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Saturday, September 8, 2018

"La Línea" Ambushes 19 State Police: 4 Dead

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Diario

                                                              Midnight in Mexico

Extra Material from El Herald and El Sol de Mx

Chihuahua.- Four state policemen lost their lives in an ambush on the San Pedro-San Juanito highway in the Chihuahua mountains, when they were returning from the city of Cuauhtémoc to the town where they have their detachment, after transferring detainees from the group criminal "La Linea" to authorities of the Public Ministry.

The place known as El Nogal, near San Juanito, the largest town in the municipality of Bocoyna in the Sierra Tarahumara, about 50 men from the road and the surrounding area closed the way to a convoy of three patrols of the State Police, some shooting began from atop the mountains.

In the attack, recorded at 10 o'clock last Thursday, they used high-powered weapons and grenades, with which they killed two of the four dead agents and their patrols, while another of the units was broken in the attempt to rescue the elements trapped; After the surprise attack some of the agents were able to repel the aggression, without achieving the arrest of attackers, but they secured one of the units in which they were traveling, a white GMC 2013, in addition to some weapons left by the aggressors during their escape. The armed convoy of gunmen was traveling in at least 40 vehicles.

Two police officers of the State Security Commission (CES) were burned and two others were shot dead during the ambush last Thursday night against 19 elements of that corporation, according to the official report. The assault took place about 50 kilometers from Bocoyna, Chihuahua , where thirteen officers were wounded -one of them seriously- with large-caliber shots and reportedly involved as many as 50 gunman with large caliper weapons.

The attack was at the height of kilometer 46 of this route, where are the limits of the municipalities of Bocoyna and Guerrero, in a closed curve and surrounded by hills, in one of which was placed a machine gun floor, according to the evidence collected in the place.

Of the 19 elements that were ambushed, the 4 murdered were identified: Santiago Domingo Herrera, Edgar Chavira Juárez, Víctor Ortega Morales and Rafael Alemán Hinojos; 7 resulted in serious and minor injuries, but were treated in hospitals in Chihuahua and Cuauhtémoc, from where they reported stable until yesterday afternoon; while the rest of the members of the official convoy were without injuries, some thanks to which they took refuge among the rocks and the nearby mountains, after trying to defend themselves.

According to a recording of the C-4 of Cuauhtémoc City sent to El Diario, the group of agents could not ask for support by radio because there is no signal in the mountainous area of ​​the mountain municipality where the officers were.

In the villages surrounding the site of the events, on the Gran Visión road that leads to the tourist sites of the mountains of Chihuahua, they pointed out that during the night there were hours of uncertainty, because shortly before the attack some residents noticed that a large amount of of trucks with armed men, who later learned they had set up the ambush, with fixed machine guns and vehicles aimed at surprising the elements.

      Most of illegal logging in this remote area is controlled by Narcos/Organized Crime Group
The closest support to the point of attack is located in Cuauhtémoc, approximately one hour away.

The commissioner Óscar Alberto Aparicio Avendaño confirmed the deaths and said that four soldiers lost their lives and six more were injured. Aparicio Avendaño condemned the attack and warned that it will act accordingly, advancing the implementation of a joint operation to find those responsible.

"It was an ambush, a cowardly attack, that's what it was," said Aparicio Avendaño, who pointed out that the crime will not go unpunished as previous attacks against state agents have not been allowed to happen, facts that have been achieved.  35 people have been detained in the last two years. "Today will be the same, we will find them and we will stop them, the operatition will not go down the mountain until we find them".

The official credited the attack to the group "La Linea" and assured that the ETUC has attacked equally the two groups that operate in the entity, both the Sinaloa and Juárez cartels, of which 27 leaders have been arrested, 13 of a side and 14 on the other.

A criminal group identified with the criminal organization "La Linea" was the orchestrator of the attack, said one of the officers assigned to Creel.

This in retaliation for having detained that same day three armed members of "La Linea" criminal group, revealed the official of the CES.

The deceased agents were officially identified as Santiago Domingo Herrera, Edgar Chavira Juárez, Víctor Ortega Morales and Martín Alemán Hinojos. These last two were scorched once they had been riddled by bullets.

