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Saturday, August 18, 2018

4 Killed 9 injured during attacks at 6 Monterrey bars

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Reforma

At least 4 people were  killed, and 9 wounded, in a series of attacks against 6 bars in different parts of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

The bars attacked simultaneously were El Mansao, Woman and Black, located on Lincoln Avenue, in Colonia San Jorge.  The bars were  no more than 200 meters away from each other.

According to a police source, a valet at a  parking lot at El Mansao, was executed in the parking lot of a shopping plaza located on Lincoln Avenue and Graciano Bortoni, in the Graciano Bortoni neighborhood.

It was there that a woman of South American origin was wounded.

About 100 meters away, in  a strip club called “Woman”, located  in the San Jorge neighborhood, three people were shot, 2 males and a female.  

It was reported that Cinthya Vega Simón, 33, who works as a dancer, suffered a bullet in the abdomen, while a male identified as  Antonio Cruz Morales, 46, was shot in the left leg.

The source said the attacks were apparently committed by the same armed men.

In the Black bar there were only shots to the facade, police sources said.

Another attack occurred in the Los Rieles Bar,  in the Chepevera neighborhood, where two people were executed.

The victims were identified as Erick Armando Vela Romero, between 25 and 30 years old, who was a local customer and Felipe Navarro, 48, who worked as valet parking.

A bullet attack was also reported in the Tolo's bar, located in Plato Sanchez and Tapia, where a client identified as Rodolfo Flores Almaguer, 64, was wounded in the neck.

In Segunda de San Francisco and Héroes del 47, in the Cantú neighborhood, one was reported dead and two wounded in the attack committed at midnight on the Jecha's bar.

At the La Junta, on Anaya and Guerrero, there were damages in the façade and in parked cars, and two people injured.

The authorities are looking for some connection between the attacks committed tonight and those of July 7, when 12 people were killed in different bars in Monterrey, Guadalupe and Juárez.

After the aggressions, the state police authorities activated the Red Code.

Some 200 elements of the Secretariat of State Public Security, among the police and Army personnel, implemented security blockades and in the limits of the municipalities of the metropolitan area.


  1. Mencho killing more innocents.

  2. So close to Santa Catarina. Could very well be the Santa Catarina cartel struck again. - Sol Prendido

  3. This will not become a war because after AMLO won international business became very nervioso. AMLO has juevos with or without Salinas and everyone here will see that with AMLO and CDS working together that CDS will be presented in media to disappear but the institución will really become bigger than ever over the next 6 years.

    1. Most likely the Z's will get stronger with the new goverment...

    2. Don’t assume this was the work of them.

    3. Zetas are now Cartel Del Noreste & Zetas Viejas Escuela son Del CDG 2 different cartels now. CDG Matamoros moving deeper into MTY.

    4. 2:09 wrong z vieja escuela are the old z trying to keep it original they had a peace treaty with CDG to fight off the cdn but they 2 different groups n cdn was born when they splitted from the z's

    5. Pay the Piso and Plaza fees, and arrest the recipients of the centavos on the spot, they should lead to their dear leaders if the polesias have not sold out.
      Of course, police work takes a lot longer than that, and a lot more money from the victims before shit gets better for them...

  4. Didn’t pay the tax I bet.

    1. 7:40 EXTORTION, HONEY.
      no to "all caps", right?

  5. So a lot of BB readers over the years have ask who owns “MTY plaza”.
    My answer no one because nearly all Mexican cartels have drugs been shipped through MTY or being sold in MTY.
    I’d say the majority of MTY is CDN/Z/BLO.
    Cdg and lost alot of territory after the spilt with Z but never lost its presence or even CDS

  6. Also recently the majority of Mexican military presence in Nuevo Laredo has been transfer.
    In my recent trip to the area a large convoy of Mexican federal police were traveling from MTY to NVO LRDO.
    I also witnessed the presence of CDN in trucks at a high speed with no lights on. People say they also have clone military gear and trucks.


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