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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Veracruz: Massive Numbers in Clandestine Graves

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Animal Politico

By: Ignacio Carvajal + extra material
Alvarado, Veracruz / Mexico City

Veracruz:  The struggles for territory in the criminal map of criminal organizations have left a trail of death and disappearances that erupted once again with the discovery of 32 clandestine graves in the region of Arbolillo in the municipality of Alvarado, Veracruz, where up to now they have recovered 174 skulls of people who were murdered and buried.

According to the information provided by security sources, the Gulf region has been strongly contested by two organizations: Los Zetas, which entered in 2004 and the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), a gang that undertook to seek control of the plaza and the killings began.

Before they arrived in Veracruz Los Zetas and the Cartel of Jalisco Nueva Generación, the capo Toribio Gargallo inaugurated the practice of throwing his victims in wells that he used as clandestine graves.

The first references to clandestine graves, based on newspaper coverage, and access to information requests, go back to the decade of the 90s, when narco- guerreros roamed in the state.

There is an article in Proceso of October 1991 where the journalist Mussio Cárdenas recounts the fall of Gargallo, and how the authorities located "31 skeletons of people whom Gargallo Peralta ordered to kidnap, murder and later bury" on his ranches.........

In well after well of Toribio Gargallo -who died in a presumed confrontation with police- came the graves of the Diamond in Tres Valles, with 33 victims.

Those of Colinas de Santa Fe with 295 dead, and the one that is the most victimized grave in America and those of El Arbolillo, which in two different dates add up to 221 skulls.

In the past, and in the present, the Solecito Colectiva of Córdoba performs tasks of searching for disappeared people in similar wells in the sugarcane area of ​​Omealca, and to date these mothers have located 12 victims in two wells, of several, that have intervened with the permission of the owners of the land where they settle.

The Collective of mothers in Veracruz says that a criminal group gave them a map where 500 bodies would be found. That is, almost half of those more than a thousand dead, 516, appeared in two municipalities in less than two years. The port of Veracruz, in hills of Santa Fe and Alvarado, and with El Arbolillo, between 2017 and 2018.

In this follow-up, it stands out that there are approximately 1035 victims who have been lucky enough to be thrown into anonymous holes in the state of Veracruz since 1991. The follow-up exposes  almost 30 years of clandestine graves in the state of Veracruz.

Arrested or punished for these crimes?  There are less than 20. Follow Up at bottom of post.

Authorities of Veracruz have already located 174 skulls within the 32 clandestine graves located in the central area of ​​the state, eight more than those announced yesterday;  the Prosecutor's Office confirmed that since the afternoon of this past Friday, photographs of clothing, accessories and identifications found are being be shown to relatives of missing persons.

It was this Thursday when the Prosecutor's Office of Veracruz reported on the discovery of a group of 32 clandestine graves located on a plot of approximately 300 square meters. Through a statement, the unit detailed that these objects and identifications were rescued during the exhumation of the graves, made in the last 30 days.

According to the authorities' version, the property was located at the beginning of August thanks to the testimony of a person who pointed to the point where hundreds of people had been illegally buried. On August 8 began research work in the area and a month later were found human remains, which are up to two years old.

After the location, the FGE of Veracruz investigates the possible participation of elements or exemplars of the state police in the illegal burial of the 174 people.

For this hypothesis, the authorities argued, there are at least two elements; one arises from the follow-up of several tracks derived from the cases of forced disappearance, attributed to the state police commanded by Arturo Bermúdez, and the second is the antiquity of the remains that date from at least two years ago period in which Javier Duarte still governed.

It was also reported that the Veracruz public prosecutor requested the help of the State Commission of Human Rights; the State Victim Assistance Commission; the Truth Commission of the Congress of Veracruz, and the Victim Assistance Center of the Office of the Prosecutor, to achieve a victomological and psychological accompaniment of the people who come to the General Directorate of Expert Services this Friday to review the photographic album.