Aparicio reported that the incident occurred around 11 pm Thursday in the town known as "El Nogal", municipality of Bocoyna, when the officers returned from the city of Cuauhtémoc where they made the provision of three people detained with advance in the town of San Juanito.

The version of one of the officers of the ETUC indicates that several of his companions when being ambushed fled and they went into the mountain area hiding in the bushes in the middle of the darkness.

Among them are the wounded who were later aided by their comrades and who were initially believed to be missing, said the witness, who assured that the support took more than an hour because the nearest detachment is in Cuauhtémoc.

According to the interviewee, the point of the ambush was passing the San Pedro junction, in El Nogal, where a group of about 40 criminal trucks were already waiting for them from the top of a mountain.

During the morning of Thursday three criminals with firearms had been arrested. The leader of the criminal group, identified as César Manjarrez, alias "El H2", had unofficially requested the release of his companions and when he was denied he acted in retaliation preparing the ambush, the official said.

According to the source, who asked not to be identified, the ESC elements came from Cuauhtémoc, where they placed the three detainees at the disposal of the Public Ministry.

With large caliber weapons they were shot at in the dark of the area, where there is no communication by any means and it is known that it is a dangerous step because of the presence of the criminal group in question, the witness said.

The state prosecutor, César Peniche, reported yesterday morning that an operation had been deployed since Thursday night in search of those responsible. He said they had secured weapons, vehicles and drugs, but no people were detained.

He said that full support will be provided to the relatives of the policemen killed, in addition to the support for the personnel who were injured, who receive attention in health centers and hospitals in Cuauhtémoc.

One of the injured officers has a serious condition, while five others were reported stable and out of danger, he said.

The Absentee Mexican Military:

Cuauhtemoc:  The Mexican Army was the great absentee in the aggression against state agents in Bocoyna, said the West Zone prosecutor, Jesús Manuel Carrasco Chacón.

"I have to say, as a prosecutor in the area, we are worried that the Army will not be mobilized in this type of situation. Although it does not correspond to them, as uniformed with that oath and patriotic duty we must leave to attend the call of this type of events, "he said.

He said that the attack originated from the displacement work that the State Security Commission has achieved with the control that this criminal cell had in this region.

"The attack did not come so much because of the detention, but because of the illegal timber that has been subtracted from them, due to confrontations that have occurred with these criminal groups that in some way have marked the presence of the institution in the region and this makes the criminal groups, " he said.

For this weekend sports activities are scheduled in Bocoyna, before which the prosecutor recommended not to travel at night in this region. However, he pointed out that there is a police presence in the area that must guarantee security in the area.

A Command Failure:

A fault of command and the lack of immediate intervention of support by personnel of the Mexican Army, highlighted near the area of ​​the attack, was taken advantage of last night by the contingent of gunmen from "La Linea", who attacked to the convoy of agents of the State Security Commission (CES), in the access road that leads from the town of San Pedro to San Juanito in the municipality of Bocoyna.

Agents of the ETUC interviewed by El Diario and those who requested anonymity, said that the ambush could have been avoided or presented the confrontation in different circumstances, not of disadvantage, if the convoy had not returned that night to the town of Creel.

"It was a failure of command, because the comrades returned to Creel at night, when there is already a history of ambushes and attacks on the corporation in that place," they revealed.

It was indicated that at the time of being surprised in number and armament by the delinquents, in what qualified by the survivors themselves as "a hail of bullets", some policemen chose to leave the attack point and fled towards the mountain, this was how they managed to save their lives, but not their four companions.

The criminals detonated fragmentation grenades that destroyed a patrol and according to estimates, at least 50 gunmen had been involved in the attack at various points of access to the highway, where previously there had been other attacks on members of the security forces.

The FGE, through its spokesman Carlos Huerta, informed that the events occurred hours after the agents of the CES carried out the arrest of three armed men traveling in a car, this at the intersection of Tamaulipas and Octava streets, town of San Juanito.

There were surprised individuals in possession of firearms (no number or type was specified) and were identified as Demetrio Arturo Banda Rascón, 31, Carlos Humberto Antillón Pérez, 32 and Jesus Ignacio Pérez Parra, 44 years old.

Unofficially it transpired that the arrest occurred around 2:30 p.m. and only a 10-millimeter gun was located.

That is how the state agents moved later to the municipality of Cuauhtémoc, where they made available to the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) the men, vehicle and insured weapon.

