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Saturday, June 30, 2018

With armed people, PRI candidate blocks access to populations of Oaxaca

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Aristegui Noticias

Photo: AN
Oscar Toral, PI-PVEM candidate for reelection as mayor of Asunción Ixtaltepec, has paid armed people to prevent entry to various communities.

Santiago Ixtaltepec, Oax.- Violating all law and order to carry out the elections of July 1, PRI-PVEM candidate and current municipal president of Asunción Ixtaltepec, Oscar Toral Ríos, commands armed persons to block access to the municipal agencies of Lázaro Cárdenas, Santiago Ixtaltepec, Sitio Las Flores and Mazahua, report townspeople.

According to the testimonies, Oscar Toral ordered the closure of all vehicles to these towns, with dump trucks and armed persons, among who are Ravit Ruiz, Cornelio Ruiz and Griselda Escobar, who are part of the Oscar Toral project in this municipality.

The whistleblowers, who preferred to leave their names in anonymity for fear of reprisals, demanded that the state authorities urgently intervene in the situation, which scares the population two days before the elections.

"Toral is desperate, being authority is destroying the peace of our communities, the governor must call it to order according to the law," said the villagers. "He told us that he (Toral) leads the People's Party, we wonder if that is his government proposal. It is hijacking the will of the people," they added.

Another of the complainants was that a week ago Oscar Toral paid 300 pesos a day and 500 pesos a night for people to make checkpoints, with the double intention of blocking access to other candidates and to take control of the towns, intimidating the public.

It is noted that because of this situation there is already a formal complaint before the Municipal Electoral Council of Asunción Ixtaltepec and also a complaint before the General Secretariat of the Government of Oaxaca, for the transgressive behaviors of Oscar Toral Ríos "that violate the principles of certainty, legality, impartiality, independence and objectivity that should govern all electoral activity.”


  1. Desperate animals will do desperate things, even "billionaire" american puppets of the russians.
    The Mexican armed forces and state or federal police will not get in the middle of this local matter,
    WHY IS BB getting into this thing so far away from "THE BORDER"?

  2. This is fucking bullshit, so shady. Things have been out of hand for far to long. 130+ political killings since September, major parties and LEO's blatantly participating in corruption, voter meddling, daily occurrences of crimes against humanity.

    My Mexican friends, you really are in need of some French Revolution type of rebellion. I fear you're at a breaking point. However, i dont know how that will happen until the U.S. acknowledges that we are a part of the problem in one way or another. Bankers laundering money. Excessive American Drug consumption. Big Pharma. Constant supply of guns going south of the border. Corrupt politicians north of the border in cahoots with corrupt politicians on the south of the border.

    The drug war has failed. The way we view drugs and drug users hasn't done any good. Its time this be looked at as a health issue, and not a criminal issue. Proper education and regulations.


    1. Wake up Phelco,yes the blame game is USA, next you will say it's USAs fault Obrador got elected. Have you not read, the US sends millions every year to combat the drug cartel war?

    2. Beautifully crafted my friend.

      All those wealthy families from all parties gaining should be halted.
      But we all know too well such attempts would be shrugged off. Money has always been the culprit for many atrocities and destruction globally (wars,land dispropriations and waters).
      Greed has no boundaries.


    3. The "war ON drugs" just stole business from the cartels and now it is owed by a bunch of ignorant motherfackers that respect NOTHING and prefer a dollar over a friend but produce more money for their masters while they must resort to crime and violence to make ends meet by piggybacking their small change ops.
      Nobody can blame the greedy poor for their greed,
      except for some of the richest of the greedy bastards always defending "their" loot.

  3. Another fine example of democracy under threat and stability in Mexico. With complaints about election discrepancies at full swing doubt anything or anyone really cares. Leaving its citizens to put up the same political crap that has oppressed them.
    A failed state and a worrisome situation for a country where corruption has no boundaries.


  4. 12:18 the state may be failing,
    but the people are not failing.
    MORENA is winning all over the place...
    and if AMLO fails the people, we will be OK with that,
    but never with WHY.

    1. Due to the hardships and violence Mexico has been engulfed with. Citizens were left with no choice but to accept AMLOs alternatives.
      Current government has failed them!
      Added with the promise of a better future for its citizens. Why not?
      Mexico's citizens can care less of what other countries think. They (outsiders) dont reside in a hellish environment.


    2. 7:24 the US paid for all that hellish environment,
      Someone charmed Mierda Accords billions of dollars off Obama's ass, they call it horse trading in congress, he was prolly trying to save some of his agenda at the expense of mexico, same to get healthcare/ Obamacare passed, and DACA, I WONDER what Obama got for signing the Pain Medications laws that unleashed the opiates epidemic and for starting the Arab Spring...and going for Ukraine...always the horse trading...


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