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Thursday, July 12, 2018

“If there’s not a change in Mexico with Andres Manuel, then God help us.”

OP/ED by DD for Borderland Beat

There can be no doubting that a major shift has taken place in Mexican politics.  

Andrés Manuel López Obrador (better known by his initials as AMLO) is no longer one of the four candidates for President of Mexico, he is President Elect AMLO.  Some are calling his election a "landslide".  I think it is bigger than that - it was a 'Tsunami'.  He won by over 53% of the vote, twice as many as his nearest competitor, the Pan candidate, and the PRI candidate only got 14%.  

A map showing his election victories state by state drives home the immensity of his victory.  Moreno is the party that AMLO created just 4 years ago and it's color is purple.

In a sea of maroon lies a single, small island of blue: Guanajuato, the only state in Mexico where Andrés Manuel López Obrador didn’t win the popular vote in Sunday’s presidential election.
Winning the popular vote in all but one state and the mandate it will give him in office is not the only thing that will give him the power to achieve his goals. 

Moreno and his political allies called "Together  We Will Make History" coalition picked the right name for their coalition.  In addition to all their wins, thanks to the coalition  for the first time the Mexican parliament has parity between men and women.

They will hold 303 of 500 seats in the lower house of the federal Congress and 70 of 128 in the Senate.  They won 4 of the 7 Governor's seats that were on the ballots as well as  congressional majorities in 12 states and countless mayoral and other municipal positions.

That means for the first time in 24 years, the president of Mexico will have a legislative majority.

The Morena-led coalition’s main congressional opposition will come from the For Mexico in Front alliance — which is led by the National Action Party (PAN) and nominated Ricardo Anaya for the presidency — but its capacity to spoil AMLO's  agenda will be limited by having just 140 of the 500  and 38 or the 128 seats in the Senate.  

While there is no doubt that a range of factors contributed to the PRI’s fall from grace (winning only 14% of Presidential vote) , perhaps one reason— with which the party’s name has also far too often been synonymous — outweighs all others: "corruption."

One of the victories that surprised me the most was Moreno winning in Mexico state Atlacomulco, the birthplace of President Enrique Peña Nieto and a political cradle of other noted Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) politicians.  But more importantly it is the home base of a informal group of oligarchs and extremely wealthy elites known simply as the "Atlacomulco Group" that have dominated PRI (and thereby Mexican politics) and much of the Mexican economy for decades.  (a good discussion of who is in the group and what they have done is in the BB story here).  (you can bet the government contracts awarded to members of this group will be examined for being illicit or illegal).  The UN has accused Grupo Atlacomulco of working against human rights in Mexico, by arguing against implementing human rights guarantees to groups such as criminals and women.

Most people think of bribery when they hear the word corruption, but bribery is peanuts compared to the corruption involved in  illicit and illegal contracts, cost overruns, contracts for "ghost projects", and other shenanigans that the Atlacomulco Group have engaged in.  (when AMLO  is asked how he will get the money for all the social programs on his agenda, he answers that he will get if from rooting out corruption.

Example;  When the govt. issues a contract to a oligarch to build a toll road that should pay for itself in 7 or 8 years but the oligarch is authorized to collect all the tolls for the next 40 years.  We are talking billions of dollars from these sweetheart deals.  As AMLO says "there is money out there and where there is money there is corruption and we will examine all those contracts for cronyism and corruption).

election night at the plaza
more supporters pour into plaza
AMLO waves at croud on victory night
There are several answers to that question.  Some pundits (including here on BB) have said that some of the citizens were "frustrated" with the current government because of the ongoing violence and corruption.  I think that is an understatement.  "some" was 30 million voters who were "furious", not "frustrated".  They wanted  and demanded a change.

