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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

TWO Trailers Full of Bodies in Jalisco: The State Washes its Hands

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior

               The saga of truck filled with bodies of homicide victims sparks scandal in Mexico
                                        Thanks to Mica for this photo from social media

Extra Material from: El Sol , thanks to Neal in Nevada

It is not one, they are two trucks that move about Jalisco with 300 bodies: there is a second trailer "of death" rented for 80 bodies.

Given the lack of space to shelter bodies in the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences, the  former director said that there are two refrigerated containers used by the Prosecutor's Office for the "protection" of some 300 bodies.

In Mexico, officials and citizens routinely announce the discoveries of clandestine graves baring skeletal remains from the gang violence that has convulsed the country for years. 

The official count of the “disappeared” nationwide exceeds 30,000, and relatives of the legions of missing call that a low-ball estimate. 

But the macabre saga of a roving government-contracted truck ferrying the corpses of scores of apparent murder victims from one town to the next in western Jalisco state has added a bizarre new twist to Mexico’s violent narrative. 

                    Abandoned: Jalisco Prosecutor's Office second trailer with about 100 corpses

The episode has become a major embarrassment for Jalisco authorities, who have been in a blame-shifting mode since word emerged last weekend, in the midst of national Independence Day celebrations. (El Grito)

Given the lack of space to shelter bodies in the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences, the former director said that there are two refrigerated containers used by the Prosecutor's Office for the protection of some 300 bodies.

The Central Prosecutor's Office recognized a second trailer already rented with capacity for another 80 bodies, as long as there is no  solution found to deposit such a quantity of corpses that grows daily, only from Friday to Monday in 30 more bodies.

In consultation conducted by El Occidental with several companies dedicated to the rental of this type of units only the hitch of the truck to the box has a cost of 3,000 pesos and from there the cost is from 3 to 5,000 pesos daily, as long as the unit is required to be stopped and refrigerated. The costs increase when the unit has to move or take a travel route.

As for the first unit, which has 157 bodies, today it is known that it was the central prosecutor Rafael Castellanos -in times when the general prosecutor was Eduardo Almaguer- who rented the trailer with cold room since June 2016.

This, at a cost of 3,000 pesos a day of rent and including fuel, yields more than 2,000,200 thousand pesos, spent so far  in a span of two years. This is not including the private warehouses where it was deposited.

Refrigeration specialists consulted in this regard commented that a box that provides this type of service, with a prolonged operation, with a single charge, implies risks of bacteria and therefore, upon completion of the service, the box will have to be dismantled. The cost of a box is 429,500 to 500,000  pesos.

They dismiss director of Semefo, accused of omission in Jalisco:

The ex-director of the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences (IJCF) Luis Octavio Cotero revealed today that the refrigeration container that was abandoned with 157 corpses in Guadalajara is not the only one, but there is a second trailer and that in total they would total about 300 bodies .

According to information from the now former director of the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences, Luis Octavio Cotero Bernal, there are about 444 bodies that remain unidentified.

This vehicle is located in the facilities of the IJCF, unlike the refrigeration trailer that was abandoned twice in the municipalities of Tlaquepaque and Tlajomulco.

Cotero said that with his dismissal the ''state government washed his hands'' to avoid facing its obligation and said that the prosecution has not been concerned to define a protocol for the treatment and protection of the bodies. 

Cotero said that in both trucks there are up to 300 bodies , since the Semefo does not have the capacity to protect them, due to the increase in violence in the entity.

"They are in the trailers, one is the one that was shown in the media and another one that was hired by the prosecution because we do not have the resources to contract that type of service, nor the warehouse where they were; not my knowledge, nor information, " he said.

Ex-director of Semefo in Jalisco denies responsibility for moving corpses:

The former state official announced that to date there are 444 bodies of deceased persons waiting to be identified or buried in the Forensic Medical Service , so the IJCF made an effort to keep up to 144 of them, while the rest were confined in both container trucks.

"The capacity of the refrigerators is 72, but they have 144 because they had to force the capacity a little; there is too much demand for attention to these bodies, " Cotero said.

