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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Backstory to Sicario Interview Video

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

BB Followers…

Thank you to the follower who sent the following information in!  That is a positive action on the part of someone who aims to help us out and make BB better.  First of all, yes it is an old video, 2011, but new to many followers.  Not having the backstory bothered me and frustrated followers.  A follower sent this information in about the events and the video.  “Aproposito” is the name of the blog where the story appeared.  The sicario in the video is named El Primo.  He is detained and being interrogated by the Mexican Navy.

Five days after the execution of Silverio Cavazos, the Secretariat of the Navy (Semar) assured six operatives in Colima of various operations linked to organized crime, who at the time of their arrest were in possession of weapons and drugs. , informed the Secretary of the Navy.

The following and the related video is one of those operations.

"The investigation continued in the facilities of the Sixth Naval Region, in Manzanillo on José Luis Calderón Santillán, (a) El Primo, arrested last Sunday by agents of the PEP, with a firearm, together with another subject, near the town of Los Asmoles ".

"The Primo, is part of a criminal cell that had been committing high-impact crimes in our state, among which are mentioned a large number of homicides."

The aircraft landed at the San Jorgito stadium and from there the elements dispersed throughout the colony, for which the streets of Lázaro Cárdenas, Río Marabasco and José Antonio Díaz closed.

As you can read, these Navy operatives carried out five days after the execution of Silverio Cavazos, six people were arrested, including the detention of José Luis Calderón Santillán, alias "El Primo".

On April 23, an alleged video statement of this person detained by the Navy was uploaded to YouTube, which is transcribed here and that already the newspaper Avanzada reported a part of it and in a roundabout of Diario de Colima the league was published to access said video.

In this statement, a character nicknamed "La Vaca" is mentioned, along with other characters whom the declarant, (El Primo), relates to the death of Silverio Cavazos.

After the dissemination of this video, the state governor, Mario Anguiano, has declared that a subject nicknamed "La Vaca" was one of the three characters that were in the Patriot van from which the murderer of Silverio Cavazos went down to execute him. This was said after the May Day parade.

He stated in response to the information published in the Diario de Colima on Sunday, May 1, that caught an alleged murderer of Silverio in an operation on Friday, April 29, in the neighborhood of Mezcalito, coordinated by police officers Federal and the Secretariat of the Navy, capturing Bernabé Brizuela Meraz, alias "La Vaca".

But "La Vaca" to which Governor Mario Anguiano refers, and of which he says he participated in the assassination of Silverio Cavazos, is a different character from Bernabé Brizuela Meraz, also nicknamed "La Vaca" who, according to Diario de Colima, He was arrested in operation last Friday at the Mezcalito.

The Diario de Colima says that Bernabé, alias "La Vaca", was arrested in an operation, Governor Mario Anguiano declared that there was no operation, but that Bernabé alias "La Vaca" arrested in an operation that was not done, is not "La Vaca" who participated in the murder of Silverio.

Then, "El Primo" in the video refers to a "Vaca" and Mario Anguiano to another "Vaca" and the Diario de Colima to another "Vaca", called Bernabé.

Theoretically, we have three "Vacas", who are allegedly delinquents and two are not detained, the "Primo" and Mario Anguiano, and only "La Vaca" of the Diario de Colima, called Bernabé, is in prison, but it is not " La Vaca "of the crime, according to the governor of Colima.


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