This situation, to say of the authorities, provoked the reaction of the criminal group, whose members waited for the return of the convoy to collect revenge around the 21:30 hours.

Some versions indicated that the shooting occurred because the criminal leader known as "El H-2" had been captured and the gunmen rescued him from the police, but that version was denied by the Prosecutor's Office.


1-Around 14:30 hours, in the streets of Tamaulipas and Octava of the town of San Juanito, the convoy of elements of the CES mark the stop to the crew of a vehicle and there they arrest Demetrio Arturo Banda Rascón, 31 , Carlos Humberto Antillón Pérez, 32, and Jesús Ignacio Pérez Parra, 44 years old, in possession of a firearm.

2-State agents transfer the detainees and the insured to the municipality of Cuauhtémoc, where they are placed at the disposal of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF).

3-Around 9:30 p.m., the ambush occurs at the access road that leads from the town of San Pedro to San Juanito in the municipality of Bocoyna, when the 19 police officers return aboard three official trucks to their destination, detachment in Creel, with the balance of 4 dead, 13 injured and two unharmed.

The Search is On:

State authorities surrounded the communities of San Juanito and Creel after the violent events in which four policemen died.

Since Thursday the head of the State Security Commission (CES), Oscar Aparicio Avendaño, ordered the transfer of more than one hundred units to the mountain area in support of the actions to try to locate the presumed responsible for the ambush.

Yesterday, several CES and ministerial units carried out searches in homes, hotels and motels. In the development of the mega - operativo the units traveled the road from San Pedro to San Juanito and from San Juanito to the municipality of Creel.

After several revisions the agents made incursions in the mountains and other towns in search of cells of armed people, where they managed the arrest of at least one man.

Later the dozens of units were introduced to the gaps of the community of San Juanito apparently looking for alleged camps in which could be the members of the cells of the crime, and possible intellectual authors of the ambush to the agents of the CES.

Hours later, these operatives were joined by about 10 units of agents of the General Prosecutor's Office of the State of Chihuahua, Cuauhtémoc, La Junta and the detainees in the municipality of Creel, but no arrests were reported until last night.

Other Attacks of Police at the Same Location:

Approximately ten gunmen attacked a command of the State Police (PEU) at or near the same  junction of the communities of San Pedro and San Juanito, the same point where four agents were killed last Thursday night.

Those events occurred on February 13, 2014, when a group of armed men allegedly linked to "La Línea" opened fire on a convoy of state policemen, leaving two officers dead and another seven injured by bullet wounds.

The authorities presumed then that the motive of the attack was a revenge for the death of three federal pseudo-policemen linked to drug trafficking activities, killed by public security agents in a confrontation that occurred the day before the attack against members of the PEU. The policemen who died in the ambush were Alejandro Núñez Guadaña, 24, and Gregorio Cabrera Jiménez, 39.

State authorities detained three men for their alleged responsibility in the attack. Since October 4, 2016, when the administration of Governor Javier Corral Jurado began, there have been 64 murders of police officers in Chihuahua.

                                                  Gov Javier Corral remains silent
Chihuahua Governor Javier Corral refused to comment on the attack against state agents in Bocoyna. The official passed by the reporters who asked him questions and despite following him to his office in the Government Palace he did not agree to be interviewed.


  1. No respect for law enforcement remember they used to be some codes back then when the biggest and baddest drug lord of mexico was alive El senor sinaloense carrillo thats why he made 25 billions nobody will ever top that man the respect and honor has been lost

    1. Not when cds keeps on using the police, federalies

  2. Does anyone know if La Linea is still under the command of the Carrillo Fuentes clan?

    1. Cesar el chicaro Carrillo

    2. Is it Cesar or Vicente now that he is out of prison?

  3. Wow thats some major muscle! Maybe somebody flexing to get attention or a new sheriff in town. Hijo de sr de los cielos

    1. Major muscle? Jajaja 50 sicarios surprise attack 19 police officers and only kill 4? That's not flexing, that's just giving a meth using under achiever a rifle.

    2. he probably has thousands of clones growing up there already in flower, most likely got paranoid and the kids started shooting.
      The beginning to an end of them, idiots if you would ask me.

