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Thursday, August 23, 2018

U.S. issues advisory after 8 murders in Cancun area

Posted on forum by Canadiana from newsweek and various news agencies identified in text

In the state of Quintana Roo, violence has spread throughout this year due to a dispute between the Jalisco Cartel New Generation and Los Zetas.

Bodies found in trunk

The U.S. State Department issued a level two travel advisory for Mexico after eight bodies were discovered in the beach resort city of Cancun. Some of the bodies were discovered in the trunk of a taxi cab and at least two bodies were found dismembered. [and one decapitated]

The bodies of a man and a woman were discovered shoved into the trunk of an abandoned taxi cab at a shopping mall in the early hours Monday, the Riveria Maya News reported. The identities of the two victims was unknown.

Authorities discovered the bodies of two men dismembered and placed in several plastic bags at another location, the Associated Press reported. The bodies, which were not identified, were discovered on Rancho Viejo avenue, according to Mexican news organization EJE Central.

Another man was found on Tuesday bound and shot to death. A sixth man was murdered while lying in a hammock, while a seventh victim was fatally shot and covered in a plastic bag, the prosecutors’ office in the state of Quintana Roo said.

The eighth victim was found decapitated in the neighborhood of Tres Reyes, according to local reports. None of the slayings occurred in Cancun’s beach-side hotel zone.

The State Department warned travelers to “exercise increased caution in Mexico due to crime.” The travel advisory, which was issued on Tuesday, noted that violent crimes were widespread in the country.

Travelers were advised not to travel to Colima, Guerrero, Michoacán, Sinaloa and Tamaulipas states due to crime. The advisory suggested using toll roads whenever possible, avoiding driving at night and being vigilant while visiting banks or ATMs.

The travel advisory also noted that while many homicides in Quintana Roo state appeared to be targeted, violent crimes have occurred in areas frequented by American tourists.

"Shooting incidents injuring or killing bystanders have occurred," the advisory said.

Violence in Cancun, which is a popular beach destination for international tourists, has been seemingly on the rise. In April, 57 murders were reported, including 14 homicides that occurred within a 36-hour time frame near main tourists attractions, The Dallas Morning News reported. Authorities believed those 14 murders were drug-related.


  1. El SeNor Ivan gave the order to take over Cancun. Gente Nueva Long Range Recon units are already in the area. Antrax Special Activities Division headed by Jesus Pena El 20 have upgraded all their trokas to Mercedes BenZ X-Class with level 5 bullet proof provided by our liason in the Israeli Mossad. Every truck has a 50 caliber machine gun attached and the best sound system to rock the latest corridos (unlike CJNG who plays MC Hammer). We also have a CIA satellite providing surveillance.

    Sicario 006

    1. Hanging on their nuts a bit ain't you hahaha

    2. Well tell el senor to end the violence

  2. That's it I am cancelling my plans to Cancun, I can go to Brazil oh wait also bad there, Venezuela, oops also bad there. I am safer with Sacario 6, in his pimped up bullet proof car.

    1. How did sacario 6 aquired a bullet proof car?

  3. Brace yourselves for the deniers, people.

    El Martillo

  4. Mexico is a failed state.

  5. My close girlfriend still wants to go to Mexico. Many Canadians have no idea what's happening or if they do hear about the violence think it's isolated.

    Canadian girl

    1. Send this site URL to her, and tell her to start reading back in time. If she's still going, then she has a death wish.

  6. I was in Cancun tourist zone playa de Carmen centro Cancun I felt safe just doing normal tourist things just go relax and enjoy the beach Canadian girl just don’t wander off looking for drugs if you really want some ask a bartender or security at a club in the tourist zones they usually have some on them


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