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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Sometimes There is a Price to Pay for Dirty Politics (unintended consequences)

Posted by DD from material at Concentrado Noticias
Thanks again Tu Fren for the tip. 
PRI Meade slandering Nestora in debate with AMLO. 

The PRI slandered Nestora Salgado, must pay a fine of 322 thousand pesos

 The Special Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation determined that the PRI slandered Nestora Salgado while she was a candidate (and now elected) to the Senate, with a spot during the campaign  for which the Tribunal set a fine of 322,400 pesos against the party. .

"It was determined that, in the spot, the PRI implicitly attributed the crime of kidnapping to the now elected candidate to the Senate and the false fact that she was released due to failures in the police, even though it had access to official documents for verification of the true information "said the Chamber.

 The resolution came from a complaint by Morena against the PRI, for disseminating the promotional "Delincuentes V2", noting that with it they had affected the image of the candidate, causing people to believe that she was a criminal who enjoyed impunity for a failure in the police, and that she had links with organized crime.

 During the campaigns, the PRI and its candidate, José Antonio Meade, accused  Nestora Salgado, ex-leader of the community police of Olinalá, Guerrero, of being a kidnapper. The issue of her nationality  was also questioned  because she had lived in Washington state for a number of years and had acquired US citizenship while there.  As a citizen of the US she would not be qualified to serve in the Senate.  
On July 9, electoral counselor Benito Nacif Hernández reported that Senator-elect Nestora Salgado had handed over the certificate of nationality issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), to show that she renounced her American nationality.

The irony of PRI having to pay a fine of $322,000 pesos for slandering Nestora is that she was a little fish in a big pond.  PRI was not trying to keep her from winning a seat in the Senate, they were trying to attack AMLO by accusing (falsely) that the Moreno (AMLO's party) candidates were criminals.  

Strike three for PRI.  






  1. She bad. PRI guy Right

  2. He will just get a slap on the wrist. No jail time, no fine.

  3. Those fines are all bogus. AMLO was fined a large sum too. Happens every election year, nothing changes, except for this election!!!! However, ironic, Meade is going to serve in AMLO's cabinet!!!!


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