Surprisingly the Trump factor did not have much influence on the election.  According to exit polls despite Trumps derogatory rhetoric against Hispanics in general and Mexicans more specifically, The Wall, and Trumps treatment of immigrants attempting to migrate to the US, Mexicans seemed to ignore him in their decisions on voting (with the exception of thousands of Mexican-Americans who drove or came to the border and crossed the border to vote for AMLO).


Without a doubt the candidate, AMLO, was the biggest factor in the Tsunami that swept across Mexico on July 1.  Most people outside of Mexico probably know that Lopez Obrador (AMLO) is the Mexican politician who ran for President twice before but this year won.

But they don't know much about the man himself or how much he is loved by much of the population.  His description of himself and who he is was wrapped up in these simple promises he made to the people in his victory speech on election night;  "I will never lie to you, I will never steal, and I will never betray the Mexican people".

Even his non supporters and critics acknowledge his honesty.  One pundit who has been critical of AMLO's policies said;  

“I don’t like his authoritarian streak and confrontational style.” But, he added, “he seems to me to be an honest man, which is a lot to say in these parts.”

“There has been nobody like him in modern Mexican politics,” political analyst Jesús Silva-Herzog Márquez has said.  . “What is happening here is not normal.”  At least part of what Silva-Herzog was talking about was the bond AMLO had built with the "the people".   Most of the crowds that would engulf him seemingly everywhere he went were poor and many living in poverty and some in extreme poverty.  When asked why the supported him the most common answers were "honest,” “tenacious,” and “of the people.”

 To give an idea how broad and deep his election was and that it wasn't just poor uneducated people consider this;  Lopez Obrador got 30 million votes in the election;  This is much more than any contemporary president.  Pena Nieto six years ago got 19 million. Calderon around the same, 18 million in 2006 and Fox got 15 million in 2000.

During the campaign there was a lot of media and pundit's fear that if AMLO  won the election the Mexican economy would crater.  (what with him being a socialist and progressive)  But he is also a pragmatist.  In the 2006 and 2012 election campaigns he did not court the business community.  This time he did and he promised that  he will respect the autonomy of the Central Bank, keep the country’s books balanced and inflation under control, and not raise taxes. But he has also insisted there will be no U-turn on his commitment to “put the poor first.”  Three days after the election AMLO met in a 3 hour closed door session with the most powerful business organizations in Mexico.

Attendees at that meeting were the President of Mexico Grupo, President of Banomex, Chairman of Televisa and Carlos Slim along with other equally prominent and powerful business men.

Some pundits have written that AMLO is seeking to drag Latin America’s second largest economy back into the past. His response to them : “If this horror we’re living now is what they want to give us in the future, the past is preferable,” AMLO told one recent rally.

His persuasive powers must have worked because after the meeting Reuters wrote that "Mexico's business chiefs praised Obrador after a prickly campaign.  The encounter between the powerful CCE (Business Coordinating Council) business lobby and Lopez Obrador comes as markets took the election of the self-styled radical in stride. At a news conference, CCE director Juan Pablo Castanon and Lopez Obrador said their meeting was characterized by certainty and trust.

The money markets must have liked the outcome of the election because the first week after the election the Mexican peso had it's best week in 6 years on the currency exchange markets.   The peso’s value against the greenback increased by 3.92% last week, its greatest single-week gain since December 2011.  The 3.92% surge also made the Mexican peso the best performing emerging nations currency last week.  Living in Mexico but my income coming from the US I watch the currency markets very closely.  I think they are a better harbinger of the economic health of an economy than the stock markets.  (to the reader who posted a comment here on BB the week before the election that he had "unloaded all his pesos" and bought dollars and euros.  you have my condolences)

The entire election may best described as emotional and not political.  The people were less interested in his policies than their firm conviction that he is a good man who can fix a broken government. 

AMLO supporter tears of joy.  The people love him.

The son of shopkeepers, López Obrador grew up in the waterlogged plains of the southeastern state of Tabasco.  Even though he is considered an outsider (by the political elite) AMLO has been a politician all of his adult life.

