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Sunday, September 16, 2018

“El Parra” Detained: “It was only a Matter of Time”

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ZETA

                                                                  Óscar Parra Aispura
                        "El Parra", the main traffic operator of totoaba bladders finally detained.

By: Eduardo Villa Lugo/ Zeta
NOTE: See my original post entitled: Totoaba Bladders, The Cocaine of the Sea here.

One Kilo of Totoaba Bladder is worth $60,000 - $100,000 USD in China. The illegal poaching of Totoaba for their bladders is what has put the barely surviving Vaquita Porpoise near extinction which is endemic to the upper Sea of Cortez.

                                                      "It was only a matter of  time"

State police had been on the heels of Óscar Parra Aispuro for months, allegedly the main operator of totoaba bladder traffic in San Felipe, who was arrested in a special operation early Thursday that ended on the San Felipe-Mexicali highway #5.

In possession of two AR15 weapons, two AK47s, bulletproof vests, three small arms and two vehicles, plus two bodyguards, it was like they apprehended the dangerous sea capo, who could not defend himself when the PEP units blocked him on the highway.

Since last year the head of Óscar Parra Aispuro, known as "El Tekolín", became visible due to constant altercations he had in the Port town of San Felipe. 

The situation went out of control until last December 31 when he was involved in the murder of a member of the Mexican Army, who allegedly shot him during a traffic altercation; the soldier stopped the traffic by requesting jumper cables, which stopped the vehicular flow, causing the annoyance of "El Parra".

Under pressure from the Sedena, the Attorney General's Office initiated the investigation against "El Parra", after a series of searches on houses allegedly owned by him; the operation lasted several days and generated enough evidence to release the arrest warrant against him.

After a few weeks the calm returned to the Port, since the special group that was appointed to try to stop him and his poaching activities was dismantled upon the arrival of Gerardo Sosa Olachea to the Public Security Secretariat of the State. 

The Attorney General's Office also made adjustments that reduced the persecution of the alleged poacher.

In June of this year, as part of the celebrations of Father's Day, the former PEP intelligence director, Fabricio Ruiz Valenzuela, was attacked with bullets when he visited the Port town of San Felipe , BC. Sicarios opened fire against him when he was traveling aboard his compact vehicle on the street named Mar de Jápon.

More than 40 projectiles from three different weapons were located in the place, but fortunately, the agent survived thanks to the attack realized seconds before and managed to maneuver his vehicle to later repel the attack when he discharged his weapon.

The alleged intellectual author was Parra Aispuro, according to the investigation carried out by the authorities, where an element of the Ministerial Police was also identified as a material aggressor.

On September 1, the son of the former commander of the Ministerial Police of San Felipe, Adán Uribe Herrera, was also shot when he was traveling aboard an Aveo car, a recent model, bound for a grocery store near his house located in the subdivision Villa Florida.


  1. Shooting up "former government ministers" and soldiers is not a wise option, but nobody cared about no "vaquitas", chingadamadre.
    Ora "El Parra" will become La Perra de la Carsel

    1. Believe it or not people do care about the vaquitas bozo.

    2. Yes, they sure do. Worldwide, no less. A lot of effort put into the last gasp to save them. I have walked two mile long beaches in that area, dead Totoaba as far as the eye can, they don’t even take the fish meat ! They are thrown overboard with just the bladder cut out and come in on high tides.

  2. It should read “Temporarily Detained” or “Minor Inconvenience” as the slime bucket will be released very shortly with “not enough evidence” to hold him. LOL Mexican impunity and immunity. Justice defined as freedom for all criminals and prison for the innocents.

    1. To that I agree 100%. The politicians are cowards and associates in Narcexico!!!!

  3. He looks good in stripes. He'll look even better in Prison stripes. Jajajaja. Pinche pescador furtivo.

  4. They murdered cortazar mayor's 2 year old son._

  5. 18 wheeler with 157 unidentified bodies was abandoned.

  6. I was in San Felipe just over a year ago for a few days. Crazy place, stolen cars everywhere and questionable people all over that place.

  7. Bravo que bueno que agarraron a este miserable

  8. I don't know much about firearms but that looks like some spendy firepower. Not your typical worn out hand-me-downs. Glad they got this guy. Sad to say that his replacement is probably out running the show the same day as his arrest. I hope not. But that reality. Poaching wildlife is even lower than drug dealing, in my opinion!

  9. Whats so good about the Totoaba ?

    1. They only harvest the bladders, sell on the black market and ship to China for god only knows what. Aphrodisiac probably.
      AND mucho dinero. Worth a fortune, sadly.

    2. Because the Chinese still believe in their ancient medicine. In 2018.. When we have the science to prove there is no benefit with most of these ancient Chinese medicines. But hey, what can you expect from a place where its socially acceptable eat eggs hard boiled in human urine all day.


  10. When will Mexico end its (failed) experiment in gun control? It's time to allow Mexicans to arm themselves again.


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