana. This MAY NOT be the case.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first act of violence registered in this area, where there are security operatives present on the part of the different orders of government : 

On September 21, a young man shot to death and three injured tourists from Mexico City, two of them women, was the result of an armed attack in the restaurant area of ​​Caleta beach, in the traditional zone of Acapulco.

For the Sept attack, the spokesman for  the Guerrero Coordination Group, Roberto Álvarez Heredia, reported the arrest of three men as probable perpetrators, who were relieved of firearms when taken into custody and perpetrated the attack on Caleta beach, and indicated that the injured and the dead were originally from Mexico City.

In a press release, the State Prosecutor's Office assured that the double homicide is being investigated; He also indicated that he initiated a research folder  #12030230200338141018.


  1. Just another Sunday afternoon on a beach in Mexico. Oh look honey! A corpse on the tide line with a fiddler crab crawling out his mouth.

    1. The mexikin authorities are left without energy after posting the new case number, they never do anything to the case after recording "the new case nummber".
      roberto alvarez heredia es puro pinche mamón.

  2. The people that set up their tents beside the bodies are weird. I wonder if this is normal to them?

  3. This pic could be on the front cover of a book about the current state of Mexico. So sad and pathetic what the terrorist leaders of the country have done and are doing. One thing I hope to be for sure: Karma from corruption is fierce

    1. I just read somewhere that this incident is starting to get worldwide attention.👍🏼

  4. Calleta is a locals beach. 100 meters away to the right is the Poder Judicial. Which is a Judicial Branch court system? Also La Cabana where the bodies lay in front of is frequented by many attorneys and political folks. 16 and 18 years old? Probably too young to know the "rules", or most likely disregarded them.

    1. Caleta and Caletilla are very popular with chilangos on the weekends. If you ever are in the area, the costera and surrounding streets are clogged with tour buses. So while it is a popular local beach, it is not only a locals beach. It is hugely popular with families with small children, because the waves are usually very gentle.

  5. Those tents are for peddlers selling their trinkets. These folks are entitled to take over public spaces. Especially when they pay off police and or criminal organizations. They have taken over the national Highway (free road) in col. Sabana. Maybe these kids were the one demanding mordida. That is probably why these bodies next to them are no big deal.....This is the new Acapulco.

  6. Yea kinda has"weekend at bernies"affect to it!😄

  7. Boy this place is losing lots of tourist dollars.

    1. Believe It or Not, idiots still go there

  8. Why blur the pics if they ain’t even naked?

  9. You just have to keep walking or you will get caught up in the shit. Just the way the ball rolls down in old mex. Criminals in charge

  10. "Esa plaza de Caleta tambien se las hice arder"

  11. La cabaña is a great restaurant frequented by expats and many Many tourists not just locals. I go ofte for their fish and shark tamales to die for. It’s sad. Acapulco really has become a dangerous crap hole. No new American tourists. Just old farts and a few that still go down to see friends and hold onto memories but honestly your plain gambling wirh tour life there

    1. Soon its gonna be the whole country of mexico,,,,TJ already has over 2000 homocides for this year..


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