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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Acapulco: Body Parts Strewn Along Busy Main Streets and bagged parts left at an OXXO

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from El Sol

The inhabitants of the port of Acapulco witnessed this  a shootout, the execution of a person and the abandonment of the remains of two dismembered men.

Around 6:00 pm on Monday, a group of armed individuals threw human remains on the busy street Ejido and in an Oxxo store. The ministerial authorities reported that it is at least two dismembered bodies. Undeterred, some of the motorists who passed through the site passed over the human members, and even recorded videos that they later spread on social networks.

Almost simultaneously there was a shooting in the middle of the harbor, in front of Costera Miguel Aleman Avenue, which left three injured traders.

One more person was executed inside another OXXO store located also in the center of the city.

At around 6:00 p.m., the authorities were alerted by an anonymous call to the 911 emergency number, that a head, arms and feet were watered on the aforementioned road.

The remains of a dismembered man were scattered on the Ejido Avenue in Acapulco, and  unidentified dismembered individuals, disposed of  in the parking lot of another  OXXO Left  in black plastic bags, with messages written on cardboard..

At around 6:00 p.m., the authorities were alerted by an anonymous call to the 911 emergency number, that a head, arms and feet were lying on the aforementioned road.

Personnel of the Ministerial Police of the State Prosecutor General arrived at the area, who cordoned off the area and closed the avenue to carry out the corresponding procedures.

Near a private school, the human remains were located and minutes later, it was known that in another point of the same avenue more human remains had been located inside black plastic bags.

After the corresponding expertise, staff of the Forensic Medical Service, perform the cadaveric survey and transfer the remains to their facilities to know if it was only a person or two dismembered bodies.
The scattered corpse was located at the height of 8th Street on Ejido Avenue, and the black bags in the parking lot of a convenience store on 9th Street.

In a preliminary way, it is presumed that there could be three mutilated bodies in the area, however, at the moment the cadaverous survey is continued.

A man was shot to death in a mini super 24 hours after another person of the male sex was attacked by Juan Alvarez de Acapulco.

The crime was reported minutes before 19:00 hours so the area was mobilized elements of different security corporations.

Armed attack in the Zocalo of Acapulco leaves two injured

Inside the store, a person was found lying in the corridors without life due to the impact of a firearm.

They locate human remains scattered on Ejido Avenue
Inside the store, a person lying between the corridors was found wounded by gunshot wounds.

Personnel of different security corporations carry out the corresponding procedures in the area.


  1. They called "911".???? Aaaayyy guey!! I didnt know that one!!

  2. Stop the "war on (some) drugs" and this insanity would end!


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