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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Xochimilco, from tourist attraction to disputed drug zone

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from La Silla Rota


Since 2010, the first multi-homicide linked to narcos originated with the battle between "Los Rodolfos" and "Los Susanos" 


One of the most traditional delegations for tourism in Mexico City has been cloaked in a spiral of violence, due to two groups of drug dealers who dispute their 112 kilometers of territory.

These are "Los Rodolfos" and "Los Susanos ", who since 2016 are related to some 23 murders, according to reports from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) and the Attorney General's Office (PGJCDMX).

However, La Silla Rota consulted inquiries from the PGJ and found that in 2010 the first multi-homicide linked to the drug traffickers took place in this demarcation, which turned out to be the germ of the violence that continues now.

Based on file FXO / XOC-1 / T1 / 474 / 10-03, on February 28, 2010, at around 1:00 p.m. four bodies appeared in an area on Avenida Alta Tensión, in Santiago Tepalcatlalpan, near the Nueva Nativitas trajineras pier.

“They were tied up, with their trousers lowered to their ankles and given the coup de grace. “

"Here we fight over Los Pelones, this goes for the people of 'El Grande' and of Hector, Att. La Barbie," was written on a piece of cardboard left next to the bodies.

The four had been kidnapped in Morelos, but one of them, Amado Benítez Lugo, was a Garibaldi shopkeeper in Mexico City.

The rest were textile workers who apparently had ties with Sergio Villarreal Barragán "El Grande" and the Beltrán Leyva Cartel.

In this case, there were never any suspects prosecuted or sentenced. It remained in the Homicide Prosecutor's Office file.

Since then, federal and local authorities learned that Beltrán Leyva settled in Xochimilco and part of the Tláhuac delegation.

After the dismantling of the Sinaloa Cartel, in the demarcation,"Los Rodolfos", headed by Rodolfo Rodríguez Morales "El Gordo", were in charge.

Below him, according to intelligence reports from the SSP, is Carlos Morales Aparicio "El Negro" and " La Cotorra ."

"Los Rodolfos" had to ally with Felipe de Jesús Pérez Luna "El Ojos" and the Cartel de Tláhuac, because the latter undertook a series of crimes in order to pressure "El Gordo."

Between 2016 and the beginning of 2017, there were 13 murders linked to this dispute, which ended with a pact that is respected to date, with a son of "El Ojos" and current leader of the Tláhuac Cartel, Luis Felipe Pérez Flores "El Felipillo", as La Silla Rota revealed.


Merchants of the Flower Market and the jetties say that they have not yet been affected in terms of the flow of tourists, especially foreigners, but that businesses outside these points are already suffering charge of derecho de piso.

"Not at the jetties, I tell you because they have respected it, even the thieves, but you go further, to the town and to the nearby neighborhoods and it's something else," said Uriel, a restaurateur for 30 years.

"There are people who ask for 'rents', more to bars and giros negros [strip club oriented bars], they ask for between 1,000 and 2,000 pesos a month, and there is also a lot of Colombians who lend money and then charge interest that no one can pay, they have also killed people and we know they are with 'Los Rodolfos'", he said.

Between 2015 and 2017, five men of Colombian origin were killed in this demarcation, apparently for revenge among gangs dedicated to "gota a gota" loans, which have affected everything from tortillerías to repair shops.

"The day they arrive in the tourist area, we will see if the government gets involved, because until now the rest of us are invisible," said Uriel, whose surname is omitted for safety reasons.

He admitted that neither he nor other aggrieved merchants have wanted to formally denounce the crimes out of fear.


According to data from the Attorney General's Office (PGR) and the capital's PGJ, "Los Rodolfos" supplies other subgroups with drugs, such as Los Jaimes, Los Chinos, and Los Cholos.

Some 40 drug outlets depend directly on "Los Rodolfos", according to consulted estimates from agents of the Attorney General's office.

"Three months ago assassins of "Los Rodolfos" attacked "El Carlitos", head of "Los Susanos", who was on board a truck, but survived."

As of June this year, 11 intentional homicides were recorded in the demarcation, as well as 26 intentional injuries caused by the shooting of a firearm.

In spite of everything, the authorities have not implemented permanent operations in the delegation.


  1. Policía de San Carlos Sonora entrega gente a sicarios rivales. Uno de los levantados se rumora ser sobrino del pirata de obregon. Los municipales abandonaron la comandancia. Videos en redes.

  2. Los cobra cuotas no valen verga. Los verdaderos carteles no cobran cuotas excepto a otros carteles o trafficantes independientes para usar sus plazas para mover jale. Pinches vatos pasados de verga chingando al pueblo.

    1. “Los verdaderos carteles” Obviamente estás viejo cabron. Ya deja de vivir tanto en tu pasado. Las cosas cambiaron porque todo va empeorando. - Sol Prendido

  3. If anybody thought chilangos criminals were bad,
    they just didn't know Colombian criminals...
    Now all we need is some photos, I would hope good for nothing, exploited Xochimilcas can get the job done and match the criminals with their sponsors in power in Mexico DF poolitricks.
    El Negro Durazo just killed the motherfackers, also Miguel Nazar Haro and other luminaries of Mexican police, but nobody like MI general El Negro Durazo, 5 STARS GENERAL, CHINGADAMADRE!
    --All present Mexican military brass used to kiss his ass while he passed them for under his pants, I am sure Giniral Cienpedos knows whataiamtolkinabout...

  4. 3:39 it started by municipal collections of Plaza from ambulant vendors, those tax cheats were the reason of Mexico not progressing and backwardness, now the Plaza collectors have refined their quest for "mo' better money" by charging everybody Plaza and Piso fees, and they don't even have to deal drugs with corrupt drug traffickers, just collect and take over the diluted cut drug trafficking from the little guys.

  5. I remember about 8 years ago communicating to a real nice Mexican national from District Federal. We were commenting on Topix Mexico which I cannot get anymore. We were talking about Mexico City, and Colima as I have a friend that lives in Colima. The gentleman said the Narco violence would not come to Mexico City nor to Colima. My friend in Colima parroted his remark about Colima. But here we are today, and places they talked about and others are starting to fall into the hands of Narco crime like dominoes.

  6. Floating Gardens of Xochimilco, must have been a beautiful place at one time (maybe it still is aside from this story), the whole of DF was enchanting.

  7. Los Xochimilcas were great people back in the day, made Xochimilco famous...Chivis, always the music lover, used to play bass for them, see her on YouTube playing Danzones and Mambos with the group.


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