Seeing that the "bodies were decomposing, the prosecution had the need to hire for two years that first refrigerator truck ", which initially contained 200 bodies, although they had identified a hundred.

The first refrigerator truck, which was officially in the custody of the state forensic body, was abandoned in the municipality of Tlaquepaque and then moved to Tlajomulco until Saturday  where it was placed under the protection of the Jalisco prosecutor's office.

Luis Cotero Bernal discounted any responsibility for the abandonment of those bodies and accused the prosecution and the state government of not doing what was necessary so that the corpses are preserved in adequate refrigerators or buried in a forensic cemetery .

It was looking for a place to decently bury  the bodies once a cemetery was built, but to date the work is suspended and  we do not have a place to build, " said the former official.

He asserted that with his dismissal the " state government washed its hands " to avoid facing his obligation and assured that the prosecution has not been concerned to define a protocol for their treatment and protection.

According to statistics from the IJCF, up to July 2018 there had been 552 recorded murders, and there are currently some 3,000 people in the capacity of missing persons.


The ex-director of the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences (IJCF) Luis Octavio Cotero revealed today that the refrigeration container that was abandoned with 157 corpses in Guadalajara is not the only one, but there is a second trailer and that in total they would total about 300 bodies . This vehicle is located in the facilities of the IJCF, unlike the refrigeration trailer that was abandoned twice in the municipalities of Tlaquepaque and Tlajomulco.

In the absence of a forensic cemetery and the saturation of the Semefo, the truck with 157 bodies was wandering the streets for six weeks awaiting the building of the cemetery where they would be buried. 

The ex-director of the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences, Luis Octavio Cotero Bernal , repeatedly denied that the transfer of 157 bodies in a trailer was his responsibility, since the Public Ministry is the body that handles unclaimed bodies ; and that, two years ago, the Office of the Prosecutor made the decision to rent the vehicle before the saturation of Semefo, which works at 200 percent of its capacity .

This was expressed by Cotero Bernal in an interview with Pascal Beltrán del Río for Imagen Radio , adding that he was only an "instrument to deceive society" , because he has no responsibility, faculties, or budget to dispose of the corpses and their transfer .

So with that vehemence with which the governor pronounced that the protocol was not complied with in handling the corpses - in principle, he does not know what the protocol is, nor is there a protocol .
With that same vehemence I should be looking for my daughter and so many disappeared in Jalisco.

Four years ago, the bodies have been starting to accumulate, but the crisis has been going on for 2 years. No precaution was taken to build a forensic cemetery , " said Cotero Bernal.

In this regard, the former official said that the trailer in motion with 157 bodies was due to insufficiency at  Semefo ; that in order not to have the corpses "on the ground, decomposing at great speed" , it was decided to rent the trailer; he added that these bodies would be taken to a warehouse but that due to the neighbors' complaints about foul odors , they had to move it.

"I do not know who the company is, nor who rented it. I do not have more information because I did not hire it, the trailer I did not pay for it. The trailer is in motion because it is about attending to people's demands, because they do not accept having it anywhere near them. The Prosecutor's Office has the problem to such an extent that, where a forensic cemetery was built, people opposed it and so the work was suspended , " Cotero said.  

The ex-director of the Jalisco Semefo reiterated that the Institute is not responsible for the bodies after they perform their task is to identify them through dentistry, genetics, photographs and fingerprints; that all this information is delivered to the Office of the Prosecutor for when a relative claims the body and confronts it.

The increase of corpses in the Semefo, Cotero concluded, is because nobody is going to claim them; and this, in turn, because the violence in the entity has exploded in the last four years .

Meanwhile Luis Cotero is looking for his own daughter:

They are looking for the daughter of the ex-director of the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences (IJCF), Índira Cotero Ortiz has been missing for since July.

In the General Prosecutor's Office of Jalisco , a complaint was filed for the disappearance of Índira Cotero Ortiz , a lawyer by profession, who works in the Legal Department of the Commissariat of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga , Jalisco, and who is also the daughter of the ex -director of the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences, Luis Octavio Cotero Bernal.

