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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Juarez: 14 dead in 6 hours

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat information from Manuel Chacon

Plus 20 found in Juarez narco fosa

In the last six hours, organized crime left at least 14 murders in Ciudad Juarez, among the victims is a family of five.

The authorities said that the wave of violence was recorded between 10PM  on Friday and midnight on Saturday, where 11 people were killed.  

Also confirmed that they are investigating the clandestine grave of about 20 people in Juarez.

It was reported that Felipe Reyes Morales, 43, and his daughter Carolina were shot in the head and chest while traveling in a van with three other relatives, including two children, who were injured. and they were reported in serious condition.

In the streets of Guinea and Norzagaray, a woman and her 14-year-old son were shot to death by an armed group that broke into their home.

Another woman died when she was waiting for a person in the shopping plaza located on Boulevard Manuel Talamás.

Added to this, in Plaza de Tixtla street, they executed a former municipal agent identified as Eduardo Sotelo Guerra, 28 years old.

Authorities located Saturday morning the body of a man on the corner of First and Curacao streets, just minutes after another body was discovered nearby.

On avenida 16 de Septiembre,  the execution of a suspected hit man was recorded; three more subjects were killed in the colonias Independencia 11, Ampliación Aeropuerto and Kilómetro 29.

In the municipality of Cuauhtémoc a man was killed and in Delicias the body of a person who had been reported as missing was found.

Meanwhile, in Zacatecas at least three homicides were reported in Fresnillo.

In addition, narcomantas appeared in at least five municipalities with messages addressed to the state police and the governor.


  1. La Linea and Aztecas fighting eaxh other plus Mexicles and Artists assasins linked to Sinaloa in the mix that is why so many death there.
    Fuckin Linea should have been that brave against Sinaloa the way they are against Aztecas. They where out hiding in Texas, Chihuahua among other cities while Aztecas fought their war for them. Stupid ungrateful bastards.

    1. Why are linea and barrio Azteca fighting?? I thought it was all the same people.

    2. Pussy Linea disrespected Azteca chain of command and nominated an Azteca Liason between the two groups that Aztecas did not authorize. Aztecas decided not to obey their overlords wishes and all shit went downhill from then on.
      Shows Linea thinks it's above everyone when their members were hiding like bitches all the way to Oklahoma and Colorado to avoid CDS and government forces. Once Aztecas took care of the problem now Linea acts all tough against their loyal allies and first disrespects them and then begins killing them off!
      Fuckin traitors!

    3. They are fighting because Mexicans are racist fuckin traitors!
      Linea put a Mexican born and bred Azteca as the top Azteca in Juarez skipping Aztecas born in Texas that where in line for the task. This caused Aztecas to split from them.
      Lineas are cowards for letting Aztecas born in Texas lead Aztecas agianst CDS during the war while they moved away from Juarez and then they disrespect them like that for this reason. Mexicans do not trust Chicanos even though during the CDS war they were loyal to the end!
      They are assholes in all senses!

    4. Hope BB publishes the comment about Mexican racists. It is the truth for this is why La Barbie did not last long in Mexico as well as el Americano from another group and many other Chicanos in Mexico. There are literally hundreds of Chicanos working for cartels in Mexico if not thousands but top Chicanos do not last because Mexicans are envious of them. The reason it was said is in hopes that the killings in Juarez will end is all!

    5. Absolutely correct.. Chicanos have bigger balls than mexicans... same thing happen with the Tijuana Cartel they had to hire Logan Height gang members to fight there fight with Sinaloa.

  2. Let’s make money not war. Only the government profits from war.

  3. I am in Juarez right now. Definitely does not feel safe. We are usually back to the hotel by 6pm and don't go back out. Other folks in the hotel we attending a wedding and not getting back by 2am. Too scary to be out until then.

  4. Word on the street is Zetas are cleaning Fresnillo of rivals.

    1. All the Zetas' rivals used to be Zetas of El Talibán Ivan Velasquez Caballero turned "golfas" again because the treviñas in charge would not that treviña, lazca and taliban are not in the game who is to blamed?