In an interview for Radio Red , the governor of Veracruz, Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares, commented that there is still the likelihood of finding more human remains in the property located in the center of the state, adding that the exact location of the place has not been disclosed. for reasons of security and preservation of the crime scene.

Follow Up Referred to Above:

October 1991: Córdoba, 31 bodies.
August 1996: Tatahuicapan de Juárez, 1 body.
February 2010: Pánuco, 1 body.
November 2010: Poza Rica de Hidalgo, 3 bodies.
November 2010: Álamo Temapache, 1 body.
March 2011: Oluta, 2 bodies.
August 2011: Ixmatlahuacan, 1 body.
October 2011: Pueblo Viejo, a body.
October 2011: Pueblo Viejo, a body.
November 2011: Altamirano, 28 bodies.
January 2012: Papantla, 4 bodies.
February 2012: Acayucan, 11 bodies.
February 2012: Chinameca, 1 body.
February 2012: Jáltipan de Morelos, 1 body.
April 2012: Nanchital of Lázaro Cárdenas del Río, a body.
April 2012: Chinameca, a body.
April 2012: Yecuatla, 3 bodies.
May 2012: Minatitlán, 1 body.
June 2012: Lerdo de Tejada, 12 bodies.              June 2012: Minatitlán, 1 body.
July 2012. Tihuatlán, 1 body.
September 2012: Juan Rodríguez Clara, a body.
November 2012: Uxpanapa, 1 body.
December 2012: Fresh Water, 1 body.
December 2012: Juan Rodríguez Clara, 1 body.
February 2013: Tezonapa, 3 bodies
March 2013: Temapache, 1 body.
March 2013: Agua Dulce, 1 body.
April 2013: Alto Lucero, 25 bodies.
May 2013: Coatzacoalcos, 3 bodies.
May 2013: San Andrés Tuxtla, 1 body.
June 2013: Fresh Water, 1 body.
June 2013: Papantla, 3 bodies.
July 2013: Chacaltianguis, 1 body.
July 2013: Alvarado, indeterminate.
August 2013: Alvarado, indeterminate.
August 2013: Oteapan, 1 body.
October 2013: Coatzacoalcos, indeterminate.
October 2013: Tantoyuca, 3 bodies.
December 2013: Chicontepec, 2 bodies.
December 2013: Fresh Water, 1 body.
January 2014, Pueblo Viejo, 1 body.
February 2014: Cosoleacaque, 1 body.
February 2014: Las Choapas, indeterminate.
March 2014: Perote, 5 bodies.
April 2014: Cosamaloapan, 2 bodies.
April 2014: Freshwater, indeterminate.
April 2014: Carlos A. Carrillo, 2 bodies.
April 2014: Cosamaloapan, 1 body.
April 2014: Coatzacoalcos, 2 bodies.
May 2014: Pueblo Viejo, 3 bodies.
May 2014: Pueblo Viejo, 3 bodies.
May 2014: Moloacán, 1 body.
May 2014: Veracruz, 2 bodies.
June 2014: Soconusco, 1 body.
June 2014: Three Valleys, 31 bodies.
June 2014: Ixmatlahuacan, 1 body.
July 2014: Hidalgo, 2 bodies.
July 2014: Tamalín, 8 bodies.
August 2014: Soteapan, 1 body.
August 2014: Fresh Water, 1 body.
August 2014: Cosoleacaque, 1 body.
August 2014: Fresh Water, 1 body.
October 2014: Tihuatlán, 1 body.
November 2014: Pueblo Viejo, 7 bodies.
November 2014: No specific data, 1 body.
December 2014: Carlos A. Carrillo, 4 bodies.
January 2015: Cosamaloapan, 1 body.
January 2015: Orizaba, indeterminate.
January 2015: Tlacotalpan, 1 body.
January 2015: Cosamaloapan, 1 body.
January 2015: Tlacotalpan, 1 body.
February 2015: Carlos A. Carrillo, 1 body.
February 2015: Moloacán, 1 body.
February 2015: Pueblo Viejo, 6 bodies.
March 2015: No specific data, 1 body.
April 2015: Veracruz, 3 bodies.
April 2015: Fresh Water, 1 body.
April 2015: Paso Pascual, 1 body.
April 2015: No specific data, 1 body.
April 2015: No specific data, 1 body.
June 2015: Jáltipan de Morelos, 1 body.
June 2015: Coatzacoalcos, 1 body.
July 2015: Tampico Alto, 3 bodies.
July 2015: Castillo de Teayo, 1 body.
August 2015: Pueblo Viejo, 1 body.
September 2015: Alvarado, 38 bodies.
September 2015: Texistepec, 1 body.
October 2015: Cosamaloapan, 1 body.
December 2015: Sayula de Alemán, 1 body.
January 2016: Carlos A. Carrillo, 1 body.
March 2016: Fresh Water, 1 body.
March 2016: Veracruz, 1 body.
March 2016: Cosamaloapan, 1 body.
March 2016: Tlacotalpan, 1 body.
July 2016: Boca del Río, 5 bodies.
August 2016: Colinas de Santa Fe, 295 bodies.
August 2016: Ixtaczoquitlán, indeterminate.
September 2016: Veracruz, 59 bodies.
October 2016: Chacaltianguis, 4 bodies.
November 2016: Perote, 1 body.
November 2016: Cosoleacaque, 1 body.
December 2016: Ixtaczoquitlán, 5 bodies.
January 2017: Tihuatlán, 6 bodies.
February 2017: Coatzintla, 2 bodies.
February 2017: Minatitlán, 3 bodies.
February 2017: Minatitlán, 1 body.
March 2017: Sayula de Alemán, 1 body.
March 2017: Alvarado, 47 bodies.
March 2017: Tihuatlán, indeterminate
May 2017: Veracruz, 2 bodies.
July 2017: Atzacan, 3 bodies.
August 2017: Atzacan, 5 bodies.
October 2017: Meats, 2 bodies.
October 2017: Tlapacoyan, 1 body.
October 2017: Ixtaczoquitlán, indeterminate
November 2017: Teocelo, 1 body.
November 2017: Coatzacoalcos, 2 bodies.
December 2017: Fresh Water, 1 body.
February 2018: Fresh Water, 1 body.
February 2018: Moloacán, 8 bodies.
June 2018: Omealca, 12 bodies.
August 8, 2018: Alvarado, 174 bodies.