Investigators are looking for the 38-year-old woman The last place where she was seen was a restaurant from Guadalajara, she and a man went out in their compact vehicle. It transpired that they were going to show a land to a client.  She was wearing a pink blouse, jeans and tennis shoes.


  1. Terrible. Due to mencho and cholo people.. lots of dead jalisco and michoacan

    1. The majority of the dead are due to other causes and not solely murder ... this isn’t really Narco news ... it’s a sad story and a product of an ill-prepared government

    2. GENOCIDE to get rid of Mexicans

  2. Thanks for that earlier glimps of that first pic Chivis. With Mexico nothing should surprise us anymore. Pareciera el pan de cada día (Seems like our daily bread now).
    - Sol Prendido

    1. your welcome Sol, and thanks for joining the BB team as one of our translators! 👏

    2. Whaaaat! Felicidades sol I know you’ll do a hell of a job

  3. Nueva Plaza cleaning wiping out cjng from jalisco

    1. Are you proud of this? Most of not all of these people were innocent. Que descansen en paz

  4. Trucks are probably owned by some cartel or corrupt politicians who are making coin off this whole debacle

  5. Ironic if shes in one of the death trucks

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    1. AMLO will be the end of anything worth staying for in Mexico. Look at Guatemala down to Venezuela, same type of leadership. Sad days remain ahead in Mexico. Come to the USA where we will be stacking live bodies before long!

    2. Mexico needs to be checked by the U.S in some sort of way before asking for any type of help from uncle sam. These here is sad i know they can not take care of living mexicans but the way they treat the dead is horrible. Feliz día de los Muertos, ironic.

  7. Mexico u disgust me.. AND I'M MEXICAN

  8. I just returned home from being with friends. They were talking about the BP serial killer and said "Chivis, when you share a big story with me then the next day or two I see it on the news"..,it is exhausting searching for stories so the help we receive from followers is invaluable.

    Not to mention our two translators. Pretty much it is Yaqui, me and Profe at the moment and I think we are holding down the fort.

  9. The state can not expect 1 department to do autopsies on that many bodies. People should have common sense. Where else do you put 300 bodies? Seems like a good option to me if you dont want to build another morgue.

    1. Take DNA etc and cremate. the army has many crematories/morgues through Mexico- us those in this emergency.

      that is where I and Tu Fren believe the students were taken and cremated

    2. Totally agree with chivis on everything, i know them forenses get paid good money and have a lot of benefits. Pretty much any goverment job in México is paíd good, thing is most like milking the job.

  10. First I had read it was one trailer, now it is said two trailers. Are innocent pheasant's, getting killed be the trailer load now?

  11. PEOPLE! I love you, and I hate grammar police BUT this has bugged me for a long while:

    Lesson for today..

    PHEASANTS: are birds
    PEASANTS: a poor farmer or of low social status

    1. Both seem to be slaughtered by their own predators

    2. "Chivis September 19, 2018 at 2:49 PM
      your welcome Sol, and thanks for joining the BB team as one of our translators! ��"

      Agreed Chivis, grammar police suck, however it's important that you also know that
      You're = You are
      Your= Belonging to..or in association with.
      Just like there is a difference believe it or not between there, their, and they're!
      Here endith the lesson...

    3. This why i love u chivis. Lol

    4. Nah..those type of errors do not bother me in the least. We have ESL followers and I want them to feel comfortable sending comments in.

      BUT...people referred to as birds, I had enough.
      Now I've said my peace .... jk Peace

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    7. 11:49 I hope you are smarter than your comment. go back and read

  12. México just keeps on making the news for all the wrong reasons.

  13. Being Mexican it saddens me, I am embarrassed, disgraced. Stupidass- backwards third-world country. "Como Mexico no hay dos?" That's for sure...and people wonder why Trump wants to build a wall??? A wall??? More like a 300 foot X 50 foot thick wall...with electric fence...crocodiles, alligators...and landmines from the California coast to the gulf coast with flying sniper drones above...that's the minimum. The North American toilet, the Dog's tail..the only thing we can be proud of is that their sorry-ass soccer team makes the world cup....Que Mera neta..que pinche verguenza...and I hope you don't censor this message Chivis because you find it offensive... it's freedom of speech...and if you find this offensive, then take off all of the other post you put on BB porque eso como Mexicano me ofende hasta la madre...Todo los narcos se creen muy vergas, per nunca los ves sin mascaras....quitense las mascaras deveras se creen tan vergas...quitenselos putos.