  5. Replies
    1. If Sinaloa couldn’t take Juárez ... jaliskas would literally just show up to their own funeral as soon as they cross into Parral .. they wouldn’t even step foot in Juarez... Sinaloa has a lot of support in chihuas from locals due to the proximity of the neighboring states and through family ties ... jaliskas have no respect from anyone here

  6. Innocent children getting killed, anything and everything goes in Mexico,a lawless country.

  7. Mexico, you need death penalty

    1. Don't you worry, the floodgates of incarcerated criminals will open, as elected president Obrador will set them free. Yep old school rancho thinking.

    2. 8:08
      You're thinking rational, don’t you know the people want to continue the status quo! Like guns, they think the death penalty is for suckers! 250K murders since 2006, with a staggering murder rate between 20-40% per 100K in some cities (yikes!), but that’s ok, let’s continue doing what we’ve always done – the death penalty is too cruel and doesn’t solve anything, goes the logic. However, if they do bring it back it needs to be like DD suggested and hang ‘em high in the town plaza immediately after the conviction/sentencing phase in order to send a strong message to any other guys in the game, would-be-copycats, and any other fence-sitters contemplating a life of crime. Just my 2 cents, but brutal, violent and vicious crimes need to be met with brutal, violent and vicious justice! Two wrongs don’t make it right – no, but it does make it fair! But AMLO took a hard-Left at Albuquerque a while back, so I don’t imagine it’ll happen anytime soon. Too harsh you say? Ok, then put ‘em in those old wooden stockades and have the victim’s family and others throw stones, ahem, I mean tomatoes at them, would that be better? Now tell me, how does the definition of insanity go that everybody likes to quote nowadays? It escapes me…

    3. seems to me that with 250,000 murders there is already a death penalty in effect, it is simply applied selectively. The problem with a death penalty in Mexico is that the system of justice is corrupt. Nobody can trust the courts or the police, much less their work.

    4. It has the death penalty: unsolved murder.

    5. Death penalty ? ?

    6. ChivisJuly 24, 2018 at 8:36 AM
      I believe in capital punishment, at least in theory. To be given to the most vile of criminals. BUT do not support it in its current form, whereas there is no parity, no rhyme no reason. Same conviction different penalties. There should be strong mandates of under certain parameters it is given.

      I am not even "going there" about the number of wrongly convicted proven so by DNA. If we as a society are going to kill, we need to be 100% certain of guilt.

      That aside...anyone who thinks the death penalty is a great idea for a ignorant fool.

      That's right, let's leave it to mexico to determine who it kills. First in line would be anyone who is vocal against the government. Like a Doc Mireles. Any social advocate, social cleansing, political foes, and innocents with dark skin, yes America, Mexico is stoutly racist.

      Hang them high? What an absurd comment. So lets do that in the U.S. also? Study Capital punishment. As a deterrent it does not work.

      Killing people or any sentence should not be as a deterrent imposed. It should be considered as punitive.

      Prison reform is needed in the U.S. Giving hope to those excited about changing their lives only to find it impossible when on the street. Second chances. Employment, training by companies who are given tax incentives to participate. Why should we care? Because in each incarceration, a convict gets harder and deeper into criminality. We pay up front and change the course of his/hers life or pay later.
      in funds or as victims.

      Stepping down off my soap box....

    7. That aside...anyone who thinks the death penalty is a great idea for a ignorant fool.

      Chivis, I was being tongue-in-cheek as my last statement implied, merely pointing out the absurdities of doing the same thing over and over, year after year, and expecting different results. I guess your sarcasm and BS detectors must have been off calibration. Since you appreciate a reasoned rebuttal, let me state that I was responding to 8:08 because DD did a write up, as you know, where he was soliciting opinions on the death penalty (DP) as a deterrent to the off-the-scale crime in MX. You state that you support the DP in theory, with the preconditions that it is reserved only for the vilest criminals and performed only under strict, well-prepared guidelines. Well, who could be against that? And that truly is my concern too; my comments were rhetorical and I didn’t want to write a long treatise on it. Sarcasm, just like memes, have a way of quickly pointing out absurdities that reasoned, well-written and expressed thoughts can’t.

      Also, and not to pick the pepper out of your fly shit, but you also stated: “That's right, let's leave it to Mexico to determine who it kills.”

      Well, just take out the word Mexico and put in the words cartels or Mexican police and it would more accurately reflect reality. Let me fix it for you: “That's right, let's leave it to the cartels/police to determine who gets killed.”

