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Friday, August 24, 2018

Gro: Former wrongfully imprisoned, Senator-Elect Nestora Salgado supports new administrations drug decriminalization

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Reforma

Mexico's path to drug decriminalization

Guerrero Senator-elect former activist, commander of community police and formerly wrongfully imprisoned, Nestora Salgado, supports  the next federal government’s position to decriminalize the use of drugs.

Yesterday, Olga Sánchez Cordero, following  the Secretary of the Interior, announced that she will present to the UN an interpretative guideline of international drug treaties in order to make the rules more flexible and move towards decriminalization in Mexico.

In this regard, Nestora Salgo, who was commander of the Community Police of Olinalá, warned that violence around drugs has been responsible for many deaths in Mexico.

"We have to support the proposal (to decriminalize drugs), we have to find ways to avoid so much death, they are the cause that have caused us so much death in Mexico, then, by decriminalizing it, I think it would be avoided," she said.

"The drug will never cease to exist, but I feel that it has been one of the greatest causes of what is happening in our country."

She added that along with decriminalization there should be education for all children, from home to school, to raise awareness of the effects of drugs.

"For example, at my age, I have not tried marijuana, or cocaine, because I was educated about the danger at home," she said.

The future legislator of the Morena party also supported the proposal that her native State sent to the federal Congress to legalize the poppy for medicinal purposes.

"Cultivate the plant is not the problem, the problem is the derivative of the plant, there they have to regulate that part. Where is the crime?", she reflected.


  1. Ok Nestora also legalize kidnappings, extorntions and for sure all killings will come to a stop.

    1. Please don't be ignorant , do the math , if it gets legal , at least the mota maybe la coca and the poppie

    2. Mr Balls your wrong

  2. A simple fix of legalizing a drug, will not cure, the everyday rampant killings, in Mexico, people are killed for other various crimes. The security cheif Duranzo, and Nectora are way off, in this one.

    Luna Apaghta

    1. The very most - but not all! - are killed because of drugs. Why? Because that is where the big profit is!

  3. Decriminalization sounds like the only alternative. Consumption will never cease.
    Implementations of a health issue with treatment is best fitting. Along with Incentives for education and employment.

    Crime will continue regardless. Whether criminalizing or decriminalizing.

  4. Give the criminals a reward . Now let them grow it without being arrested . Seems to me like the Mexican government are a bunch of fools . The violence is coming from the middle man who is trying to make a lot of money without working. What you gonna do with him ? Give him a pension ?

    1. Stupid! The problem is the profitability of ILLEGAL drugs! Its huge and people are ready to kill for it. If its decriminalized it wont be profitable.
      Are there perhaps large crime syndicates deaöing in tobacco and alcohol where you live?

    2. Don't worry if not profitable, they will resort to extortions, kidnappings, inn which they already do ok bobo.

  5. Who is that dude with her ? He looks familiar.

  6. I thought that was Javier Duarte or Prince rolls royce


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