His political career began in the 70's when he joined PRI, the only significant political party in Mexico at the time.   He became an organizer for PRI and soon joined a faction within PRI that disagreed with leadership and worked to reform PRI from within. 


One of his supporters remembers when she was in a group of volunteers he was organizing in Tabasco that as the meeting closed he told the group (mostly college kids) "Do not try to buy anyone's vote,  We don't do that"  She remembers that in  casual conversation when the meeting was over someone asked him what his plans and ambitions were working for PRI.    He told the group that "one day I will be President of Mexico".  AMLO's core of supporters (in today's lexicon his "base") that have been loyal to him for 30 or 40 years was born and has grown from meetings such as that one.

When PRI began to adopt neo-liberal  policies of globalism and neglecting the needs of the people AMLO left PRI in the late 80's and helped found the PRD party He was the PRD candidate in the 2006 and 2012 elections .  In 2014 after the horrific tragedy involving what came to be known as the missing 43 (students from a teachers school that were disappeared and murdered) and no one in the opposition stood up to PRI for it's dastardly cover=up of what really happened AMLO got disgusted with all political parties and left PRD.  He felt all the parties were corrupt.  So he decided that he would create his own party that would only be accountable to him.  So Morena was born and in just 4 years it swept him into the Presidency.  Unheard of in politics. 

 The president-elect is no orator or political showman, but he does exude authenticity and conviction in a country where most politicians are assumed to be cynical opportunists.  One of those convictions is his self-confidence in his power of persuasion.

One of his aides tells a story which illustrates that self-confidence.  During his campaign they were traveling by car to an event in a small town out in the middle of nowhere in a torrential rain and the car had flat tire.  AMLO got out of the car and flagged down a Volkswagen Beetle with 2 men in it and asked for ride.  They had been following his every move since the start of the campaign.  He knew they were spies for one of his rivals.  His aide asked if he thought it was a good idea and was safe for him to be commuting with spies from the opposition.  AMLO responded "It is no problem.  They are just human beings and someday they will come over to our side."  And he rode off with spies  to the campaign event.  (he didn't say but I guess the aide got out in the downpour of rain and changed the tire and proceeded to the event). 

He has promised the people that he will lead  Mexico’s deepest transformation since its 1910 revolution but without the violence.  His entire platform as a candidate has consisted of 3 basic core principles;  Root out corruption in government; reduce violence; and reduce poverty, especially among farmers and agricultural workers.  He firmly believes those 3 goals are interrelated.

Obrador was criticized during the campaign for not disclosing details of how he was going to achieve his goals.  In the last 12 years he has visited every municipality (like counties in US) in Mexico at least twice visiting with community leaders, business people, organizations of farmers, teachers, bankers, and just about any group that would sit down with him and discuss their ideas for solutions to the problems in their communities. Real grass roots feedback.  So he has a vast amount of knowledge or problems and possible solutions. 

What most people don't know is that he has teams of experts with knowledge of corruption, violence, and poverty combing Mexico for months before the election doing much the same thing.  His plan is to sit down with the teams and with his knowledge and their input develop the details before he takes office on Dec. 1.

There is no one single simple solution to any of the 3 goals he want to achieve.  There will be many approaches and plans implemented.  His proposed Secretary of the Treasury has already drawn up a plan to help eliminate corruption government purchasing.  It will be based on a model much like the retail giant Amazon uses.   A data base will be established for vendors that sell to the govt. (they will be vetted) and prices negotiated by a dept in the Treasury.  Any governmental entity that wants to make a purchase must go through the procedures set up in that Amazon model where the the agency will have options of what company to purchase from (price is already set).  The purchase application will be examined and if approved the purchase will be monitored to ensure that the purchase is used as set forth in the application.  Currently there are millions of dollars lost through "kickbacks", "ghost companies", diversion of materials from one project to another, etc.

