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Friday, September 21, 2018

Narco Violence in Guanajuato: 21 Murdered in 9 Municipalities in 1 Day

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Vanguardia

The narco violence continues in Guanajuato: 21 killed people in 9 municipalities of the state in a single day.  The crimes occurred five days after Governor-elect Diego Sinhué Rodríguez Vallejo assumed command of the administration.

On the evening of Thursday, 21 men were shot dead in different regions of the state of Guanajuato , including 6 young people who were placed in line by a commando and shot in the municipality of Pénjamoin the community of Montebello. Among the six young men was Jonathon Garcia Munóz, 28 years old and son of the ex Interim President of the Municipality, Miguel Garcia.

The homicides occurred in the municipalities of Pénjamo (8), Salamanca (4), León (3) Irapuato (1), San Luis de la Paz (1), Cortazar (1), Abasolo (1), Apaseo el Grande (1) ) and Valle de Santiago (1).

The crimes occurred five days after Governor-elect Diego Sinhué Rodrígez Vallejo (PAN) assumed command of the administration, in which he assured that he would "be ringing their bell " in terms of security in the face of the levels of violence that the entity carries.
Around 9:30 p.m. this Thursday, at least ten men with firearms entered the Montebello community of Pénjamo aboard vehicles and intercepted six young people playing cards outside a grocery store, whom they made cross the street and after questioning them they shot them all dead. Besides Jonathon Munóz Garcia, the other five men were identified as Agustin Garcia Toscano, Jose Trinadad Macias Zaragoza, Fernando Ayala Álvarez, José Ayala Mosqueda and Jorge Garcia Martínez.

Hours before, a man and a woman  were executed in a house in the Miguel Hidalgo neighborhood in Pénjamo.

In Salamanca , around 18:00 hours, three men who were between Soto and Gama and San Antonio streets were shot dead . A group of men approached in a van and opened fire against them.

Also in Salamanca, a Pemex worker died when he was attacked with bullets when he took his son to school on Paseo de Primavera Avenue; the victim named Alejandro "N" was an engineer of the ''Ing. Antonio M. Amor Refinery''. ( See Chivis Post today)

In León, three intentional homicides were reported in the colonies of Pedregal Satélite, San Marcos and San Miguel, while in Irapuato a taxi driver was killed by gunshot wounds at the intersection of Avenida Calzada de la Industria and Primero de Mayo. According to police investigations the driver at the steering wheel was hit by several subjects who shot him.

In a neighborhood road of the community La Trinidad de Abasolo , they found the body of a man shot to death. Also, in Apaseo el Grande state police located a young man with the coup de grace shot to the head on a dirt road that goes to the community of Los Julianes.

In San Luis de La Paz, security authorities learned of the discovery of the man's body on the road to San Luis de la Paz to Victoria, which had bullet wounds, and similarly they found a deceased near the Laja riverbed , a short distance from the Cortazar-Merino highway, while in Valle de Santiago a man was murdered in Colonia Magisterial .

Because of the fighting of cartels, Guanajuato is living through its worst crisis of violence of the last two decades.


  1. En Guanajuato... la vida no vale nada...

  2. Acambaro and the rancherias are a crown jewel for any of them but People frequently smoke each other and its not even cartel related.

  3. Word is that the area of Pénjamo is getting hit hard by Jalisco since the area stuck with el marró?

  4. Cjng putting in work. Not trying to out shine chema doe.

  5. I'm from michoacan right on the border with guanajuato and there has been many dead from guanajuato and get dumped close to that area. Mencho really wants guanajuato, just a matter of time before he gets it. There is no turning back for marro though, he already f up going against mencho..

  6. Oh, mano ! que terrrrribleeeee.........que lastima.
    I am really sorry to hear that but thanks for sharing. It is good to hear from locals on the ground in the war zone , excellent to add a local’s perspective.

  7. Cdg vs jaliscas fighting for a refinery in that state.

  8. My family is close to Tarimoro...cousin last time told me 3 dead from La Noria un municipio de Tarimoro..I want to take my son to baptize in December but having second thoughts.

  9. Many readers' comments about the way "El Loco Duterte" are being followed by Guanajuato's actorities, result in murdering of innocents is the consequence of extrajudicial executions, but Colombia still carries the crown, according to clandestine graves like La Macarena full of innocent "Falsos Positivos" assassinated by the colombian army to report work to their "president" alvaro uribe velez.

  10. Need to hear this to show these rats kill innocent people all the time,CJNG cleaning the plaza,fuck off back to Jalisco,but Marro was working with them before he jumped off.Now these families have to feel the pain and for what


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