  4. Rescataron al h2 como al compita del 80

  5. Wonder if they gonna after la linea as hard as they went after cds when they ambushed n killed the soldiers in culiacan

    1. They didn’t go hard after cds after that. They have blamed like 5 different people for orchestrating that attack. Even the guy that they caught with the leg wound was released. And later killed on the street

  6. No respect for police, state police should always have a back up plan, when a possible ambush is eiment ..send out the Blackhawks, with machine guns and
    finish off, the convoy of bad azzes.

  7. You cross the line expect consequences

  8. On another note. How do I watch "La bibertad de El Diablo"

  9. thansk Yaqui, excellent translation, clears up a lot of confusion over H2's supposed arrest

  10. La verdad creo que ya los carrillos no mandan esto no tiene sentido si mueven toneladas de merca no hay necesidad de hacer esto. Recuerden este es el punto que el cumbias de cds ataco en el 2010 al parecer sigue siendo territorio de la linea.

  11. Didn’t they do this to free el H one of there bosses

  12. God rest these souls.

    The narco's have long been logging illegally for many years through out the Sierra Madres of old growth forest. Just another one of their components of their enterprises. Creel is a main hopping off and resting place between Chihuahua City and Los Mochis on the Copper Canyon train. The Sierra Tarahumara once was the ancestral lands of the Tarahumara tribe, known for their 100 mile foot races, on cut up old tire tread sandals while consuming large amounts of tesguino. It is also the area where Geronimo and the rest of the Apaches disappeared into after being run out of the now USA.

    The Meztizo came into the area and seized Tarahumara lands. Most of these Meztizos were Sinoloaese. Tarahumara had to grow mota or opium. Either grow, or die. As Tarahumara cleared their lands of old growth forests, they became a main component of drug production, through no wants or desires of their own. While located outside of the Golden Triangle, but not far, where Sinoloa-Sonora-Chihuahua come together, it is remote enough for prime illegal logging and drug production. A business from cradle to grave for the narcos.

    Price for kilo of mota ten years ago in this region, was $70/kilo. To ship to the border the price was $100/kilo. So basically black market pot grown with little expense for Tarahumara labor, remains much cheaper than mota grown in the US.

    With the hair-pin turns on the roads and barrancas in the northern end of the Sierra Madres, it was idea for the narcos to use due to the remoteness. In fact most of Copper Canyon is definitely off limits unless you go to Urique, which the narcos has kindly given us the chance to see Tarahumara culture, especially during their wild Easter Festival. Everything else, is off limits.

    It is said that you can buy grenades and grenade launchers even in Urique, if you're looking.

    This toxic brew that the narco's made, is what the patrol was dealing with. In the article, Los Lineas, had three companions arrested for illegal logging. Now the reaction, just as in Petatlan recently and what we saw in Guerrero this past week and many times more, the state patrol was ambushed for revenge and letting them know who has the biggest balls.

    Life is not important to the narcos. This is mainly due to their machismo, having dried cow testicles hanging off their rear view mirrors, talking about your mother, and being the vaquero deluxe model.

    Once again in Mexico, we see justice trying to be served, with a painful outcome in this episode.

    The (3) locked up, have at least 50, or maybe 49 now, to use in this area, along with heavy ammunitions. Do not let the (3) out, they will threaten, bribe and kill, to prove themselves.

    Javier Corral Jurado, was born in El Paso, but states he is 100% Juaranese. He specializes in communication. He gave up the Mexico senate to run, after a failed campaign previously, for the governor of Chihuahua, a post he's held since 2016. He knows how to talk obviously.

    Why does he not at least give his condolences to these fallen? Where not even the minimum of words are spoken? He is either complicit, or afraid. Either one is unacceptable.

    God speed to Aparicio Avendano who talked bravely for his men. God rest their souls.

    1. Thank you so much for weighing in @11:09
      The history of this area ( as others ) really breaks my heart.
      The massacres, the rapes, enslavement, lost cultural values, not to mention
      butchery by and to humans and the land. 💔

    2. Cows dont have testicles bulls do.

    3. Aparicio Avendaño said in statement today that he and those under his command are completely outgunned.

    4. Aparicio needs help. Narcos have falcons everywhere, state sees little (the ones that are truly fighting for Mexico, honor and self-sacrifice). Narcos have radios, state has phones that depend on cell phone signals? Narcos have the big trucks, the state has open vehicle patrol vehicles. Narcos have plated vehicles where needed, state has nothing has open top troop transport.

