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Sunday, October 21, 2018

4 Arrested with 100 Kilos of "Possible" Pot

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior

Derived from a security operation, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) arrested four people for drug dealing and carrying guns in the streets near the city ​​hall of Cuauhtémoc; and another person who tried to release the accused was also arrested.

Preventive police conducting a patrol in the Morelos neighborhood when they detected a man carrying a shotgun, who upon noticing the police presence tried to flee and entered a neighborhood on Tenochtitlán street.

Upon entering a building, the soldiers observed three more people who were processing/packaging/guarding  about 100 kilograms of "possible" marijuana.

Immediately, the police arrested three men and one woman, and confiscated  the drugs, a scale, cell phones and  long weapons; a person showed up claiming to be a lawyer and said he knew the officials , however, the man was also arrested.

According to the protocol of police action, the arrestees were informed of their rights and transferred to the corresponding Ministerial Agency.


  1. Why arrest the attorney?
    For meddling with the railroading of "possibly drug traffickers", after all, possibly corrupt Law Enforcement elements not staying bought is nothing new, even Teddy Roosevelt would not stay bought, as his patrons would bitterly complain about him before the new resources of voter suppression, purges, rolling vote place closures and holding on to applications got discovered...

  2. Pot? Tell me George, what do you know about Cocaine.

  3. I’m guessing fanny packs are back en vogue again. And damn look at all those bright colors on that gang. Did they catch Los Fruitloops? - Sol Prendido

  4. Where was this. Cuauhtémoc Chihuahua?

  5. All for just fuckin' bullshit

  6. 1:07 Coca~Cola never got rid of its cocaine farms in LatinAmerica,
    or did they?
    Then they can't put it in their cokes, so where does it go?

  7. Family in the drug trade too.


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