He has already promised more modest proposals such as cutting his salary in half.  Continuing to live in his modest house and turning the "official residence of the President" Los Pinos into a public park for the people to enjoy.  He wants to eliminate or greatly reduce the pensions of high government officials.  Currently when a member of Congress leaves his position in Congress and retires he receives a pension equal to his salary in Congress even if he has only served one term.

He also pledges to sell off the presidential planes and helicopters  and take commercial flights instead and use the proceeds to help the poor.   Asked by an interviewer during the campaign what he would do if his flight was delayed on the way to a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, he replied: “I will be late.”


I'll start with the elephant in the room, amnesty.

Probably the most frequent criticism of AMLO is the claim that he is going to give amnesty to the cartels and the cartel capos and all the killers.  I have followed AMLO's campaign even before it was a official campaign.  And everything I can find that he has said since he became the front runner in the campaign and it was obvious he was going to win and I have never seen a statement from him that he would give amnesty to cartel leaders. 

What I have seen is he has said repeatedly that everything is on the table.  Taken in context   Andrés Manuel López Obrador floated the idea of an amnesty for drug cartel kingpins, saying he wanted a dialog on the drug war.  At the time (Dec. 2017) he said that political maneuvering had already begun for the 1 July 2018 presidential election, but none of the parties or potential candidates had made curbing the violence a central plank of their platform.  As he said he wanted to create a dialog about reducing violence.  “If it is necessary … we will talk about granting amnesty so long as the victims and their families are willing,” he said.  

He later told reporters: “We’ll propose it. I’m analyzing it. What I can say is that we will leave no issue without discussion if it has to do with peace and tranquility.”  He certainly succeeded in creating a dialog when all the other candidates didn't want to talk about reducing violence because it was such a difficult problem to solve.  

Out of that dialog he wanted to create came a proposal that would offer amnesty for those that were incarcerated for less serious crimes that did not involve violence.   Many of those had received sentences that were disproportionate to the the crime for which they were convicted. 

I said earlier that he firmly believes that his 3 basic agendas, reducing corruption, reducing violence and reducing poverty are inter-related.  A study done a couple of years ago showed that 85% of inmates in prison had not completed high school.   

Many of those low level offenders that would receive amnesty would have to meet certain conditions or they would would go back to jail.  One of those conditions would be that would enroll in a similar to a program that would be offered to "nini's" (young people not in school and without a job.)

AMLO calls the program “becarios sí, sicarios no” (scholars yes, assassins no).  Many "ninis" drop out of school because of poverty and they needed to work to help support their families and then they couldn't get a job or if the did it didn't last long and they were unemployed and couldn't find another.  Others dropped out not because of poverty but just because they knew there were no good jobs for them in the labor market so why continue in school.  All of those "ninis" are prime targets for recruitment by the cartels.  A big labor pool for the cartels.

AMLO is proposing a massive social program to grant scholarships, grants, or stipends to finish high school, enroll in trade schools or universities to young people without a job and to those freed from prison under his amnesty plan for low level offenders.  And they would be guaranteed a job on completion of the program.   He thinks the business community will work with him for some jobs in the private sector (several leaders in the business community  have agreed to apprenticeship programs) and some jobs are currently with the government.  

He is also pursuing an idea of creating some new govt. jobs through some programs similar to FDR's programs created during the Great Depression of the 1930's  like the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp) and WPA (Public Works Administration).  One proposal is for reforestation of the thousands of acres decimated by illegal logging.  It is estimated that it would take 14 million trees and 7 years to reforest  those acres.  If some of it was in native trees for logging and some fruit trees to benefit the farmers, all the better. 
It would provide lots of jobs and pay for itself in time.  

The program AMLO calls “becarios sí, sicarios no” would hurt the cartels by reducing their labor pool from which they recruit.  It would help the economy and help reduce poverty by providing jobs. It is part of a framework that he believes is necessary to fight crime and violence.  His philosophy is that you can't fight violence with violence.  It just creates more violence, arguing that the drug war needs to be approached with a framework that includes a broader understanding of the problem.