      How can I say that? Well, as it stands, they’re the only ones doing the killing! Why? Because they’re the only ones with the guns and the power. And like Mao said, power comes from the barrel of a gun. He should know, he killed millions of his own. The absurdity, Chivis, at least to those of us who CCW, is that Mexico is the perfect argument against those that want gun control and want to disarm US citizens. The logic behind that fallacy is that if you take away all the guns then there won’t be any more killings. Well, Mexico doesn’t have 2nd Amendment gun rights and the citizens (the honest ones) don’t have easy access to guns; well they have “some” gun rights, but not really. And for those who want to argue that they do, then how’s that worked out for its citizens? How are they able to fight back – by leaving it to the dirty cops?

      My intent was not to mock the good people of MX in that post, merely pointing out that the DP could be introduced as a deterrent if applied right away. I agree, it’s not a deterrent in the US, but only because it takes roughly 10 yrs of exhaustive appeals to implement - and by then it loses its intended effect. Don’t get too wrapped around the axle, I’m not advocating for Saudi Arabia type justice, just trying to stimulate thought and discussion to test the temp on the topic and get a feel for what other BB readers think about it.

      In this comment, I am merely pointing out how the tables could be turned against the bad guys if a whole bunch of good guys fought back. If the bad guys can organize, then Dr. Mireles proved that the good guys can too (notwithstanding the bad apples that infiltrated his group).

      BTW, great articles you, DD and Yaqui have been posting lately! Keep ‘em coming! You do us all a great service keeping us informed that is not found anywhere else on the web for US readers. Your friend the lurker.

    8. Lurker....I sent you an email last night. ck it out. read half...looks good but i could not edit because you had i on lock. I have been so busy with personal life but will finish this week..... as for this when I post such a post about 14 ead in 6 hrs, JJI read all comments as serious. and I only read half of yours. it was not targeted at anyone is was in general.

      as for who would be in that lane of viles, vile enough to execute would be people like serial killers. baby killers and killers of the defenseless. for starters.

      Ted Bundy escaped twice, the second time he went on to kill 5 more. The judge in his case told him he was a brilliant atty ...he represented himself, and one of the most intelligent persons to enter his courtroom. He said so in context of his wasting his life.

      How smart? His second escape He petitioned the court for "health food diet. and won. turns out he did so to lose 20 pounds off his already slim body. He was then small enough to slip through the ceiling vent.

      He was calculating, devious and usually the smartest guy in the room.

      and evil.

      It is a very good thing he was executed.

      I don't think I saw that DD asked for debate on capital punishment. I do know in parts of MXCD and the state of Mx towns people take justice in their hands. capital punishment is conducted. often on the word of one person, often a disgruntled soul with a vendetta. One guy said his daughter was raped, when in reality the hanged guy just broke up with her....

    9. I’ve been waiting for this to come up... but I didn’t wanna say anything because some jack wagon would would say I’m playing the race card...Racism in Mexico is alive and well.... I’ve seen it first hand but it is not acknowledged the way it is in the USA...many citizens of Mexico are seen as second class because they have darker skin... TV personalities are lighter skinned... darker skinned Mexicans have the labor and construction jobs... Mexico has not faced its issues regarding rich and poor and lite skin versus dark skin... Mexico is viewed as a third world country because of, wait for it... racism... Mexico is a large country with a large population and many natural resources... but the lighter skinned Mexicans are not sharing the wealth with darker skinned Indios... Mexico takes pride in its rich history of Spanish and Aztec descendants but the racism between the two is not acknowledged... could this be one of the reasons for such corruption and skyrocketing murder rates??? If Mexicans aren’t racist they are at the very least very class conscious... the death penalty could cause some type of class extermination in Mexico, but it was used in the past...


  8. Comments and replies like this are political/opinion-driven as well as being off topic. Please BB don't publish these kind of comments. Also, less "cheerleader" and "heckler" comments, kick out the asshat tweakers who refuse to use punctuation.

    If commentors don't like it - refund their money hahahaha

    1. Says someone off topic. Just like I don’t have to agree with yours you don’t have to agree with theirs. Si no te gusta ya sabes donde esta la puerta.

    2. Like what replies are you referring too, also BB is not charging to view comments and articles. BB is free to publish want they want Charlie Brown.

  9. If ur not from that region or in the know dnt comment!!


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