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Friday, August 10, 2018

Jalisco 5.31 homicides per day in 2018

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat thank you "Char" BB Forum ūüĎć
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At least 1,131 were killed so far this year in Jalisco.
  • January 144
  • February 166
  • March 214
  • April, 193
  • May 126
  • June 125
  • July 163
This averages 5.31 homicides per day. Not counting the “disappeared” whose remains have not been found.

This week almost 50 bodies found buried in a half dozen homes

Today in 14 hours already 4 bodies found.


  1. Stop the killings ...mortuary is overflowing. Por favor

    1. Que pendejo estas! like that's soething to brag about! you're an idiot

  2. That’s it ?
    Chihuahua has seen over 800 murders just in Juarez compa!

    1. Typical matter what the murder rate we have more murders shit. report wasn't talking about Juarez dummy.thats like saying 1 person has HIV then the 2 person chimes in talking about that aint shit I have aids.point being stay in your lane

    2. It's people like you with your mentality that are the problem. What kind of an imbecile takes pride in the death count? Either your really young or really stupid either way be careful cuz when natural selection come a knocking its usually the dumb dumbs that go first.

    3. It keeps getting close and close to the half a million murders in mexico, in spite of all the militarization of police operations and plain military operations.
      --Veracruz with marinas, navy, soldiers and every branch of police has proven the governor was in on it since before he even became governor, working with fidel Herrera beltran and his ZETAS and CJNG on his way to power, same goes for governors of other states, I am sure Aristotle Sandoval has his own judases betraying him and his CJNG partners and he can't do shot because he took money from everybody.
      Complaints about criminals and their many branches are just mamadas from Aristotelse Sandoval who is apparently a new baby who can't find his way around in his crib.

  3. We are waiting for word from my wife's brother's family. They fled Jalisco last week. They have a small tienda along one of the calle-libre roads. They just kept getting hit for piso, and it kept going up. Then they get phone call threats to kidnap their kids. Something happened last week. They told no one local, just packed up and headed north. Lucky for them they have tourist visas to the states, but that is only good for so long. Don't know the future.

    1. Thank the heroe of many (mencho) for that....long gone are those days when the real narcos helped their people etc instead of taxing them...

  4. Operation wipe out cjng happening


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