Another example of building that framework are his plans to help farmers and the agricultural  industry.  

"Why do people grow poppies? Because they have nothing to eat," he said. "You can't fight violence with violence; this is an evil that we have to fight by doing good, and by creating economic growth, jobs and wellbeing." lfredo Acedo, spokesman for the National Union of Autonomous Regional Organizations (UNORCA), a confederation of campesino (farmer) groups has said that guaranteed prices and other kinds of support for rural producers proposed by Lopez Obrador could be key to fighting drug trafficking.  "He's been very clear, we have to resolve poverty and marginalisation, and that in itself will fix the problem of organized crime and drug trafficking to a large degree," he said.  "If the campesinos who grow opium poppies or marijuana, or work with drug trafficking in some other way, if the government offered them programs that guarantee their harvests will be bought and stored for fair prices that guarantee them subsistence - of course, they will stop working with drug traffickers


Even his supporters recognize it will take time to accomplish his goals of reducing corruption, lessening violence and alleviating poverty and question whether he can do it in a six year term.  One answer he gives is I already have my cabinet in place and we will start working on Dec. when I am sworn in.  I start my day at 6AM with a meeting of my security team to work on violence issues.  Then I work a 16 hour day.  That is the equivalent to 2 days work for normal people.  So at the end of my 6 year term I will have worked the equivalent of 12 years.    

He plans to pay for all these programs by reduction of corruption.  Several studies have shown that Mexico loses up to 10% of GDP to corruption.   AMLO says recovering that or even a big part of it will pay for his programs without any tax increases.  He says "there's a lot of money out there and where there is money there is corruption and we will find it."

Lopez Obrador's many years spent seeking the Presidency were not motivated by seeking to acquire power, but to go down in History as having been a good President of Mexico.  There have only been a few that left that legacy. 


  1. Agreed.... He has to do a good job. Mexico needs it more than ever.

  2. Honestly,really?? Really?? To the writer: you don't understand it has to get worse before it'll get better with a new administration?

    1. And you're basing,this on what 2:39pm?

    2. “If this horror we’re living now is what they want to give us in the future, the past is preferable,” - You missed that line!

      ...get worse...? The death toll is already higher than in irak or afghanistan. Or do talk about the country side not looking like a battkefield.

    3. 2:39 you obviously do not read the tea leaves
      nor the coffee grinds,
      but you do eat your shit by the platerfulls.
      I hope you get better after getting "that worse"

  3. Corruption is now too entrenched. No change.

  4. They will "make history" for sure . The real problem with that is , he could be good or bad . Could be the very extreme worse mexico has ever seen and it will be history that tells us one way or the other . How will this thing work on reducing crime ? Be more lenient ? Pardons for criminals ? "History" tells us without a doubt that strict law enforcement reduces crime.

    1. 3:36 Strict Law Enforcement has shown that it does not work, specially because the "law enforcing keepers of the flame" have been corrupt from the top down, and no other reason that BIG.

    2. 3:36 Hitler Enforced HIS laws, strictly...
      Hitler became one of the greatest criminal mass murdering genocidals the world has ever known, along with "El Padrecito" Joseph Stalin...
      but they felt so good in their melitary uniforms,
      specially Hitler in his Hugo Boss SS Waffen designs...

  5. Haven't you ever heard that if it sounds too good to be true then it is?
    This guy won't last six months if he's serious about not having security.

    1. yes indeed! our excitement peaked at each election, each new leader. Then..... truth is AMLO has some good ideas but no plan how to fund the social programs.

      in the end, he did get the wealthy vote he needed, some 60 or 65 percent, whichever figure you believe, but gain the lowest numbers in the people he vowed to help. the uneducated and the poor.

      In Mexico City he left the mayoral office in scandal. questions about appropriation of funds for a convenience highway project. However information about funds, contracts about the ultra expensive project, which lets face it, does nothing for the poor, that information is sealed for twenty years by amlo. sound familiar?