  1. Pity the families of the missing. Their hearts have been tore out, but still live in a nightmare.

  2. These numbers are *lackofwords* and thats just what went public.
    But nevertheless thx for posting on MB.

  3. So who are these people? All sicarios killed by cartels/cops? Innocent people? Political murders?

    1. Victims of the armed forces mostly

  4. So sad! Hopefully some families will find closure and peace of mind.

  5. Due to Cjng taking part of Veracruz plaza

  6. Humans disappearing into holes left, right and centre. It's hard not to think what barbaric cruelty visited all before their final breaths on this earth. For the 'lucky' maybe a quick bullet...crazy carry on.

  7. Reminds me of the Natzis , when they were exterminating, people left and right.vMencho is the new Hitler of Mexico.

    1. Mencho is a greedy basterd, he wants to take over, does sound like Hitler.

  8. The Republic of Mexico, does not want UN intervention, they say all is under control. Maybe one problem here and there.

  9. Anyone know where is the dividing line between each cartel in Veracruz. Who Controls Alvarado? That many bodies in one area that is crazy.

  10. You can't bring back massacred family, but you can always have some measure of closure by eliminating a family member of forces who did you wrong. Your murdered relatives deserve that respect. "Blood called for blood, and vengeance followed swift on the heels of atrocity"- author Robert E. Howard.


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