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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

“Los Laredos” Detained in Chiapas, Wanted in the US

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio

                                   PGR and Marina detain leaders of Los Laredos in Chiapas
By: Rubén Mosso

Mercedes Barrios Hernández and her husband Antonio Laredo Donjuán are accused in the United States of drug trafficking and money laundering.

Antonio Laredo Donjuán and his wife Mercedes Barrios Hernández , alleged members of the criminal organization called Los Laredos , identified by the United States as one of the main heroin carriers in the United States, were detained in Chiapas by elements of the Attorney General's Office in Mexico. coordination with personnel of the Secretary of the Navy.

The US Treasury Dept has identified a third brother named Job Donjúan, along with Antonio and Ismael as the leaders of the DTO, sanctioned them  and frozen their assets under the Kingpin Act and forbids US citizens of doing business with any of them.

The personnel of the federal forces completed a provisional arrest warrant for extradition purposes issued by the Eighth District Judge of Federal Criminal Proceedings in Mexico City. 

In 2016, the Asset Control Office (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury designated Los Laredos as members of the drug trade, for producing and distributing heroin from Mexico to US soil since 2008, as well as for laundering the money obtained from the sale of drugs. 

According to federal officials, the heroin allegedly produced and distributed by the members of said criminal group is sent to Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and Camden New Jersey. 

In 2015, the East District Attorney's Office of Pennsylvania filed charges of drug trafficking and money laundering against brothers Antonio and Ismael Laredo Donjuán, whom he identified as leaders of that organization. 

The accusation also includes the name of Mercedes Barrios Hernández , wife of Antonio Laredo Donjuán, and Daniela Gómez Velázquez , who is married to Ismael Laredo Donjuán. 

The operation carried out by the PGR and the Semar was executed in the Chiapas municipality of Pueblo Nuevo Solistahuacán. 

Both detainees are required to be tried before the Federal Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania; the first of them for his probable responsibility in the crimes of criminal association, against health and operations with resources of illegal origin and the second, for his probable participation in the crime of operations with resources of illicit origin. 

The marriage has a red notice issued by Interpol, based in Lyon, France, at the request of the National Central Office in the United States.


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