  6. I wonder why the author felt the need to lie when writing this story......"Trumps treatment of immigrants attempting to migrate to the US". President Trump hasn't taken any actions against immigrants trying to migrate, he has taken actions against illegal immigrants who are breaking our should at least be honest.

    1. I'm a foster parent and seen some pretty insane reasons kids get taken from their parents. I've also seen some stupid reasons for kids to be taken, where is your loud voice for them. The only thing I ever hear is we don't have enough foster parents. But they broke the law, right.

    2. I’m glad you shared this. I truly hope BB is viewed as a valuable source of information for the betterment of Mexico out of indignation for its current systems, and empathy for its people, as opposed to a method of spreading a false, and often times hateful, narrative.

    3. @8:57 Thank you El Profe

    4. Thanks for taking the time to write the article DD, it was very informative and I learned a lot. Also, what your niece posted is very alarming and concerning. The last thing we need is some sociopath on the bench handling these cases.

      On a side note - That's crazy the peso went up that much. I definitely thought it was going to fall do to the FUD


    5. @7:58PM I appreciate your personal anecdotes. I know my niece tries to find every way to keep a child with their parents and out of the foster care system yet safe. I am sure injustices occur but at least they receive due process.

      There is no way you can call it due process when the immigration judge questions a 5 year old without an attorney or any adult with him with the same questions he would ask an adult. How old are you? and the child holds up 5 fingers. Why did you leave your country of origin? The child gets frightened and starts crying. The immigration judge bangs his gavel and says "I find no credible evidence that he meets to requirements to receive asylum. Next case.

      One other factor that is not being considered is "intent". You can "break the law" without becoming a criminal if you had no intent to break the law. this is true in what you did would other wise be a felony or a misdemeanor. Painting graffiti on a public building is a misdemeanor, Illegal entry into the US is a misdemeanor. I don't think a 5 year old child has the mental capability to intentionally break the law. This is what Trumps policies are passing off as due process.

    6. Its call responsibility. Bring ur kids to the USA and drop off ur kids. Let the USA rise them

    7. I also was set aback. BB has never been political and this is not a U.S. forum for political discourse.

      I am an independent, did not vote for Trump, but it is YOU that is drinking something and that something is the Kool Aid. Having lived in both countries, I can say with certainty you are ill informed. and Rude to anyone countering your "Op"

      Until last month I was involved with an organization who aids unaccompanied children..the true guilty ones are parents sending small children alone to the U.S. Many are exploited. Some are abandoned by their trafficking transporter. as so the 6 yr old left in the az desert two wks past. "a child gets freighted and cries" how utterly dramatic. where is your proof of that? as Obama said to assure the safety of your child, don't bring or send them to the U.S. illegally. and lets not forget those "cages" attributed to trump that were actually children being detained by Obama.

    8. I think things have changed for the worse to the point that no one can rightly separate politics, corrupted politicians, judges, security forces from the narco greed and violence it’s created in a sea of poverty and hopelessness. Mexico is run by shadow govt and it’s henchmen at the behest of the welfare of too many innocent victims of its corrupt policies and shady dealings . muy chueco. Thanks DD .

    9. BB has been posting critical articles about corrupt politicos, esp governors as long as I have been reading it, ie for years. Not to mention Calderon who unleashed this failed drug war policy w the US.

    10. dd at 10:19 You seem to be alleging that they are charging 5 year old children with crimes . Do you stand by that ?

    11. 9:34 TIME red cover with the Con Don vs a baby crying fotos.
      Kids have been reported alone in court with appointed lawyer answering questions in English from all white judges training for the "Trials of the Future" Habla speaky? Guilty!!!
      This is all "caused by foreign legal businessmen stealing and robbing Latin America of all resources and leaving behind their greedy murderers, drug traffickers, milicos and paracos.
      and political poopets"

    12. 11:25 So you are pretending you don't know the REAL story behind the little girl on the cover of time ? Con Don ? Con Time is more accurate . Don't you wonder why time magazine's reputation as credible has dwindled to ZERO among the general population . There has been supreme court case law established behind some of times fraudulent articles . The only people that trust time is the people that get to read stories narrated in the way they want the story to be . Don't have to be factual to these types.

