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Saturday, July 28, 2018

At Least Five Dead in Cancun Shootout

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Pais

July 28, 2018
By: Rafael Martínez | Correspondent

Five people have died and two were injured after  a shooting in Cancun , Quintana Roo. The first versions point out that it is a confrontation between policemen and assassins occurred at 10:45 pm  (local time) Friday night. At least one ministerial agent has died and another is wounded, as reported by the State Government in a statement.

The event has occurred in Puerto Juarez, about 15 kilometers from the hotel zone of this well-known Mexican city, in the local Mar Azul, a center ( often called Salons in Mx) that is rented for meetings and parties and not in a restaurant as indicated by the first versions. 

Military sources told the newspaper Reforma that there were at least seven ministerial police at a party there when a group of about 20 armed men arrived and opened fire at the agents. The authorities have ruled out that there are foreigners among the victims, even though it is an area frequented by visitors because it is the starting point for the ferry to Isla Mujeres.

At the scene of the events the emergency teams moved to attend to the injured. The Ministry of Public Security, the Municipal Police of Benito Juarez, the Ministerial, the Federal, the Army and the Navy activated the security protocols and investigate what happened.

Cancun lives a dark wave of terror and blood that hits the heart of the hotel industry in the country where about 2.5% of the Gross Domestic Product is produced.

In January of this year Mexico sent 5000 more Federal police to four states: Quintana Roo, BCS, Colima and  Jalisco in effort to protect one of Mexico’s most precious resources; ie tourism.

At the time of the attack, thousands of young Americans, Brazilians, Europeans and Mexicans were enjoying themselves, oblivious to the shooting at Bulevard Kukulcán, the heart of partying in this Caribbean city. This is not the first time that the Mexican tourist jewel suffers the violence of organized crime.
In June of 2017, a 20-minute shootout in the center of the capital caused panic among tourists . In January of that year, in Playa del Carmen, a city near Cancun, an armed group opened fire on the customers of a nightclub , leaving five dead and 15 wounded.

Experts attribute the increase in violence to the weakness of the traditional cartels that controlled the area and the strategic location of Cancun: place of transit, arrival and consumption of a significant part of the cocaine that passes through the Caribbean.

With almost 900,000 inhabitants, Cancun is, along with Cuba, the main destination of the Caribbean and with its paradisiacal beaches 25% of all the money that enters the country through tourism, the second source of income for Mexico after remittances.

Meanwhile last week on July 20:

Two street vendors were shot in Playa Tortugas, Cancún in broad daylight and in front of dozens of tourists there was a fight between merchants, witnesses pointed out they were possibly presumed sellers of drugs.

Two ambulatory vendors  were injured by firearms in Playa Tortugas, in broad daylight and in the presence of tens or hundreds of people, in a dispute between alpaca sellers , who are similarly accused of selling drugs.

The 911 emergency number received the alert call, reporting two injured at kilometer 4.5 of the Kukulkan Boulevard in the Hotel Zone, right on Playa Tortugas , so the Red Code was immediately activated.
In a matter of minutes the area was cordoned off by elements of the Tourist Police and Municipal Police, who upon arrival found the lifeguards of the area who were already giving first aid to the injured.

Witnesses told them that the injured were street vendors, which moments before had argued with other subjects who work with them , so when the discussion arose, the physical attacks began until one of them took out a weapon and fired several times.

When listening to the detonations, the dozens of families that were on the beach began to run to avoid being injured by a bullet and  many threw themselves onto the sand in terror of what was happening.

After a few minutes, paramedics from the private company transferred the injured to the IMSS on Coba Avenue, where their health status was reported as stable, which is why agents of the Ministerial Police went to the hospital to interview them.

The week prior to that 8 people died and one more has been seriously injured in two armed attacks on Thursday , July 19 in the Caribbean resort town of Cancun , reported the Attorney General's Office of the southeastern Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

In the first attack, an armed group traveling in a car and a motorcycle shot several people who were in a food stall: 2 people died on the spot and one more died while being taken to a hospital .

In the second attack, armed persons entered a residence in Cancún and fired at the 6 occupants, three men and three women, causing five deaths and one seriously injured .

The emergency services confirmed that the injured was admitted to a hospital of the Mexican Social Security Institute . This morning, authorities found the body of a person bound hand and foot and was killed by several bullet wounds. With the eight dead of the two attacks and the body found hours before, the number of people executed in Cancun so far this year rises to 107. ( as of July 19, 2019)


  1. Cancun is controled by Leticia Rodriguez Lara — “Dona Lety” and “La 40”.She is cleaning the city of Los Zetas .She is aligned with CDS .there is a specialized team of sweepers that was brought in town to clean the plaza.They have been trained by an American known as "el Ethan" who is ex CIA Special Activities Division and IMF .they have high powered automatics for exclusive use of special operations units from NATO
    Sicario 006

    1. What is your source for that information?

    2. Con esa mamada de apodo no le llegas ni alos talones al morroñis de navalato ni mucho menos al comandante perro

    3. Git the fuck outta here balloon head "Dona Lety La 40" was collared and is in the jug along with her hijo.
      SAS Puro wanker,thats my clave

    4. Is Doña Lety out of prison now then? I thought she was arrested mid last year?

    5. They block my comments but allow the call of duty sicario 006 kid to post first comment on every article. Makes sense. Cmon BB you can do better.