      Narcos have people all over the place, the state has many people but in many places. Narcos have grenades and molotov cocktails. Have not heard of state using grenades. Narcos surprise the state, the state responds and when they do, few are ever captured.

      State needs better surveillance (day and night) to neutralize the falcons (available), special ops to get behind the lines, armored vehicles without the open tops, supply lines that are closer together and better back up plans.

      Narcos set up roadblocks and seal areas, have not the heard the state ever doing this to block either end of roads before patrols. Narcos own the roads and the patrols explore them.

      Cannot the state combine forces and go after production. Eliminate production you eliminate cartels, but the immediate vacuum would have to be filled by jobs, education (which is not mandatory for Mexican children) and judicial structure. Savings from Pemex losing 8.5 B/year and subsidized $6 B/year by the gov't is much more than all cartels combined could ever make annually.

      Focus on one particular area. Simultaneously seize the high ground at the top, secure the base, block the roads and clear the crops, but provide assistance to the farmers and give them jobs, etc. You have to win the people and they need to know who they can really trust.

      Keep strategy, operations and maintenance plans encrypted beyond narcos capabilities and police forces (this is where privatizing these operations might have to be explored).

      The USA will never send in troops and the wall will never stop anything from the smartest narco. Start at their roots.

      Aparicio Avendano needs help from the bottom to the top of the gov't. Start at the top and work you way down. Pay the troops competitive wages. Just look what this does to tourism, taxes, labor, etc. It makes no economic sense what Mexico is doing, then Aparicio not only has a chance, but a winning chance.

      Thanks Yaqui. We're in this together.

    5. THANK YOU for your detailed educational post. It is disgusting how Indios victimized by the evil mestizos.

    6. YES ! Thank you so much for the contributions. Invaluable, credible thoughts, very much appreciated.
      Someone HAS to care for anything to change.

    7. PS: I am NOBODY and even I do not rely on cell service. I am never anywhere where there is a cell signal unless I am in a town shopping.
      ALL my friends / familias in rural Mexico have radios.........just regular folks.
      Cells only for town/ supply runs.

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  14. Think how many SUVs and pickup trucks the drug war consumes! Ford, GMC, Nissan, etc. gotta be making bank selling to the cartels and the government.

  15. Time for federal forces and all police with military to step up 10 levels and just start wiping these meth addict cartel scumbags out. No reason not to exterminate them all then go to the prisons and drop gas inside to eradicate the disease. This is worse than anything Colombia ever saw.

  16. Time to admit Mexico cannot handle their criminal problem? Call in the Marines (US that is)!

    1. Mr 446 I agree with you, on bringing the US Marines. I hate to inform you, but Mexico does not want that type of help, Mexico wants curruption to always be there. Thanks quagmire of Mexico will be there.

    2. @12:12.
      Mexico rather choose their own corruption that they can control than to let America show up and enforce their own corruption. And don’t you dare say America is better. Great US of A has always added fuel to the fire

    3. Direct orders from the devils own mouth (USA)

  17. Nice hollow road. Classic ambush. Very sad to read this though. You can only call it a full fledged civil war now. The only difference is that it's about economic & egoistic motives, rather than political ones. In theory ripe for a UN intervention. But of course you first need the US to legalize drugs and criminalize firearms so that's not happening soon.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking, they must have seen that tight spot coming and thought "oh shit...". Like fish in a barrel.

  18. Creel is that town on YouTube where an armed convoy pretty much takes over the town and storms a house where 9 or 10 people were executed. Not sure what year it was but that area obviously has a bad history of cartel dominance.

    1. They didnt take over the town just blocked the way in or out n searched couple of vehicles ...

    2. 10:24, ........................
      I would call the performance they put on taking over a town for at least a couple hours to carry out a massacre without any police or military intervention. Oh and plus a couple vehicle searches...

  19. Anyone remembers the video of a narco convoy in chihuahua that surfaced on YouTube about 10 years ago?

  20. Gross killing the law as if they were animals, all cartel members, should be shot up on the spot, take no prisoners.

  21. And how many of la linea members got killed? Let's tally kills on criminals, Navy is just getting drugs, but seldom criminals on site.


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