    1. yup offensive and ignorant...narcos win again
      My freedom of speech

    2. Im mexican too and to be honest all of this is concerning, I mean it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the united states will sooner or later be affected by all the other countries problems, dont get me wrong I love my people but theres just too many bad apples to know who is who any more.

    3. ,540 is that you Sacario 0006?

    4. @September 19, 2018 at 5:40 PM
      freedom of speech does not cover you to post in private entities.
      Root problem: weapons, corruption and bank system.
      A wall wont solve anything, neither nuking the country or any "Call of Duty" approach, get some learn kid.
      As long as the banking system allow to wash million of dollars and weapons (more than 80%)flow down the south, this will not end. And legalizing weed is not the answer either, they are moving into poppy, fentanyl, whatever.
      Remember, not all mexicans are narcos and not all narcos are mexican, get a clue and stop pointing fingers, most of mexicans are victims and many people try to cross the border to escape this madness.

    5. “crocodiles alligators”. Can you say opportunistic Mexicans ? Sounds like a good theory. But that would just be a business venture waiting to happen for a money grubbing capitalist. And if we know anything about Mexicans. Essentially THOSE whose hearts are never quite filled to the brim with $. It’s that son una bola de interesadas ( they’re a gang of gold diggers whose sole interest is $). - Sol Prendido

  14. This is genocide !

  15. They should put the remains into one giant grave and turn it into a memorial for those who lost loved ones and never found their bodies.

  16. Doing a fabulous job too btw!

  17. Government could of have purchased quite a sizable piece of land to build a
    Cemetery for the amount of money they've been pouring into those trucks for the past two years! Take DNA, etc, lay them to rest! Seems simple to me. Unless I'm missing something.? Blame? I'm sure they could track down some invoices. But I suppose all evidence of whose responsible will be hidden to protect their jobs and political positions. Sad. RIP

  18. Logic and common sense would dictate that the unidentified bodies would have DNA samples taken and buried in graves marked "John or Jane Doe" or however those terms are in Spanish. As one of the previous comments said, it looks like money is the reason for this obvious nightmare.

  19. Dump the he dead bodies, at a safe house, where a cartel sleeps, but do it when their out, committing crime. They will not like it. But again they are killing people, therefore they should absorve the bodies.

  20. How embarrassing. This is so disgusting and embarrassing.


  22. Let's be clear, this is not an issue exclusive to Jalisco. At least they are not stacking bodies in the garden or patio areas of the forensic buildings.

    apx 3 or 4 years ago I wrote and published fotos of Guerrero's problem with no room for bodies. there was nothing refrigerated, no trucks. So they left them outside.

    There was no outrage for the poverty laden states of Gro, and the practice continues today.

    So if one compares.....right? It doesn't make this right. I think the trucks could work. If parked indoors, refrigerated, shelved, and a time limit mandated by law. It is the driving around, and the length of time that bothers me. Out of sight, out of mind. and the federal government should subsidized poor states.

    I say use the army crematories. they are plentiful.

  23. @4:56 - I agree, fabulous job that you all do here at BB, your work is much appreciated. Especially lately with the high volume of (shocking) news. Looking forward to your coverage/analysis of the Chapo trial and change from EPN to AMLO. -Loyal BB reader in SF

  24. I say it's cjng trailer and thats6all cholos people

  25. Thank you ! Most folks think this is a VERY weird hobby.......I consider it a contribution. No heads in sand around here. We gotta do what we gotta do.

  26. Come on this got to be a planned out move,its impossible to b driving around with 100's of dead bodies without anyone finding out sooner or later,i do nt think the fiscal office is that stupid,theres other easier ways to make those bodies dissapear n now all of the sudden drivers are talking, they must b trying to turn the public eye away from something bigger than finding rolling dead bodies,it wouldnt b the first time...


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