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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

"Tuitera" reports receiving telephone death threat from CDN

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

A young woman using the name of @ loba_indomable "tuitera” who tweets narco news and at risk situations in the northern area of Tamaulipas, says she has been threatened death through her telephone. 

She reports that she was contacted by the people of Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez, aka "El Huevo" through ATT number 8282813827 from Cadereyta Nuevo Leon. Treviño reportedly has family in Cadereyta. "Huevo Treviño" is the leader of the Northeast Cartel aka CDN.  CDN is the Treviño faction of the Zetas Split, the second faction is Old School Zetas.

Below is a tweet from Loba saying that “this is what he said he will with me for reporting what is happens in Nuevo Laredo”.  There is a link to an article about the decapitation death of La Nena of Laredo, a blogger who was murdered in 2011.  The article includes image at top.

Marisol Macías Castañeda, also appearing as Maria Elizabeth Macías Castro in media reports and known for her online name "NenaDLaredo" or "La Nena De Laredo,” was a blogger and editor-in-chief for Primera Hora in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.


  1. I wish mexico would get the death penalty and execute all the ZETA trsh . Don't you agree chivis ?

    1. Why? They execute each other by the dozens.

  2. Keep needling El Huevo, until the needle stings him on the ass...
    He may stop paying for the cellphone and buy another one he can burn, that is what "modern" US politicians do, no need to break them with a hammer and your broom like Hillary.

  3. I doubt it was these guys leaving the messages why would they care what some random person on the internet has to say especially when it's been going on for years, they don't say anything new it's the same old death threats to family members and that they are going to die....

  4. I wish her the best. They don't mess around.

  5. Wow her number got published, now all the Narcos, wierdos and perverts will call her.

  6. Narco reporters need to do a better job of keeping their identities secret.

    1. Use Tor and/or VPN (most social media sites WILL work with authorities, when requested. We all know how honest they can be).

    2. Use anonymous email and PGP encryption when possible.

    3. Wipe the metadata from your media, before posting it.

    4. Dont tell people you know your online moniker. People like to brag about others they know.

    5. Dont dry snitch on yourself!! Seriously, this probably gets people more than anything. Its not hard for an observant person to put pieces of the puzzle together.

    Stay safe BB Reporters


    1. Yes Mr. Peosico, would you like an order of fries with that.

    2. Tor has been broken, read about it, look it up. That is how they have been busting the dark web drugs stores, Homey.


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