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Friday, August 31, 2018

CJNG Fights for Control in Bajio w Video

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior

The economic structure, the organization, its army sicarios and power of warlike armament, has extended the zones of influence of the Cartel of Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) towards the Mexican Bajío and center of the country, mainly in the states of Guanajuato, Querétaro and Puebla, where the control for the theft of hydrocarbon and LP gas is disputed .

Intra and inter Cartel struggles are supported by some local organizations, such as the so-called Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel and La Nueva Familia Michoacana ; while in other states the clashes are carried out with Los Zetas cells and the Gulf Cartel.

The dispute over the so-called "huachicol" has increased the violence in the states of Guanajuato and Puebla, where the organization led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, "El Mencho", of CJNG and focuses on the so-called "Triangle of Huachicol" and "Red Triangle in Puebla".


The constant confrontations and executions in Guanajuato are focusing on the municipalities of Valle de Santiago, Jaral del Progreso, Cortázar, Yuriria, Salamanca, Irapuato, Silao and León, which are within the so-called "Huachicol Triangle", among the cells of the CJNG and its division called Santa Rosa de Lima, commanded by José Antonio Yepes "El Marro".

According to the information disseminated by the Sixteenth Military Zone of the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) , the fight between the two organizations is for the theft of fuel and LP gas.

Violence that has been transferred to the state of Querétaro in the corridor that makes up the municipalities of Palmillas, San Juan del Río, Pedro Escobedo and Corregidora, where the Tula-Salamanca pipeline runs .

In the so-called "Red Triangle", which consists of the municipalities of Acatzingo, Palmar de Bravo, Quecholac, Tecamachalco and Tepeaca, the constant clashes are between the cells of the CJNG against the assassins of Roberto de los Santos de Jesus, aka "El Bukanas ", a Huachicolero leader at the service of Los Zetas.

The violence generated by the CJNG has spread to the state of Michoacán due to the dispute over the transfer of narcotics, the manufacture of synthetic drugs, La Nueva Familia Michoacana and Los Viagras.

Meanwhile, in Aguascalientes, the Gulf Cartel and Jalisco Nueva Generación, the state is being contested with a variety of crimes ranging from kidnapping, trade robbery, extortion, land collection, drug trafficking, executions and uprisings.

While, in San Luis Potosí, there is a silent war between the Gulf Cartel, Los Zetas, La Nueva Familia Michoacana and Nueva Generación.

CJNG,  Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación has trained foreigners:

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) has foreigners with military and paramilitary training , hence part of its power, recognizes the governor of Jalisco, Aristotle Sandoval.

We have reports, not now, for five years where we have pointed to this cartel with the inclusion of expert people, not only from Colombia but from other parts of the world, people who have had guerrilla practice, and even military, are those who They have been hiring to train their people, "said the governor of Jalisco.

Several camps were detected in municipalities such as Tala. When dismantling them, there were arrests of Central Americans. It was reported that especially young people were trapped through social networks offering them work as escorts or security agents , but they were away from their family and began training to become hit men of the criminal group.

In the camps of these people, where they train, we have found a record of people coming from Colombia, we have a history of ex-soldiers and ex-sailors from other parts of the world. CJNG has been known to use Facebook as a recruitment tool.

"This information was delivered to PGR almost four years ago, we know how it is the operation, the articulation, the training, that's why it is important to find this type of camp since they do it in remote places, in the mountains, complexes to reach" , said Aristóteles Sandoval.

In Jalisco live about 15,000 people from Colombia , some are studying, others work, but unfortunately some come to commit a crime, said the president at the time of asking not to stereotype or generalize.

"They are around 15,000 people. We can not stereotype. Yes there are arrests. We have found cells that have participated in other cartels, the proximity of this with people from Colombia. I must tell you that there are joint coordinated operations where progress is being made in the search and seizure of some farms, "said the state official.

Aristóteles Sandoval Díaz added that the operations of federal forces continue to be registered in the last hours as part of the Titan Shield and the surveillance in the ZMG will be maintained in coordination with the three levels of government.

In Morelos the fight for the sale and distribution of the drug, the kidnappings and charges of the floor have constant confrontations with the criminal organizations of Los Rojos , Guerreros Unidos and recently with the Cartel of Jalisco.

In the case of the State of Mexico, the cells of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel and La Nueva Familia Michoacana have generated an increase in insecurity in the last decade in several Mexican municipalities.

For its part, Mexico City, from being a zone of links, negotiations and alliances to a battlefield between the local organizations of the Tláhuac Cartel and the Tepito Union that led to the resignation of Hiram Almeida Estrada as head of the Secretariat of Public Security of the City of Mexico (SSP-CDMX), Raymundo Collins arrived in his place.


  1. Ahuevo! CJNG building its own border.

  2. Hey chivis, San Luis potosi a silent war? Not Much information comes out of there and honestly it has been peaceful the last couple of years. Yet I wonder if it's getting covered up or ? Just weird what is your thought?

    1. As far as I know there hasn't been any notable violence since El Taliban was at war with z40 and left zetas

  3. Sooooooooo that means that sicario 006 has been right all along. WTF

    1. I was totally going to say the same thing! That silly s.o.b. was right!

    2. I was totally going to say the same thing! That silly s.o.b. was right!

  4. Rafael Loret de Mola mentions "EPN Y SUS RASTROJOS" in an article, maybe he knows something we don't, but if Mexicans can't study or work that easy even in their own country, why is it so easy for colombians?

  5. Aristoteles Sandoval has been eating too many gorditas,
    He looks muy cachetón, of course, food comes with power and kickbacks to politicians, I remember Bill Clinton used to steal hamburgers from unsuspecting customers.

  6. Sicario 006 is a highly trained assasin. We trained him at Ft Bragg and Camp Perry. Outfitted with the latest weaponary, we deployed him to Mexico to not only infiltrate one cartel - but all of them. His identity is top secret and his handle feared by everyone. He drives a fully loaded Ducati with bullet proofing up to level 7. He also drives a Landrover stolen from the PGR itself.

    We have taught him well. Very pleased.


  7. Sicario 006 has been trying to tell us all this time about the foreign special forces and paramilitary commandos training the cartel's armed wings.

  8. Only a matter if t9ime before cjng takes over that area. Sicarios are to ruthless

  9. Putos no saben nada

  10. Along time ago there used to be this "guy" screaming; "Hides yo wominz , hide yo kidz" , this wat i think erry time el cartel de tweekers cjng.


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