    13. --Dan Rather got fed fawx news,
      and he lost his job for using them.
      --The US got to spend treasury and citizens' lives
      Fighting a "war on imaginary weapons of mass distruction".
      --About 20 trillion, X amount dead americans and 15 years later, the brave new chicken hawks still try to pick on some more wars for profit.
      --Rachel Maddox got fed Fawx News too, she almost used them, but she investigated first and discovered "the source" of her feed to be the White's House...
      --Times may have made mistakes, because we are only human,
      but they will not be tried for treason to the US anytime soon

    14. What are you people, the "progress police" representing the US here to make sure the defamation and slander of Mexico continues? Butt out. You understand NOTHING about Mexico.

  7. Hahaha I'll tell you right now, START PRAYING!

    1. 8:08 you go first, on yer knees!

  8. From what I heard about Amlo is that he has communist beliefs,praises people like Fidel castro,stalin,mao,and chavez..and will turn Mexico into another Venezuela in a couple years..

    1. @9:36 He is fan of Castro because Castro threw out a corrupt regime in Cuba and kiked out the mafia run casinos. He is not a fan or Stalin or Mao and he thinks Chavez was a good man who tried and failed to good things. He is not a communist, maybe a few socialist ideas but he has sat down with the most powerful business organizations in Mexico and they fully support him. You have been watching too much Alex Jones and BrietBart.

    2. DD I bet you supported Hillary, cause her corruption reminded you of Messico

    3. 5:54 hillary's corruption, if there were any, is small potatoes compared with the Russians', their puppets, dummies and robots, specially on the US...

    4. @ 5:54Am I was just thinking the same thing. Can you imagine the shock on DD's face when Trump won:)

    5. All governments in the world are corrupted one way or another..but the standard of living for citizens under communism is hell..and if citizens try and protest there communist rulers will make em disappear or set as an example..under Batista the Cuban citizens were more free compared to Castro whom killed all his political enemies after he gained power..its a fact that socialism and communism has never worked out well for the citizens..united states and Mexico have a lot of corruption but there standard of living is far much better compared to Cuba and Venezuela..

    6. 9:34 - DD doesn't live in the U.S.


    7. dd . Chavez a good man ? WOA . Bet your sittin up here in the old USA preaching about how good it is there but staying here. The evil USA . Living in the best place in the world and they will even not do anything if you talk bad about it . Wonder how that would play Under Castro or Chavez ? And may be Lopez in few years .

  9. I'm a gingo, who loves the Mexican community.

    They were in the top five??? of the most happiest people in the world back in January I was there in January for a while, and what a great people! Was acquainted with the follks for a long time. Chihauha, Camargo, El Tigre', La Boquilla, etc. So many great places! I'll be back this month, can't wait!

    Aamlo is hope for people from Morenos, Michashon, Guerro, Jalisco, Oaxaca, etc. The people, our people, are hoping the best for him. They see a ray of hope, a brighter future, for them, their families and Mexico.

    The people that distribute their hate, in various degrees, must be ignored. The beauty of the majority or Mexicanos, cannot be ignored. They don't save you from the bad guys, they are the bad guys, and you are better for sure!!

    Not to the imploding of the Mexico state, but the exploding of the Mexiano!! there are many gringos, who wish the best and future for their lives, we love you, and God's wishes for your families and your plans

    Viva Mexico

    1. With all the kidnappings, beheadings going on good luck, if you make it back alive to Memphis, Tennessee.

    2. I wouldn’t travel around Mexico unless it was with friends from Mexico... too easy to take a wrong turn and become a target...