    6. A criminal indictment was issued in April for her to stand trial. Court ordered no bail.

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      Many comments that don’t lean left are not published.

      Buggs- Please start running the blog again as you kept it to crime not politics

    8. Chivis, that is not el perro. He's on YouTube and frequents vids about boxing or various subjects almost excusively of Spanish language.

    9. 9:32 I agree too many politics it got out of hand. I think some were caught up in election. That said if it related to organized crime or political stories of fighting same etc then it will be posted. If not then it has no business here.

      When I wrote the post about AMLO it was directly related to his talking about amnesty for drug traffickers and legalization etc. that is a direct link to org crime.

      as far as "leaning left" that was essentially one person. I am a right leaning independent. a conservative. But I delete any trash talk about trump or obama, Hillary etc it will lead to no place that is good and takes away from the post.

      sorry you are unhappy. Buggs can't run the blog but he is always checking. I would suggest you leave BB and go else where like BDN not much politics there.

    10. @346 hahaha el morronis is he still alive o lla se fue al mas alla

    11. Politics is almost all crime, and it involves every crime in the world more often than not.
      If it is so important, some unhappy customers may want to go back with their head in a hole in the sand or some other where the sun don't shine, and be happy there forever.

    12. Call of duty scarioo 000006. Relax on the video games. Dona Letty is in the slammer.

  2. That soldier with the gold bracelet and ring...seems wierd...

  3. Well, If its an american agent, you know shit is gonna done right. At least Dona Lety knows where the smarts are at..

  4. Hey chivis how come you didnt post the killings in uruapan mich about the 7 killed in a funeral and the wouned were killed in a hospital afterwards

    1. I am sorry. I wanted to but not enough time. I just posted something about it. We need help! DD is MIA and Otis is out. You can help by doing what Tu Fren does...send in links, research takes the most time....

    2. I hope DD enjoys his vacation, and then he comes back,
      I am grateful for all the help from all the volunteers, and most of all that Shorty the Chivis just won't quit...
      Love you beibeee!
      Say BEEE, if you agree.

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  5. Mexico better get its shit together with its money maker Quintana Roo or it will turn into Acapulco which was the original destination in Mexico for Americans to party. This place sees more dollars etc. than even Tijuana.

  6. 8 dead in Uruapan,Mich. During a funeral sometime in the last week.

  7. To the person who sent me a private email and did not get a response. send again and put the name you used on your comment in the subject line of the email. I will open it. I am waaay behind in emails. thanks.

  8. History of Cancun narco (order may vary):

    .Controlled by Juarez in the 80s/90s
    .Invaded by CDG through Zetas Late 90s/00s
    .Presence of Sinaloa Cartel, Beltran Leyva form Los Pelones.
    .Zetas absorb and eliminates remaining CDG operatives when they split
    .Zetas/Pelones conflict. Apparently Zetas win and Pelones are forced to make an alliance.
    . Presence detected of los Matazetas (Now CJNG). Some killings and narcobanners then they are never heard of again.
    ."Talibanes" split from Zetas, reintegrate to the CDG, Pelones ally with them. Zetas flee to Playa del Carmen, with some remaining cells in Cancun.
    .2015 Talibanes big bosses arrested. Leaves vacuum of power.

    From here things get very interesting:

    .Now you have Zetas, Pelones and CDG cells with no visible leader in power. .Some ally to form a single cartel "Cartel de Cancun", Doña Lety is the visible leader. It is assumed to be supported by Sinaloa. They fight remaining CDG.
    .CJNG detected entering the plaza. Many arrested, they plan to set shop.
    .2016 Change of State Government. For the first time PRI does not control the State, but Cancun municipality stays with the status quo. (Thus respecting previous agreements)
    .CJNG starts hitting Pelones hard. (No idea if they now belong to the Cancun Cartel or are independent). For every attack there is retaliation.
    .2017 Blue Parrot shooting in Playa del Carmen during the BPM festival. The next day the Attorney General office in Cancun is attacked.
    .Narcobanner from Zetas Vieja Escuela
    .Doña Lety, her son and some close personnel arrested in different events

    Criminal groups with presence as of 2018:
    "La Barredora" / LMV (La Mera Verga)
    Zetas Vieja Escuela
    Los Rojos

    1. I thought lmv was used by the metros of Reynosa

  9. Let’s face it drug cartels won’t exist by 2020 they’re all done.

    1. How do you figure? Is drug use going to magically end?

    2. Probably not but I’ve got a feeling it will get worse not better. Lots of kids running smaller gangs but still armed to the teeth and less sense than the cartels (which really isn’t much) that are in place now. I think it will be groups of friends/family that keep it tight to avoid leaked information. We’ve got it now near us and there’s gunshots going off at least once a week, stabbings and robberies and I live in a quiet place that doesn’t expect it. The press aren’t reporting it but we can hear it or it happens to people we know. Our village has had armed police in it so many times in the last 6 months it’s becoming normal.

  10. tan bonito pero ya parece cacapulco nimodo cacancun


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