  10. FRUSTRATION VERSUS FURIOUS . am a natural born citizen of Mexico. I have lived in 7 states, and travel widely . I will say , the adjective " frustration" is accurate. We are on the periphery of having deep feelings about the change of power. We do not think there is much hope for critical change, history has been our teacher thusly we have self protected long ago.

    I believe you are condemning chivis authored article. Her article was very well done centering on amlo's words, promises and objectives that may effect the United States and which are a departure from epn . amlo is know for reshaping his words and shaving his agenda.
    those are my thoughts.

  11. DD! Your wonderful editorial is a penetrating elucidation of AMLO’s triumph and reveals just why it is that, although the challenges are monumental, nonetheless, we are allowed to have some hope that, just maybe, he may succeed! Michael

  12. Your non-publication of my posts tells me that you don't embrace freedom of expression. Yet you publish pendejadas. It's your game, so of course you can do as you please. But you do nothing to elevate your site. Guess you like being a down in the gutter site.

    1. Start your own site then.... Dick!!!

    2. 2:31 Dear Recky Retardo, I love you, I would marry you,
      but don't you ever take sides against the family again, EVER!

    3. Keep clean brothers children are also fans and read the comments

  13. @DD
    Thank you for that good summary.

    Often I hear only AMLO = amnesty for drug dealers and murderer. And beeing communist, fucking up the economy.
    Nice to read more of his political background and that he has remained true to himself during all the years.

    I hope he gets the necessary political support to enforce his plans. It's all a question of time. When people are now
    expecting quick changes they will probably be disappointed.
    There are many many small steps to get his 3 objective done.
    It will not be done within six years, but I wish
    the people the strength and the patience and the wisdom
    to make things happen in Mexico.
    Help him make a better Mexico for all mexicans.


    1. here is article from early 2017 from an interview with amlo link to the article is below

      Aware of the convulsion of the country, López Obrador would not rule out offering amnesty to the leaders of these cartels.

      "We have to talk with Mexicans, with everyone, and we have to ask them that we need peace and that we can all help to make peace in the country," he told the media.
      "We are going to explore all the possibilities, from decreeing an amnesty, also listening to the victims, to demanding the government of the United States to carry out campaigns to reduce the consumption of drugs," he said.

      The candidate of Morena for the presidency will not leave aside any issue or possibility to achieve peace in the country. He also discredited the strategy of the use of military and navy forces to combat drug trafficking.

      there are dozens of these articles from 2017 in 2018 he changes a little and now he claims only for farmers. and Medicine. he changes
      his stance many times. it is difficult to keep up.

    2. Beatriz Gutiérrez Muller, the great woman behind her husband Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador may help control her husband if he wants to break his word, try and meet her

    3. 5:54 If you keep repeating "reports" of opinions not directly from the horse's ass, many times they come out twisted beyond recognition, let's see AMLO's Communist/Socialist Manifesto first, he starts being president Dec 1st, you have 4.5 months to make your case...maybe you could call on the Russians to help you find AMLO's missing Manifesto, check with your handler.

  14. after 18 years of campaigning against nepotism, amlo announced in meeting with U.S. today, his wife aunt will be ambassador to U.S.

    1. 6:44 never mind his AMLO tia,
      we also employ our tia here in BB,
      she even thinks she is THE BOSS...
      The only thing that saves her is she is qualified
      Oh, and that other thing she does, we love her.

    2. 6:44 you may have got your own version of bill and Hillary . The second thing that points to it is the lying . If they just laugh it off when confronted . you know your screwed

  15. Viva AMLO! He is not perfect but he is the best option we have. There is a lot that needs to be changed and it is very easy to change but no one wanted to change it. He will make a lot of changes in the law that will easily improve the life of the people. Other changes will be difficult but he has 6 years to make all the necessary changes. All it takes is a person who wants to make history, not money. Everything these days is about money, that’s why the world is fucked up!


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